Toronto Mini Maker Fare: 3D Printing & more!

I’ve told you about my love for 3D printing for months now and today is a special day, my bf is having a 3D printer delivered to his office, it’s also his birthday.  [LOVE YOU!] (He subscribes so this will be in his email :)) You can subscribe too.

I so freaking excited to learn how to print in 3D. Next month is the Toronto Mini Maker Faire where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. I’m stoked to soak up inspiration and see just what’s possible.

Toronto Mini Maker Faire via @casiestewart - 3D Printing. Robots. Flame Throwing Unicorns. These are a few of my favourite <nerdy> things.

For two days, innovators, artists and hackers from all over the city are busting out of their garages to take part in the biggest show and tell around. It’s going to be 3D printing, robots, Tesla talk, flame throwing unicorns, oh y’know, all my fav nerdy things. Gahhhhhh.  A friend on the organizing team called it “burning man meets craft show” so when she emailed me I knew I had to tell you. You’ll get the to make and learn through interactive activities and workshops too.

What can you do at Toronto Maker Faire?

  • Make your first robot
  • Get inspired to design your own wearable electronics
  • Learn how to solder
  • Take your skills up a notch by attending a hands-on workshop
  • Find a project that inspires you and talk to the maker who built it!

Tickets – Get them here!

Adult per day: $25
Student/Senior/Unwaged per day: $15
Child (6-12 years) per day: $8
Sunday Morning Family Pass (10am-1pm – 2 adults, up to four children): $25
Children 5 and under are free.

AND IN OTHER 3D PRINTING NEWS… The crew of volunteers running the show are giving you one more reason to get your tickets early, the chance to WIN a 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen! DON’T EVEN, this thing started out as a badass Kickstarter that got over $2.2M.

Buy your tix to attend by FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH  and you’ll be automatically entered to win. You can also gain more entries by tweeting what you’d create with the Doodler! 

I would create  _______ with a @3Doodler @MakerFaire_TO

If you get a ticket LMK in the comments or Tweet me. Would love to see ya there. Stay tuned for my 3D printing adventures, coming right up in the next couple months. I also promise to practice on my ukulele.

Have an awesome day!



Put a Smile on That Face and Share It w/ Someone







Hello and HI from West Queen West. I’m your host Casie Stewart reporting live from TEH INTERNET. It’s a beautiful 18 degrees in the sunny city of Toronto and I wish you an amazing day! Now, go put a smile on that face and share it with someone.


With love & light,


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Wouldn’t that be nice. One day, not too far form now, it’ll happen at Ikea. It’s already happening in the world. I hate putting that Ikea stuff together. Check out this wicked 3D Printed 28-Geared Cube that prints as one fully assembled object straight off the printer. I have such a heart on for 3D printing, it’s completely fascinating! The Shapeways site is an entire market of 3D printed everything.

I don’t care. I love it. 

3D Printed 28-Geared Cube

How it Works

This design consists of a cube with 28 gears, on each of 4 sides of the cube are 7 gears: 2 large outer ones that move in opposite directions, the outermost gear has handles on it so it can be easily rotated, the motion between the 2 large cogs is reversed due to 5 smaller gears set within the cube in a similar layout to a planetary gearbox to reverse the gear’s direction on each of these 4 faces. Each of these sets of gears on the 4 faces are all liked through the big gear on each of the 4 faces meshing at 90 degrees with the big gear on each of the 2 neighboring sides. This means that if any one gear is spun, they all spin in a memorizing pattern. [Read more]


And she was fair as is the rose in May.


Earlier this months I was chosen by Lancome Canada as one of 20 artists in Canada to be part of their big digital show for Luminato Festival. I was super stoked to be chosen for this experience! The theme was ‘the rose’ so I had my BF shoot me with a dozen roses up at the cottage in the sunshine. Unfortunately, I submitted my photos LATE and they would not accept them for the show.

See below for a bunch of photos. They are kinda big so I didn’t leave them all on the homepage!

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HP Love Case Contest



Thank you. This was so fun. Much gratitude to everyone who entered. Having a blog is a bit of a strange thing, I’ve been publishing for years and with people not commenting much anymore, it’s nice to get feedback!

Storified by CASIE STEWART· Wed, Feb 20 2013 19:31:32

These are in no particular order and I LOVE THEM ALL.
Happy Vday @casiestewart I Chooooooose you to be mah Valentine 😀 #LOVECASE Jones
Yes, Parv. 
My Valentine for @casiestewart #lovecase 🙂
I love the Vine, thanks DV!
Ahh! Finally finished my Illustrated Valentine for @casiestewart #LOVECASE Hope she loves it! Vitan
Delicious. When am I coming over?
@casiestewart #LOVECASE
Dr. Who! Good one Hollie.
@casiestewart I love HP and well i find you rather.. #LOVECASE Pollard
Heart on for you too KH.
@casiestewart Look what I found in the park. It’s fate. #lovecase
Printed this out and now I need a new book to read. 
@casiestewart Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading! #lovecase Lasting
You know I love vintage. Thank you Saminder!
@casiestewart i am not an artist, but came up with some great vintage photos and arranged them for you. #LoveCase gumer
Rock on!
@casiestewart I have been working on a few Valentine’s for you. Pick which one you like. YOU ROCK!! #LoveCase gumer
@casiestewart here is another one i made for you. #LoveCase gumer
@casiestewart i love you!!!! be my valentine. #LoveCase gumer
I used to make pop-ups alllll the time. I hope someone got this one on VDAY.
@casiestewart i #LoveCase and will you be my Valentine? gumer
@casiestewart the Coup d’état of my art for the night!! #LoveCase gumer
Love it.
I LOVE THIS ONE. LOVE. Chainsaw arms!
And finally, the random winner is CARLI. You are awesome too girl. 
Thank you x a million for entering. I love you for it. Sorry for my delay in posting these and a winner. Have been sick the last couple days and am on the road to recovery. Will hopefully have some more contests! I want everyone to win something 🙂 

Enjoy the day. Much love, 


I Love You in 3D and underneath the moon.


Shannon and I shot in the snow on Monday at lunch for Coral TV. After work I went to Untitled & Co. on Queen Street for the media preview of Hot Pop Factory‘s 3D kissing booth. I was so cool. I love 3D printing, I’ve told you about 8K times.


When they aren’t making 3D statues, people pendants or rings with faces on them  for Valentine’s, they make jewellery. I have this white 3D ring below and a matching necklace.


And I really want to wear this.


Untitled & Co is where I got the Thug Mansion Barbie sweater.


They also carry Stolen Girlfriends Club one of my fav designers from New Zealand.


Remember when I went to  New Zealand Fashion Week? One of the funniest things I’ve done ever.  The SGF show was in a theatre and it was a fashion wedding at the end.  My dream basically. 








This is me getting scanned and that on screen is me in 3D. This stuff below goes into the 3D printer to make objects that have been scanned (with Kinect) into files on  computer.



I really want one of these rings. You can order for around $40.  I am getting the photobooth print tomorrow and giving it to my valentine. &hearts; Wait till this technology gets better and faster.  I can’t wait.



This came in an email from Mr. Brainwash. Love his emails. Have you watched the Banksy doc? It’s really good. You’ll find it on Netflix. Art & Copy is a good one too. Watched it again the other night. Looking forward to a great weekend of relaxing, hibernating and toblogganing.


Found this today, thought you’d like it: Hugh Crawford

Photographer Hugh Crawford took a photo a day for 18 years. I started with his photos from 1982 (my year) and it’s neat how people and things look so much like life on Instagram.  One of the things I love about being on the Internet is the massive collection of photos from the last ten years. Check out the archive of all Hugh’s photos here.


1892 Looks Just Like Today, Maybe Yesterday…


Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956 – October 25, 1997) was a New York-based photographerfilm-maker and circus performer. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid SX-70 camera.[1][2]

Livingston’s ‘Polaroid a Day’ photographic diary started at Bard College and though some photos have gone missing from the collection, 6,697 Polaroids remain. The collection, dated in sequence, has been organized by his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid into an exhibit at the Bertelsmann Campus Center at Bard College called “Photo of the Day”, which opened in 2007.[3] By the next year, the pictures were hosted online and became a popular discovery of several online blogs.[4]


From Wikipedia

The full article is on mentalfloss here.





Oh, pardon the swag! I’m in Calgary, Alberta for the 10th anniversary of Paul Hardy, a Calgary based designer making a name for himself around the globe. I’m one of about a dozen bloggers who have have graciously been sent here by Calgary Tourism for a weekend of fashion, fun, food, and friends.

I’m fell into the internet this morning after a deep sleep in my king size bed at Hotel Arts and now I really need to hurry to get downstairs. Driver picks us up in half an hour ten minutes for a fancy media lunch. I have a few hours to hibernate shop and hangout this afternoon before the show & afterparty. I love fashion. I can’t wait! Kinda glad it’s snowing so I can wear a hat and fur.

Oh, and it’s totally SNOWING.


This is my inspiration for the day.

 Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Henry David Thoreau
US Transcendentalist author (1817 – 1862)

Follow my adventures today on Twitter or pop into the homepage anytime to see what’s going on. Have an awesome day!



I experienced Nuit Blanche last night. The Hip put on an AWESOME show. The Drambuie event at Camera Parts was awesome. Will post some photos from those tomorrow.


For today, check out this rad video by my Jon Simonassi from The Biz Media digital video agency. There was SO MUCH to see last night. Were you out? What did YOU see? LMK!


For one night each year, Toronto’s streets become an outdoor interactive art gallery. Last year our goal was to beat the press and release a video before sunrise the next morning. This year our goal was no different. The crowds were huge, the art was amazing and we were up all night making this video so you can experience it all over again – the very next day.

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012 was produced by BizMedia
Shot & edited by cinematographer Jon Simonassi