Pure beer bliss.

All the beer shelves were fully stocked, store opens today in Liberty Village.

I love straight lines. Everything was lined up with perfection.


Pinup. ♥

Very nice shop that appeals to urban consumers. Young urban professionals of downtown, generation Y, Yuppies 2.0.

SO good to see Carly & have her back in town. Love you babe! Carly is my agent and today I have a top secret audition for something on TV. I was taking our pic in the mirror here…

Then I totally spilled my beer. Doh!

Food was really good and outside they had an oyster bar. Look how big that one guys is! They looked to slimey for me. I kinda like oysters but think I’m stopping liking them. The slimeyness over does the taste & other effects for me. Wiggly little buggers.

Brown Barbie likes ’em!

My peeps comin’ down the red carpet.

We arrived early & left fairly early. My new thing, getting real good at it. It takes practice. DJ was really good. Arriving early gives you optimal time for dance breaks before it gets crowded.

We were drinking these beers & Stella. I love beer. Blonde is one of my fav’s. Obvs.

Hi friends!

Brocklyn, you are so studly.

Love ya Shan 🙂

Sebastian from bring Erica. Him & his bro are hot. Nice too.

Megan who I was in American Pie w/ years ago. Nice to see you, didn’t get a chance to chat!

Love you Carly.


Familia. I love you all. New short hair is tres cute Keri!

Raymi & I had dance party. Nice moves baby girl.

Your shorts were so hot.

Rose ceremony.

Marcello. You saw him in Textuality w/ Jason Lewis. I get the rose this time. Puma.

More blondes, omg. BLONDETOURAGE.

Ron, from inlibertyvillage.com. I wrote a cover story about artist Michael Golland for his magazine Mercato a couple years ago. Read it here.



One last stop w/ Raymbo & Teacher.

Do you see a win? Imma throw them out now. Can’t believe we didn’t win at all.

The beer store wanted to create a new & unique beer experience and they totally did. They have over 250 brands and are open to all brews. Got a micro? Send it to ’em.

Thanks to the team at The Beer Store for creating a cooler more mod version of the old Beer Store. Event was fun. I hope you have more beer parties.

Three cheers for beers!



  1. June 14, 2011 / 3:12 pm

    short shorts forevs omg that dailybooth mcdonalds evidence photo hamburger addiction

  2. June 14, 2011 / 3:55 pm

    yum! I heart beer, oysters and hot shorts! <3 

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