What a difference a week and some sunshine can make! MY GOD. Also, thank you to all who read and commented on my post about anxiety. We all go through hard days and I want you to know I feel it too. I’m a human just like you!

Loving the weather this week. Have spent a good chunk of time at the house writing and getting things done. I’ve also been biking everyday and done some yoga. Feels so good!

We did yoga on the deck on Monday night and it was SO NICE. The warm and and fresh breeze. Totally magical!


New deck layout after the rain and morning yoga. I love it here so much. Looks really good at night too with the Edison bulbs I got from Canadian Tire.

On Tuesday Keri (@keriblog) and I gave our home patio a HUGE makeover. I loaded up on plants at the Walmart sale and picked up a few cushions, lights, etc. They’re so nice! I’m in love with the new look and feel.

This was the biggest haul I’ve ever done. We filled 2 shopping carts then packed the entire jungle into her lil’ VW Golf.

It rained a bit but was also sunny and we saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Thank the sun gods for LESS RAIN, FINALLY.  This ‘Double Rose‘ shirt is my new fav I picked up last weekend at the Skinny Sweats pop up (Toronto designer!). I love it so much. I’m inspired to make similar ones with my face on the tatas and some emojis, haha.

Yesterday Lauren (@laurenonizzle) and I went to the afternoon Blue Jays game and rode around on our bikes after. We both have Schwinn cruisers from Canadian Tire so we are SCHWINN TWINS. SCHWINNING.


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Have some really fun and exciting work coming up the next couple months and I’m excited to share with you. It feels so incredibly cool to be doing work I love. Tonight dad is coming over to shoot a project for Father’s Day.

Sending sunshine your way!



This past week was a hard one for me. Actually, this entire month has been a challenge, I’ve been on the verge of a meltdown since May 2017 started with birthday anxiety. I had a trip to Jamaica that started with an allergic reaction in my eyes, where I couldn’t see that well, it rained heaps, I missed my bf, and I got my period. When I got home I was overwhelmed with anxiety about work I needed to get done, and it was a short week. I went to the 1188 office every day to get the music video I directed wrapped up, and didn’t really have time to work (at home like usual) on blog things. The week finished week with a full day on set. I was so tired.

Finally, on Saturday, it happened. I legit had a meltdown. Our car had a problem with the tire so I rented a car for the afternoon with my car sharing app and left around 11:15 to make it to Scarborough by 12:15. Well, no, that wasn’t happening. It took me 45 min to get to the DVP (highway downtown for non-TO peeps) and by then I was feeling super stressed after leaving the house in a huff w/ Sean. Then mum called and it opened the floodgates to me balling my eyes out, stuck in traffic. It seemed like everything around me was collapsing. Then, it started raining and the event I was about to drive an hour to was canceled. BUT, I was already on the DVP and still in traffic. I took a few deep breaths and decided to get off the highway. Didn’t really know where I was heading but the end goal was home.

I decided to put on the Lumineers album and for the next 30 minutes, drove past Yorkdale, down the Allen to Eglington, singing and crying loudly in the car. (I laugh about it now but at the time I was really feeling at a loss and wondering what to do with my life.) 

I don’t have those days very often but they happen. I get anxiety about all kinds of things and get down and into a dark place every now and then. It’s hard to manage sometimes and those days I find it really hard to be an ‘internet person’. I don’t feel like sharing or putting on a smile, pretending everything is ok.

I’ve written 10+ posts over the years titled ‘Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like It‘ when I don’t want to blog anymore. Writing through it helps me deal.  I like going back to read them when I get in a mood and it helps me know it’s ok to feel that way and I’ll be ok.

A couple of my favourites are #1 from 2010 and #2 from 2011

I’ve wanted to quit a bunch of times and each time, when I push through whatever it is I’m feeling, and don’t give up, something good happens. 

After I finally got home from my 2.5 hour tour of the city, I rode my bike over to yoga for a popup Sandy was hosting. It was the turning point. I had a mini massage, brows done, tarot card reading, wrote some postcards, and got a beautiful bouquet w/ pink & yellow peonies to bring home.

We left for the cottage shortly after. The next day, I spent a good chunk of time outside doing yard work w/ Sean, enjoying the sunshine, making food, and laughing together. It was the reset I needed.

Today I felt totally renewed and open to anything that came my way. I’ve found that if I don’t have time to rest my mind, body, and thoughts, I can’t even deal with anything. I also really enjoy my alone time. It helps me recharge.

Writing about my anxiety was inspired by an email I got last week about an event on Wednesday w/  Kayley Reed & Wear Your Label.

This isn’t a sponsored thing, I was inspired because Wear Your Label is about ending the stigma around mental illness and May is Meltal Health Month. Honestly, it’s pretty easy to act all smiley for Instagram or whatever but I’m a real human with feelings and the world only sees my life when the sun is out. Sean sometimes says I use all my sunshine up on the internet and he gets the salty version of me. (I’m sorry babe!)

So, here’s an official invite from me to you. The event is at Wednesday 6-8:30pm at Joe Fresh on Queen/Portland and hosted by Wear Your Label. You get 25% off regular priced stuff and one of the exclusive collab hats w/ purchase (see above, all the feels). 50% of the sales will be donated to the Canadian Mental Heath Association in support of mental health in Canada.

I’d love to hug some new and/or familiar faces and share some sunshine with you. The FB event is here. 

Most of all, I want to remind you that if you have anxiety or you feel like you can’t even deal anymore or deal one day, remember that it will pass. And it WILL get better. Mum says that’s when you probably need to go and take a nap (and she is usually right!)

I remind myself all the time, the hardest part is THROUGH but YOU CAN DO IT. And you will. And you will be awesome at it.

P.S. It’s also totally ok to drive around loud cry singing to yourself. It actually felt pretty good. This is the song where the title comes from/one I was singing to. 


Don't give up on yourself, you're stronger than that.


OK OK OK, enough already. Omg! There was so much rain in Toronto before I went to Jamaica, then, it rained more there last week than the entire month, and now, now, Toronto is flooding like crazy. I PRAY FOR SUNSHINE. Did a sun salutation. Did a rain dance.

Let’s all just think sunshiney bright happy thoughts and maybe we can make it go away. Oh, and don’t look at the forecast… 😩


Smiling here but have been feeling so meh the last little while. I go through stages like this, now and again where I wonder about the Internet and if I’m burnt out?  That might be the case or maybe it’s the weather…

Ok so, about the lashes…

Today I’m wearing false lashes bc last week in Jamaica I had a SUPER BAD reaction to the glue from eyelash extensions. At times I couldn’t see very well and it made me sad and homesick. Honestly, it was the worst.  In another country, it was raining like crazy, I had puffy eyes, all sore and bloodshot. I’m used to having pretty great lashes (yeah I know why did I get them? urgh) and now mine are not so beautiful. Some are missing and I still feel like my eyes are dry.

It’ll be weeks for them to grow back and am crossing my fingers and everything I have, hoping they come back strong.

What should I do? If you have tips please tell me!

Planning to go home and spend a rainy night on the couch wearing jogging pants and writing. One great thing about this weather is taking the time to recharge your batteries or get ahead. That way you can play outside when the sun comes out! ☀️




Had a nice time at the cottage this weekend. It was cool and rainy but it was good to be home. I was soooo tired after Jamaica. I’ll blog about my favourite things from the trip later but if you saw my stories/posts, you’ll know it rained most of the time. 😕

It’s always nice getting away but on this trip, more than ever I really missed home and my bf. Went to the office today and it feels good to be back. Went back to yoga last night and I felt rusty and my back was a little sore. I skipped going today to work from the office and try and get ahead on my to-do list.

My studio Yoga Yoga has these beautiful bright doors where the sun shines in and they make me feel so happy. I’ve got so many filtered photos from this spot! 

I took a bit of a break from blogging and social media while I was away. Sometimes I didn’t even take my phone out! Since it rained heaps I almost finished my latest book ‘Into The Water’.

Woke up to a nice blue sky outside our patio this morning. Really loving this weather but I’m still feeling super tired. I’m taking it easy rest fo the week with yoga and catching up on sleep.

This weekend we’re heading back up to the cottage and I’m looking forward to doing some gardening and things outside. I think my body is drained from travel and stress and I need to reconnect myself with nature.



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If you’ve lived in Toronto for a while or went to uni here, you definitely have memories of the Brunswick House. That place was legendary. I lived in the Annex when I first moved to Toronto in 2005 and had a lot of crazy nights there filled with beer, dancing, and old friends. As our city continues to grow and change, a lot of old building are being torn down to make way for condos, lucky for this historic place, Rexall’s done a good job of preserving its charm and musical memories.

Stayin’ true to the building’s history, Rexall worked with the City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Service and fully restored the building’s outdoor façade and a bunch of the interior.

You’ll recognize the old keg barrel bar as the new cash counter. The chandeliers, mirrors, and signage are all original and you’ll find restored tin tiles on the ceiling.

To celebrate the opening they hosted media & bloggers for the unveiling of the ‘Rexall Brunswick House Music Artifacts Exhibition’ curated by Alan Cross.  The Brunny was a music venue for over 100 years and they’ve got memorabilia on display from artists who played there including from Jeff Healey, K.D. Lang, Oscar Peterson, Downchild Blues Band, and Peter App.

casie stewart, brunswick house, toronto, blogger, influencer

Been living in this jacket.

In other news, picked up some of these B12 strips I absolutely love. Been taking them for 2+ years now. There’s 2 in each package and they’re minty vitamins on ‘Listerine style‘ strips. Great for travel!

Next time you need to run to Rexall, pop by the new Brunswick House flagship!





Had a great morning yoga session today. Feeling energized and have a jam packed day ahead. Saturday I’m going to Jamaica for a week. It’s the first time in years I’m going on a vacation-vacation that isn’t work. YAY!

I’m travelling with @Lovesey as his guest and we’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN. We did Route 66 last year with Arizona Tourism then went hiking Sedona together. It was magical. Really looking forward to hot sun, beaches, and the food! 🇯🇲

Posted the image below in my IG Story the other day and wanted to share here. Got a message from someone after posting who said it was just what they needed at the time. She mentioned theres a few people around her always shouting about their ‘success’, and I reminded her that’s often a sign they’re not really as successful as they seem. Actions speak louder than words and if you have success, it shows.

I’ve always thought it’s better to talk about things you’ve done rather than going off about things you plan to do. Talk is cheap, baby. I love sharing my work and life but you usually don’t know about something until it’s happened!

Work hard. stay humble. The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself.