What Came First – The Chicken or the Mercedes?

Watched both of these in the last 24 hours. The LG one is funnier I reckon but both good. I love the LG one but that’s probably because of the accent and  location that remind me of the hills of beautiful New Zealand.

What Came First - The Chicken or the Mercedes? #advertising #thisismylife

On YouTube, the Mercedes Benz chicken is dated Sept. 23rd, 2013 on w/ 3,983,000+ views and the LG chicken is dated Sept. 27th, 2013 w/ 503,400+ views. They’ve been making news on Mashable and more. I wonder if the chickens are related or have the same agent?

Mercedes Chicken

LG Chicken

Who are the creatives and where did they both get the divine idea to use chicken head motion to illustrate the product at the SAME TIME? Reddit probably.


I don’t even know…


“It’s All About ME” Documentary an Official Selection for Commfest Film Festival

The last few weeks have been filled with so many great things and it’s not about to stop! I found out yesterday that the documentary I filmed last year with director Antoine Gaber about genY and millennials has been selected and will be premiering at the Commfest Global Film Festival on September 14th. I’m moving from small screen and second screen TO THE BIG SCREEN!

It's All About Me - Official Selection for Commfest Film Festival

The feature documentary “It’s all about ME” will be screened on Saturday 14 September 2013 at 8:30PM at the Rainbow Cinema (80 Front St E, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5E 1T4). I’ll keep you posted about tickets and when I’ll be walking the red carpet! 🙂

Watch the It’s All About ME Trailer


Experiments to Re-Imagine Advertising

Saw this today and think it’s neat. Art, Copy, Code is Google project that launched at SXSW in Austin this year. It’s a series of projects and brand stories about the current creative revolution, driven by art, copy, and code.

Art, Copy, Code, Toronto

The film project shows experiments in ads, apps, social, and mobile that are reimagining advertising’s future. Screenshots in this post are from when I watched it earlier, but based on where you live, the weather, and time, your video will be different. Check it out!

About the Video

The marriage of art, copy and code is creating entirely new kinds of experiences, but it’s also revolutionizing more familiar ones, too. Here, we partnered with director Ben Tricklebank and Tool to create a dynamic video experiment that changes every time it’s viewed.

When a viewer presses play, the program gathers data points like time, location, weather and what’s happening on the web and incorporates them into the video. The result is a personalized experience that rewards repeat views.

Talking Shoe

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.13.47 AM

This is me today.

Hope day is treating you  well. Sending you sunshine because there is none outside!



Canada’s Marketing and Innovation Conference – The Art of Marketing

the art of marketing 2013 discount code

I’ve attended The Art of Marketing for the past few years. Of all the conferences that go down in our great city, this is by far one of my favourites  They consistently get great speakers and I always leave feeling inspired and full of knowledge.  The lineup for 2013 is no exception!

The Art of Marketing 2013 – Speakers

  • Biz Stone – cofounder of Twitter and named one of the world’s most influential people by Time magazine.
  • Seth Godin – Bestselling author of LinchPin, Tribes and Purple Cow.
  • Charles Duhigg – New York Times reporter and bestselling author of The Power of Habit

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Are you the next #HTCone Influencer?

Have you seen this yet? Clicked the fancy ad in my sidebar for the new HTC One? If you did, you’ll notice it’s for a big contest with HTC  to win a phone and social + blog mentorship from none other than yours truly! This is my second partnership with HTC in the last couple years.

I was given the phone a few weeks ago and almost all the photos I’ve published here since have been shot with the HTC One. The selfie cam on this lil’ thing is the best I’ve seen and the reviews of it are great! I posted a bunch of photos over the weekend and a collection in this post here. The phone itself is made of aluminium and the home screen is a feed of all my social activity and news.

HTC is looking to help someone take their blog to the next level by offering them mentorship from a famous successful blogger. You’ll win the HTC One, mentorship, and you’l be published right here on THIS IS MY LIFE.


To enter, click the ad in my sidebar and follow to the box that says “ARE YOU THE NEXT INFLUENCER?” For hard core tech info about the HTC One, visit htc.com. It’s now available in Canada 🙂

Good luck! Contest closes on MAY 30th, 2013!

<3 CASIE #HTCone Advertisement


Payless Summer Preview Sale w/ Savings from CAA


I’ve been biking heaps since the weather has FINALLY warmed up. One of my fav things this time of year is shopping for new spring things! As I was browsing the CAA website  last week I was pleasantly surprised to see I can save 10% at Payless with my membership!

I like shoes. Actually, I love shoes! Each summer I wear heaps of flat shoes and often wear them out from all my walking, biking, concerts, and activities. So, affordable little flats are perfect. Plus, a girl can never have too many shoes!


I went to the Payless store located conveniently across from the Eaton Centre on Yonge Street.


There are over 40 stores in the GTA and you can also order online. There’s heaps of shoes for men, women, and kids, with all kinds of accessories. You’ll save 10% if you show your CAA card when making a purchase.  Plus, their Summer Preview Sale is on now!



I’m super impressed with all the life-side assistance savings from CAA. I’ve had my membership for about 3 months and already saved more having it than the cost of the membership. Remember my trip to Boston? Next on my list is a movie date and dinner where I use my CAA card to impress my BF with my savvy savings.

Had lunch with Mum and Dad last week and they BOTH recently renewed their memberships. We’re a CAA family!  To see all the life-side assistance savings from CAA visit caasco.com or check them out on Facebook and Twitter. They have a blog too!

Have an awesome day!



Fools Gold

Did you get fooled today? I didn’t. I wrote about corporations pulling pranks as a marketing attempt for the Pulp & Fiber blog though. Check it out here.

This mixtape is pretty good. Listening to it now meow. Makes me think about being at an outdoor music festival in the middle of hot, hot summer. Ahhhh, soon enough my friends!

Hope day is good!



Last week I got a CAA membership and I’m pretttttty excited about it. Why you ask? Remember having an SPC card as a student? Well, a CAA Membership is kinda like one of those for adults. CAA offers Life-side assistance in the form of savings and rewards from heaps of partners in North America.

I’ve never owned a car but when I started driving my Mum had CAA memberships for both my sister and I. She didn’t feel safe with us on the road without knowing we had CAA, just in case something happened. You would not believe how many times it came in handy. I remember saying “It’s ok I have CAA” and getting a friends card towed, a boyfriends car towed, or saving the day when someone accidentally’ locked the keys in the car.  (No not me, never!)

I really enjoy driving and having a CAA membership makes me feel safer, especially for long highway drives. Would have been great for our trip to Austin for SXSW last year! Doh.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing some of my shopping, dining, and entertainment savings that come with having a CAA Membership.  I was honestly shocked to see just how many partners they have including a full service travel agency. I’ll be exploring that option in great detail.

Most of all I’m looking forward to shopping discounts at Gap & Banana Republic Factory stores, finally visiting the Ontario Science Centre, and taking my BF out for a dinner and a movie.

To see all the Life-side Assistance benefits visit caasco.com or check out CAA South Western Ontario on Twitter and Facebook.

Have an awesome day!



When I was at Uni in Australia I so clearly remember a friend saying to me “The Most important thing about life is building relationships”.  That moment and phrase have stuck with me in everything I have done since. (It was 2004 so, in Internet years, that’s ages!).  That’s the thing I feel people really MISS about social media, it’s all about building relationships.


I scrolled though a presentation earlier about not NOT to fail as a brand which talked about how brands build relationships. And how they are not great at it. Brand relationships are not the same as human relationships. Some of my fav slides below followed by the 110 page presentation.  You might enjoy clicking through over lunch today 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.34.51 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.04.32 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.35.40 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.35.30 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.34.36 AM


We did a funny blog post at the office about condom advertising and Valentines Day 🙂

Read it here.


This article originally appeared in the Nov. 30 issue of Marketing as part of “Being Influential”.

Casie Stewart has been many things. She’s worked as a consultant, brand ambassador, spokesperson, copywriter and community manager. Until this autumn, she juggled freelance work as each along with sponsorship deals with brands like Canadian Club, LG and Cadbury seeking mentions on her life blog and social streams.

Then in September she made the jump into the agency world, accepting a position as director of social media at Community, a small Toronto-based agency that works on campaigns for clients like LiveNation, Heineken and Bacardi.

Stewart says she’ll maintain her social presence (which includes 14,000+ followers on Twitter) despite her new nine-to-five and is participating in upcoming influencer programs by Ted Baker London and Telus. At Community, Stewart is using her personal network of influencers and experience as a blogger to inform client work.

As a sought-after influencer, Stewart’s participated in dozens of social campaigns. These are four of the best. READ HERE.