We came to an erect halt and everyone looked around in wonder. That’s not supposed to happen. I can see the train moving on the tracks beside us, but in the opposite direction. The business men beside me are talking about resort skiing through powder and trees. I used to ski. I’m dressed like one of their kids.

First thought in my mind is “we got a jumper”. Morbid I know. I blame TV for that. We hear mumbling over the loud speaker and I instantly think of 1984.

My mind races and I imagine being trapped down here. I’m glad I have coffee and an almost full bag of Reece’s Pieces minis to tie me over. iPhone is full battery. I forgot headphones. I begin to feel a familiar pain in my chest, anxiety. I remember I have cigarettes and a lighter and I know it’s no smoking but if I never get out of here, I will die happy.

The train begins to move. My heart beats normal again. The skiing man smiles at me and we’re moving.

The end.

* I wondered why the subway was above ground and realized I got so into my story, I missed my stop. Rosedale to Wellesley here I come.



Taking the train from uptown again. I know, crazy.  I don’t mind the subway though, there’s always a story. A couple years ago I used to write daily posts on the way in. I really enjoyed that. Get some creative juice out first thing.


Browsed the Metro, nothing really to see today. The ride today is pretty quiet, no loud talkers in sight. I could feel the hunger eating me from the inside today so I grabbed a croissant and coffee at Tims.

He ironed my dress this morning and dropped me at the station. He’s quite charming this one, I like.

There’s construction at Davisville station, something about the wall systems and the yard side that will last three months. As long as it doesn’t slow the train, I don’t really mind.

Arriving at the office later that I planned for today. Luckily I’m not in a Nazi office like a couple past jobs where you get scolded for not being at your comp at [insert ridic early time here].  Once I arrived at 8:05 to my job in the financial district (the one I had to wear a suit to everyday and be there at 8AM, urgh!) and I got sent home for the day like a bad girl. The boss thought I had been out with the boys, who were also late and decided to punish us. Brutal. I had to help my sister with an emerg but he didn’t care to know. What a jerk he was sometimes!


I hear an accent, South African I reckon. I look kinda tired today despite getting a really good sleep. Hate that. Guess I need another good one tonight. Finally almost at the office. Took long today, I feel like I’ve traveled so far.

Coffee done.

Arrived and ready to start the day. Some friends & I are hosting a Tweetgasm V1.0 at the Gladstone Hotel tonight 7pm. Come. I will be fun.

Happy Monday, make it a good one 🙂


Finding a Friend in Yourself

The subway is kinda weird. I don’t mind the streetcar. I used to take TTC to work every day from Broadview station to Yorkdale, then a 15min bus to the office. It was my first job after university when I moved to Toronto. I remember writing TTC Tales on my morning commute and posting to the blog when I got to the office. On the way home I’d write about my day. I don’t think WordPress mobile had photo uploading back then. I used Picasa to upload and get a URL then added that to the HTML tab in WP-Admin. Those early days of blogging were what made me fall in love with journaling. I know it’s really helped me live a better life. I love looking back at people, places, things. It’s a great reminder of where you came from and good motivation for where you’re heading.

They say there are all kinds of benefits to writing and keeping a journal. I highly recommend it. It’s kinda like finding a friend in yourself. Although my diary is public, I’m often writing letters to my future self, talking through feelings, or making memory notes. A couple years ago my mum & her bf sailed to the Bahamas and lived there for a year. During that time I would write a lot of notes to her so she could read what I was up to when she had wifi. Hi Mum!

There’s a lady’s crotch fairly close to my face, she’s wearing a pager and reading a medical paper. Someone who really smells like BO just came near me. Thank god this is my stop. xo



What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?


I had a great day yesterday. I haven’t taken the subway for a while. It’s different taking the subway during work hours. I always wonder what everyone is doing. I don’t mind the streetcar, I don’t like the underground. I used to write TTC Tales (last one 2012) when I took the TTC to work. At one time, I travelled about an hour each way to work. I made a few videos about TTC loudtalkers after that. I wouldn’t make those videos now, social media wasn’t as popular back then.

Heading easton the Bloor Line; try not to make eye contact. Look out the window, look out window. There’s a young guy with his sunglasses on playing golf on an iPad. I can’t see if he has a bag…is just carrying the thing? I smell hot food. It’s not McDonalds. Doors open. Please don’t let someone gross sit beside me…

Went to the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market yesterday to pick up some green goodness. The market is on each Tuesday in the summer from 3-7pm. I was so hungry that I started chomping on lettuce leaves as I walked down Dundas. It was delicious. I can only imagine what I looked like walking down the street eating leafy greens. 🙂

Passed this house on Dovercourt, as I so often do and asked on Twitter if anyone had seen inside it. Have you? Turns out it’s crazy!


The decor has some personality. It’s not for everyone but I would love to have this house. It’s right in my fav part of town and if I could afford it and do some renos, I’d be all over it. Kick out all the furniture and add some mod! It reminds me of my grandpa Doug’s house growing up. His place was pretty huge with all kinds of rooms and a massive tree in the middle of it.

224 Dovercourt

Just saw the new Coldplay on M3 and digging this song. Chris Martin is looking hot.

My mantra for today is “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” a quote by Robert H. Schuller.  Imagine you were given an opportunity to do anything your little heart desired, what would you do? Think about it. I’ll be thinking abou tit too.

In other news, off to shoot w/ Bench Canada for a fall campaign this afternoon. Cross your fingers for NO RAIN!
Sending sunshine your way,