Stuck at airport family with bunch of kids behind us. They are annoying.

I’ve decided to be annoying too. I’m using three outlets, ahem…airport asshole. Please don’t be offended by this post if you have kids. My parents used to travel with me heaps as a kid. If anything, feel sorry for me! I am a terribly creative person trapped in an airport with a bunch of misbehaved rascals.

“I’m gonna run out of diapers”

“this is why I never travel with kids” (the Mum said that)

“who has the boarding passes” (get it together! these are your kids)

“we got a connection, now we gon’ miss it” (everyone is missing connections)

HEY LOUD TALKER. (posted videos about ‘loud talkers’ here and here)

“will they hold our flight?” (no, they don’t even really do that for celebrities! duh)

They asked me to check the weather for them which I can understand since I’m sitting here w/ ipad, laptop, smart phone, ipod and Chantelle w/ another laptop. UM, PEOPLE, you have an iphone! Duh.

Oh great, now we’re boarding. Thank god. See you in Atlanta. Serious thunderstorm happening there. Love you byeeeeeeeeeee.



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