Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network!

A couple weeks ago I was on set with Sarah Glynn to film an episode of Tablescape It, her new show on The Design Network.  We took a wooden tray with industrial handles from my place and incorporated it in a chic bar setup for an upcoming shindig at my place.

Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network w/ Sarah Glynn

S1 E1 Designer Sarah Glynn has a mission: to create an industrial-chic bar for lifestyle blogger Casie Stewart, who is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her blog. Sarah finds inspiration in a rustic wood tray that’s special to Casie, setting up a one-of-a-kind bar complete with vintage bar cart, a DIY light installation and playful accents to help get the party started.

Watch the Video on The Design Network

Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network w/ Sarah Glynn

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Something Blue Photobooth w/ Becca Lemire

Spring? It’s me Casie, are you there? JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKS FOR SHOWING UP THIS WEEKEND! The other day, actually the one where is SNOWED just over a week ago, Becca had a photobooth at her studio. She’s started a new biz doing photobooths and she’s really great at them. I’ve had her take my photo 100+ times the last few years.

Sean was’s AS into dressing up with props as me but I managed to get him in a couple photos and wearing these shades. Macho Man Randy Savage?

Nerds. Cute though. Haha. We had been binge watching Netflix ALL day and peeled ourselves off the couch to stop by Pineapple Studios.


I’m SO glad we’re finally getting some warmer weather. Aren’t you? Bring on spring!




Uh-huh honey: Converse #MadebyYou + Honey Eyes  

About a week ago I attended a private dinner with some of Converse’s NY team and top ranked influencers in Toronto. We sat down at the Gladstone Hotel to learn about the latest #MadebyYou campaign from Converse and few other treats.

Photo by

Photo by

I recently picked up a few new pairs of Air Optix Color contacts from Toronto Eyecare. We were talking about other colours available and I mentioned I’d love to give them a try, so VOILA! These ones are Honey and make my eyes look light brown in the sun. My natural eyes are hazel so there’s a slight difference. See all the colours at

Met up with my sister for a late lunch before the Converse dinner. She’s really so lovely. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @jeniestewart.

Got the new HISY Selfie bluetooth remote recently. It’s a little black button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to take snaps by touching the remote. It’s at the Apple store for $28+tax but you can get it on Amazon here.

Love that sunshine on my face.  It’s always fun to look at my eyes as a different colour. These honey ones are a subtle difference. I reckon they’d look really neat on greener eyes and interested to see what they do to blue ones.

My latest and greatest Converse from the Andy Warhol Collection. Tomato Soup wasn’t available in my size at the time but I was sent a pair of Black Bean Soup and I love them.

Nice to sit beside my old friend Jalani. He’s a great photographer and person, you can find him online at or @JalaniMorgan on Twitter.

We were all asked to customize a pair of Converse with our name. This pair is one of a kind and made by me. They’re actually a size too big so I am going to keep them forever then one day when I’m famous I’ll sell them in an auction and donate the money to a charity close to my heart. Pretty bada$$ tho.


We each had the opportunity to have the shoes we wore to the event shot by a professional photographer. In a quick thought of inspiration, I threw on some red lipstick and gave mine a kiss. I needed something to make them more unique!

Friends who wear Converse together, stay together.

Here you can see what the Honey contacts look like in artificial/indoor lighting. Not AS bright but still a bit different than my natural eyes. Changing them is fun.


Huge thanks to Mikki and the Converse team for inviting me and the opportunity to customize my own Converse. Had a blast hanging with my blog peeps over a delicious dinner.

Check out the Converse MadeByYou campaign on your fav social network. What are your fav Cons?

Air Optix Colors – Brilliant Blue

Air Optix Colors – Sterling Grey

Air Optix Colors – Gemstone Green

This post is in partnership w/ Alcon + Air Optix Colors. This whole lil' story is part of my life and all words + opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep this blog going. See my previous posts w/ Air Optix Colors below! :)

OMG High On Life! More Hours In The Day, Please?

The last couple weeks have been kinda crazy and I’m feeling like there’s more where it all comes from. Last night’s rehearsal for Army of Sass was AWESOME. I’m stoked for our show. Are you coming? Get a ticket here.  I’m currently working on a slew of things including TWO shows. Ahhh! I feel like I’m constantly rushing around on high speed. I’m dreaming about opening the cottage and relaxing.

I’ve got something cool to share with you tomorrow. Tonight I’ve got a dinner with Converse and I’m really looking forward to it. Meeting my sister shortly to shoot something for an upcoming project. It’s like I’ve spent 10 years working my ass off to try and build something and I feel it’s finally coming together. Come Friday after the show I’ll be SO ready for a cocktail to celebrate this week. 

This art is by Mr. Brainwash. A good reminder that sometimes you may feel like you’re going the wrong way with your crazy ideas but you should follow them, you have a strong imagination. It will guide you!

Here’s to the crazy ones!



Recorded this 6 years ago at the AGO in the Frank Gehry stairwell. I was standing in front of a fan. It was raining out. The wind whipping at my windows reminded me of this today.

Not sure what my fascination with the wind is but here’s another windy forecast. This was a pretty exciting day, #PIBTO, we had over 400 people buy the person in line behind them a coffee. Great memories. Anyone remember?

I have 75+ videos on my Vimeo channel. I think it’s about time to get making videos again. It’s been YEARS since.




My sister and I checked out the art installations in the beaches yesterday. So neat! They’re open till the 25th so you should pop down and check them out ASAP.

Also went to the Parkdale Flea Market and had this amazing cookie. There’s an Oreo in the middle!


Video Feature: Portraits by IB w/ @IbraheemYoussef

On Friday I met up with artist/designer/photographer Ibraheem Youssef for a portrait session in his Portraits by IB collection. I took him through my internet and creativity fuelled, hyper connected reality.  We did a quick Meerkat livestream at Jimmy’s coffee then popped into graffiti alley, Queen West to capture a video in the sunshine.


Portraits by IB on Instagram

Meet Casie Stewart @casiestewart. A fashion, travel & technology blogger. She self describes her style as “Bright, vintagy & always changing”. I personally like her passion and willingness to experiment and push boundaries of style! Spotted at Portland and Queen in Toronto, Canada. //// Shades by@Burgerandfriends – Rings & Necklace by @shopforjayu – Blazer vintage – Scarf from #Thailand– Leather jacket from @rudsak – Shoes by@lechateauStyle – Tights by @joefresh 

Saw these two little Doge at Jimmy’s. Much cuteness!


It’s so nice outside today, get off the computer and soak up the sunshine!



Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful 

The sun is shining, and I’m gonna head outside, make the most of the day. Spent the morning finishing up House of Cards Season 3 and reading magazines. I won’t share any spoilers but man I really love that show. Clair Underwood (played by Robin Wright) is amazing.

I remember doing a magazine review a few years ago (2011) and putting a little cut out of my face on the magazine, funny.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

Finished S1 of Transparent on Shomi today. Good show. The music is really great.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

I’ve added NextIssue added to my weekend relaxation routine since starting the trial last month. I love reading magazines but buying a whole stack is 1) heavy and 2) expensive. This morning I  read Wired, W Magazine, and HouseBeautiful. I’ve been given a code from NextIssue that allows you to get free 60-day trial of the app too.

Download NextIssue – Easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Click here ->
  2. Enter code 60Free
  3. Enjoy!

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

I love scar Jo’s hair right now and am still on that mission to grow mine out. Now that I made it through House of Cards without being influenced by Claire’s hair, I feel I’ll make it to a bob no problem.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

This *slight* winter warmup has be thinking about the cottage and what we can do this spring to make some changes around there. We’re building a new deck and I’d love to get some new patio furniture and curtains. There’s so many great design ideas out there. I’d love to get my sewing machine in action and actually MAKE new curtains for the cottage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.02.21 PM

These lamps are lovely. I’m sure there’s a Pinterest on how to do this in detail.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.02.40 PM
It’s been ages since I made anything but I really want to this spring. (I feel like I say this every single year but this time I mean it!) Maxi dresses, skirts, slip dresses. I really need to work on spring cleaning the house and spend less time on the Internet! I was so excited that Lilly for Target was coming to Canada but now that there’s no Target, I’m determined to create some things myself!

Bring on Spring!