This year I’m participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure on September 30, 2012. I’m running with Lauren, Sarah, Courtney, and Harmony as TEAM 5138008. Get it? BOOBIES! I’ve been training by running, dancing (joined a burlesque troupe!), eating healthy, and mentally preparing for 5k. At this point I can to 2.5k  and by 12 days from now, I’ll be ready!


When I think about the estimated over 23,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in Canada, I’m happy to be supporting a cause that touches so many of us. I heard yesterday about a friends Mum being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I wrote this post right away.

As of right now I have raised 16% of my personal goal of $300. I would like to blow that number out of the WATER!


You can make a difference. With your support, the Foundation will continue funding breast cancer research, education and health promotion initiatives across the country, making a difference from coast to coast. To learn more about the work the Foundation does, visit

Will you support me in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure?

A donation of $20, $50 or $100 will really help me get closer to my fundraising goal. Of course, any donation will make a difference and help create a future without breast cancer. You can make your donation here.

Need some PINK donation motivation?


 Pink glasses, pink sky!


Me running for the CURE!


Pink Strawberry Tic Tacs for Breast Cancer Month!


Mum and I in MATCHING Pink jackets!


Me yesterday in Pink wrinkle free Oxford & BF cardigan from Mark’s, Hunter Wellies, Abercrombie demin (so old), and a smile.


We’re still deciding what to wear as a team put I assure you it will be pink, cute, and race ready! Visit my personal donation page at to make a donation or view the team page. See Lauren’s most recent blog post here detailing our outfit options.

Thanks for your support!

 This is me at work today. I set off the alarm by accident when I came early 🙂



I love the Say Media blog. They post Venn diagrams about advertising, marketing, and social media every Friday. This week “Great Advertising is Art”.

Some examples they posted today of trendsetters paving the way for awesome advertising at art. You will like the video. Beautiful.

Valfre is one of my fav artists. Her drawings are so good. Her blog is here. One of my favs is in this post.


ART/ADVERTISING? Both. What advertising/art are you creating?




Check this out!

I had no idea, mega agency, Viktor & Spoils made a case study about this.

Most of this video was shot by my sister and the whole thing was put together by Sean Evans from 1188 Films. Pretty neat!

1188 just WON for Post Production Of The Year for Down With Webster “Big Wheels” video at the MMVAs tonight. If you like/love Nintendo you will <3 this. CONGRATS to 1188 & DWW!

Read a good article about advertising & content on SAY MEDIA’s blog this week. Goes back to what I was saying last week about transmedia storytelling.

I love their VENN diagrams.



I just came from a keynote by Paul Lee president of ABC. It was refreshing to hear his thoughts about storytelling through media. I things brands and broadcast networks have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to tell stories through trans media. The internet is your friend guys. Paul Lee said “for all the business models, the play is still the thing”.

In the spirit of being refreshing, check out this short film The Drop, shot by Johan Renck for Perrier. He’s one of one of the most respected and sought after directors of commercials and music videos right now. The shooting took place during 5 days in march 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“When everything is melting on Earth, a gorgeous heroine is sent into space to refresh the world with a bottle of Perrier…”

The film plays on all what makes Perrier a unique and iconic brand: it’s sophisticated, elegant, incredibly hot and has a unique French touch to it. Perrier has made a couple film now and I enjoy the way they have taken to YouTube to create a feeling through film and go further than just making a commercial. Good job guys!

Some Takeaways from this morning’s Keynote for Brands:

  • Need to lean forward like a kid, with genuine interest
  • We have access to brilliant new technologies ex. Instagram, Xbox
  • Need to lean back, take things in, feel the story
  • TV is really about storytelling
  • Storytelling is changed, more choices
  • Viewers have limitless possibility to consume
  • Smart viewers choose when & where to watch

More from Banff World Media Festival later today! Check out HOW beautiful it is here right now…






Hi from the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library. I love this space! I caught the morning keynote by Shane Smith, CEO & Founder of Vice. Panels are full of great people. My talk is “Authenticity and Word-of-Mouth via Social Media” featuring three other bloggers in fashion, photography, and comics.

Follow along my tweets and #YIC12. I you have any questions, ask me!

Have an awesome day!



Last night at the SAY Media party for DX3 I had the time of my life playing with a parachute. It was so fun/cool/awesome, seriously.



The band man is Rich Aucoin and here are his deets so you can follow him. Canadian and good looking too.



I was shaking the parachute with about a hundred other people. A bunch were in the middle and running from side to side as the parachute went up and down dancing the air. Charlotte from SAY emailed this photo to me after the show and I’m sure there are heaps more in cameras around. Right when photo was taken I was in this totally awesome childlike state where I swear I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much fun. It was absolute bliss.


I’ve said it before and will again, the SAY Media team really know how to throw a party. In conversations last night I learned that lots of people were learning about the company for the first time. This is pretty rad for me because I’ve been working with them for almost a year now. I’m their Canadian ‘poster child’ for social & one of their passionate people building culture. I’ve mentioned them a few times on blog before.

I think lots of old friends were surprised to see my face on their signage. “Hey look, that’s you



I fell in love with how SAY Media really ‘get it’ the first time I received an email and checked out their site. They work with Passionate Voices connecting us with brands and stuff we like. Last year when I was an Android user, I did a national campaign with HTC. SAY is the first ever real advertising I hooked up with too. Those fancy video ads in my sidebar, that’s them.

I’m heading to DX3 for day two today and will probably be hanging out in their booth when not in a session. Come stop by. Look for these faces:


Know what else was totally rad last night? Turns out Rich from the band knows of me from my old friend Ryan Brooks. Ryan and I were in Australia together years ago. Today is Australia Day! Small world after all. If you text Rich he will send you the album.


You will love this video. I have a new crush.

we are all dying to live



Get out and do something. Next week is Advertising Week in Canada and there is a bunch of cool things happening.  This time of year can be kinda depressing spending a day or few hours at a conference is a good way to escape the winter woes and hopefully stimulate your brain. Two things I love most about conferences are scoping out well branded booths and good wifi. The later can be a challenge sometimes. The Detroit Autoshow had totally massive displays with lights, sound, art, fashion and cars. It was crazy how bright the lights were. CES was really, really, huge the conference floor 1.6 million net square feet of exhibit space.

In partnership with Advertising Week launches Dx3 Canada, a new interactive trade show with sessions and exhibitors related to advertising, marketing and retail. My girl Amber Mac will be onsite filming her show and there’s a bunch of sponsors/exhbitors friends/partners of mine from over the years including Say Media, Trendhunter, Techvibes, Some more details include:

  • 100 of Canada’s top digital solution providers
  • engaging free seminars
  • Amber Mac’s Technology Spotlight Interviews
  • show floor  etc

I’ve always loved advertising. Started a creative ad agency in high school entrepreneur class, was the youngest but got the highest mark. BOOM! Each week the Say Media blog posts ‘this week in venn‘ a diagram that relates to culture & advertising. This was last week’s one and it went along with an awesome post by the CEO titled ‘This is why you work in advertising.’ It’s a good read about the art & romance of good advertising, making conversations human and creating passion. Better advertising for a better world.

The DX3 Canada event is on Wednesday & Thursday next week. The trade show is FREE but if you want to attend the sessions you have to pay. There’s over 3o and lots of interesting stuff. I’ll be there as media snooping around & seeing what trouble I can cause talking to exhibitors & speakers.

They gave me TWO VIP passes for all access valued over $200. Wanna go? Comment below & link to YOUR FAVOURITE advertisement ever.  

Thank goodness SOPA is on hold or linking to your fav advertisement could get shiz shut DOWN!

Happy Internetting earthlings 🙂



Two winners of one VIP pass to DX3 are KEVIN & SHANNON. Thank you for sharing your fav ads with me. I will email your ticket 🙂