Tonight is Nuit Blanche and the city is alive with art installaions, music, and culture. It’s one of my fvaourite Toronto events and I’ve taken part since it started back in 2008. Tonight I’m starting with The Tragically Hip and Molson Canadian at Sound Academy. The show isn’t a Nuit Blache event but those are tickets I won’t pass up!

My portrait is featured in an installation called Life Lessons at Funding Matters Gallery  (Zone C 29).  Life Lessons features 311 portraits of community figures who have helped shape the city of Toronto. Other notables ar Margaret Atwood, David Miller, Douglas Coupland, Justin Bieber, Atom Egoyan, George Strombo, David Mirvish, Susur Lee, and Karen Kain. I am extremely honoured to be in this amazing group! The project will be exhibited using Sony HD TV screens displaying life-sized images of each subject at print-quality resolution.

  • When:     September 29th, 2012
  • Time:       7:03 PM
  • Location:  FUNDING matters GALLERY – 33 DUNDAS ST E, TORONTO ON   M5A 2A2 (East of Sherbourne, South side) 

See the event page on Facebook to view portraits of other notable people in the Toronto community. 


 One of my fav years was 2009 when I went to U of T then ran into my sister on Queen Street at 3am. Another fav was 2010 when we filmed the video that won me the Virgin America Provocateur title. Here’s a little art history on my Nuit Blanche adventures.

After the Hip and Life Lesson’s exhibit, I’ll be heading to Camera Parts on Queen Street for Drambuie’s Extraordinary Night pop-up installation. It’s definitely something you want to check out as you’re cruising around. We posted about it on the Pulp&Fiber blog at work. Come by to discover your extraordinary side! I should be there about midnight.


I wish you a fun filled night of artistic exploration. If you see me make sure to say HI.




I love the Say Media blog. They post Venn diagrams about advertising, marketing, and social media every Friday. This week “Great Advertising is Art”.

Some examples they posted today of trendsetters paving the way for awesome advertising at art. You will like the video. Beautiful.

Valfre is one of my fav artists. Her drawings are so good. Her blog is here. One of my favs is in this post.


ART/ADVERTISING? Both. What advertising/art are you creating?




I hope you took my advice and went to something at SummerWorks this year. As someone new to the theatre scene,  SummerWorks introduced me to a culture of awesome in the city. It was amazing to see so much talent from around the world brought together through art. I wish I could have seen every show and performance. Huge congrats to SummerWorks Theatre Festival Team! If you didn’t experience the festival, now you know for next year!

My letters from the Letter Writing party should arrive this week!

I loved the creativity in the live art sessions, Dare Night Lockdown, Letter Writing. Taking part in them infused a childlike fun that I feel people lose when they grow up. Don’t ever lose that. Festivals like this open your mind and heart to see things that inspire your life.

You are not getting younger but you can always get awesomer.





Letter Writing Party tonight 8PM. BE THERE.

Lower Ossington Theatre, Performance Bar. PWYC!

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When was the last time you wrote someone a note and sent it in the mail? People don’t do it much but I really love the art of writing, sending, and receiving. This week I recieved a hand written note (thanks Erica!) and sent a love note to someone special.
Sent a handwritten love note today. Did you?CASIE STEWART
Send a love note tonight at the Performance Bar, Lower Ossington Theate <3casiestewart
See my post on the SummerWorks blog here:
Performance Bar – Letter Writing Party tonight! " " SummerWorksSummerWorksWhen was the last time you wrote someone a note and sent it in the mail? People don’t do it much but I really love the art of writing, se…

After I write some letters I’m heading to the Mod Club for Chick-A-Boom Room’s Electronic Cabaret: Part 2. I’m stoked. I went to the first one and it was so good. Steve Jobs & Apple images with a ton of dancers on stage in electronic inspired , glowing outfits. Love it.


I was at Sazerac Gastro Lounge for a media dinner last night and my Andrew Dobson told me about this crazy Invisible Bike Helmet. Say wha? I hate wearing a helmet but I have one. Call me intrigued…he sent the video but I hadn’t looked at it yet. Today, Lauren O’Nizz wrote a story about it for CBC “Would you trust an invisible bike helmet?“. Call me intrigued…

 If you haven’t seen this yet, please watch:

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films 

Hövding operates like a collar for cyclists around the neck that inflates like to an airbag for your head.  The trigger is controlled by ‘sensors which pick up the abnormal movements’ before you get into an accident.

My favourite parts of the video other than being invisible:



I subscribe to the Say Media blog and truly love the Venn diagrams that come every Friday morning. This one is from one of my favourite books “Steal Like An Artist”.

Tomorrow night, 9:30pm at The Lower Ossington Theatre, a Peachy Coochy performance will grace the stage at the Performance Bar as part of the SummerWorks Theatre Festival. The name comes from the Japanese ‘Pecha Kucha‘ where each presenter has 5 minutes to deliver 15 slides with only 20 seconds for each slide. I know these as Ignite presentations, people do them at conferences sometimes.

The cast will be sharing Venn diagrams in a form that is  ‘smart and playful, sweet and earnest, with a healthy dose of cheek’.  See the description on the SummerWorks site. I creeped YouTube for Peachy Coochy and there’s some funny ones. I’m looking forward to this!

Performance Details:

  • Date & Time: Thursday August 16, 9:30 pm –
  • Location:
  • Ticket: Pay-what-you-can


  • Philip Akin: Artistic Director, Obsidian Theatre Company
  • Tara Beagan: Artistic Director, Native Earth Performing Arts
  • Ravi Jain: Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre
  • Matthew Jocelyn: Artistic Director, Canadian Stage
  • Laura Nanni: Festival Director, Rhubarb Festival
  • Richard Rose: Artistic Director, Tarragon Theatre

Cost is PWYC so if you are broke as a joke or rollin’ in dough you can still go and have some smart fun. I’ll be there and hope to see some familiar faces so we can laugh together.




Do you have Flipboard? If you’re creepin’ the photos section you will come across a familiar face. (Screenshots from iPad)


You’ll be directed to featuring photos he took of me this weekend. Awesome photog & all around great guy.


Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Canon EF 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8
Exposure: Various

Follow his antics on Twitter @stevecarty. See his blog post Casie Stewart – Lifestyle blogger.

This music video is awesome. CANADA from Barcelona is my new fav production studio. They also just did the new JUSTICE video. Seeing Justice & M83 live this weekend.

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral

Finally, after having the same Twitter photo since 2008, I changed it today. I’m gonna keep is fresh from now on.Love the full set in this outfit. New Twitter background. Converse say “Casie” on one foot “Stewart” on the other.

Workin at 1188 today. We just ordered burgers from The Drake Hotel. I’m starving.  It’s raining like crazy. Perfect weather for working & writing.

Hope you’re having an awesome day,


New post on teh ol’ SummerWorks bloggy blog. Festival starts August 9th!

There’s a free workshop you can apply to called Making & Breaking on August 4 & 5th. It’s a two day workshop in contemporary performance. I’m doing it! LMK if you apply. Details here.

Check out the OFFICIAL song of the performance festival:

“The idea for the song and video came out of wanting to get people excited about the Festival, and re-iterating that SummerWorks is a celebration of incredible, exciting work and artists. SummerWorks wants to ‘give you a hint of its light and be your spark,’ (lyrics from the song) says Michael Rubenfeld, Artistic Producer of SummerWorks Performance Festival.



I’m totally into it! This week on the SummerWorks blog I started my interview series with a few of the performers in the Live Art Series of the festival.


Summerworks Blog Post Details:

We are LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS for the Summerworks Festival August 9-19th. All the details are HERE if you are interested. Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know people, make friends, and gain experience. Plus, it’s super fun to be involved in cool things. If you are already volunteering, LMK so we can hang out!

Happy Friday! I am safely in Boston and tomorrow I am going SKYDIVING for the very first time. Virgin. Omg. Not even scared. No really, I’m NOT SCARED AT ALL.




This was a fun lil’ afternoon project yesterday. Took flowers and make my first summer flower crown. I used to make heaps of things as a kid, I really should make more. You should make more.

I’ve penciled in some time with my sewing machine, Zoey. We’re well over due for a hang out.


I can’t wait for my hair to grow now.  Any tips? Send peanut butter solution to the glass castle in the sky.



What you need:

  • Flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Flower tape
  • Fun attitude
  • Creativity
  • Good movie helps 😉


Behind the scenes. The cat is watching.


Hope you had an awesome weekend.

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Went to an awesome event last weekend with Lauren at Brickworks, FOAM – Festival of Art & Music. Such a great venue. Who doesn’t love a good warehouse party? Photos by Brian Hamilton for iChannel. Whole album on iChannel FB.

FOAM is held in support of motionball (, a not-for-profit organization that introduces the next generation of supporters to the Special Olympics Canada movement through social and sporting events.

See photos from Motionball Gala 2011 & 2012.

In other news, just got off the phone with Brick Bronson in LA who is behind The Weeknd about his new artist Everyday. Born in NY, raised in TO and super talented. This is his first track FIRE.



I was shocked at just how actually massive the event was last night. There were multiple floors, rooms, interactive art displays and lots of suits.

In support of art, I decided to make my hair really stand out by adding lots of colour. I was quite surprised there weren’t more ‘artistic’ looking people, it was very corporate. Fun though!

I LOVE the AGO and used to be gallery member. Thinking I’ll get a new membership again. It’ a great spot to hang out, work or escape to a world surrounded by creative works of art. It’s inspiring! Lots of posts about it in the archives, one of my favs here. Thanks Becca for these shots and the lovely Lauren for having me as her date. Read more about the event & see who was there on She Does the City.



Meet one of my most fav gifs ever.

Found it yesterday and it’s done by friend & photog Nate Kogan. NATE! How fun is this, the moves the glitter. I’m in love.  SO CUTE!

Have you checked out Keri Blog recently? She’s still been a nomad since January 1, 2012 & just kicked off her security show, Smarten Up Internet. Keri’s got the beat on how to keep your computer and gadgets safe and she could hack your computer from a wifi right in front of you.

She hacked me once, September 14, 2011 exactly at 4:20. I just realized the time. We were at a coffee shop in Toronto. I didn’t even notice until she Tweeted, from MY account.

Thank you for tweeting:

Watched this hipster vid on Lauren O’Nizzle’s blog. Her blog is full of haha humor. That reminds me, I haven’t gone for Ethiopian food in a while.

I’m a little bit obsessing over the HG. I can’t help it.

I don’t know how to explain this. Sorry/you’re welcome.

I just about died laughing my all off. First one I saw was Hunger Games Effie then Hawaii & Kate.  The band is a Swedish group of cool kids and they made this to promote the song. Thanks Kate for the low down. They released their song on Spotify. I don’t have Spotify anymore because of this, then we talked about it at Canadian Music Week.

Den officiella musikvideon till Fulkultur’s låt Fuldans! New fav song.

Now, go carpe that diem and have a wicked day.