Fashion | Gifts that Keep on Giving, TOMS for Target

Starting November 16th you can find a special collection by TOMS at Target stores across North America. The limited-edition collection is co-designed by TOMS founder and chief shoe giver, Blake Mycoskie and goes along with TOMS One for One® giving model where every purchase helps a person in need.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 2.53.56 PM

Along withe the collection they also created this totally awesome ‘Together Sweater’ inspired by TOMS One for One. Naturall, I tried it on with all my fav people. I love togetherness. Sean has agreed to wear it to a ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater Party’ and I reckon it’s a contest winner! Sorry guys, the sweater ISN’T for sale.


They’ve got items for for men, women, kids, and home and with this collection, Target is donating a blanket, meals or shoes in partnership with TOMS and North America-based charities American Red Cross Disaster Relief, Canadian Red Cross, Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Each product displays the corresponding donations so you can easily see how your purchase is helping someone out.

I’ve got a couple pairs of TOMS and have picked a few of my fav items from the Target collection below.

Womens lifestyle 1

Love this poncho and am hoping to score one bright and early tomorrow morning. Each purchase will give a blanket so someone in need.

Sean’s fav outfit is chambray shirts and jeans, aka the Canadian tuxedo. The plan is to pick one of these up for him and by doing that, TOMS will provide one week of meals through one of their selected charities.

Mens lifestyle 1

The kids clothes are especially cute and by picking something up for your fav lil’ shorty you’re doing some good.  This t-shirt gives 1 week of meals and the hoodie 1 blanket.

Girls Lifestyle

The housewares items are all under $30 and make great gifts. I’m a fan of these little journals. Nothing like afresh new notebook for jottin’ down ideas!


The TOMS for Target collection is available for a limited time at all Target stores in the U.S. and Canada starting tomorrow, Sunday November 16, 2014. My plan is to get there bright and early and pick up my favs! See the whole collection at

I know it’s only November but I’m totally in the holiday spirit. I started Christmas shopping last week and I can’t wait for holiday parties. You can count on seeing the Together Sweater a few times before Christmas too.  If you’re in the mood for some holiday tunes, check out the hap-hap-happiest Christmas playlist on Rdio.

Tweet me at @casiestewart w/ your fav item from the TOMS for Target collection for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Here’s to a holly jolly Christmas! 🙂





C’est le week-end! That’s French for it’s the weekend! Is everyone having a good fashion week? Are you très chic? It’s been fun but it’s almost at a close – or should I say clothes? Bahaha puns! Sorry couldn’t help myself.

Anyways! Here’s a music video for you to enjoy and reminisce about LG Fashion Week to. Strike a pose! It’s Toronto’s own Fritz Helder & The Phantoms with “Making a Scene”!

“Making a Scene” – Fritz Helder & The Phantoms from sammy rawal on Vimeo.

Fun fact: Both this music video and “Stumble” by Bonjay were directed by Sammy Rawal! Good job Sammy Rawal!

Have a great weekend everyone!
xo Kate


We Made Cement Planters! 🌵

I really wanted to make some of these after seeing they looked pretty easy on Pinterest. AND WELL THEY WERE! Embot and I gave it a go this weekend so she could give one to Grandma for her 70th birthday this week.

I followed this video by by TO’s own Sorry Girls but I have a few tips to add because they made it look more graceful. 🤓

I used the smallest bag of sand concrete you can get at Canadian Tire. You mix it with water 4/1. We used old juice containers (ie. tetra pack bottoms) and put empty water bottles cut in half with a weight inside to hold the form. The bottle wise rise up without a weight. Next time I’ll round up some juice containers before we do it. The concrete can also be messy make sure you put something down on your work space and I high reco doing in the garage our outside.

One of the planters was made from a 2L pop bottle and it looks kinda neat because of the bottoms.The concrete takes 24 hours to dry.  The water bottles inside the form were kinda hard to get out so we’ll switch to paper cups next (they use Tim’s cups in the video).This was a last minute idea I was kinda just wingin’ it with what we had around the cottage.  They still turned out fine!

I’ve been dying to get some copper (rose gold!) Krylon paint. I follow/girl crush on Tiffany Pratt and she’s been using it to paint things a lot lately. I put tape on the design I wanted and put on a couple thin coats of Krylon spray paint. Let it dry. Put a little succulent in it and VOILA you are DONE!

While I was on a  roll this morning I gave my white ‘Damn Daniel‘ Vans a makeover. That meme is so 2016. They look great IRL.  I’ve got a few more things planned for this paint. I love it!!!!!!

I’ve got a few more things planned for this paint. ROSE GOLD EVERYTHING haha.

Krylon Queen Tiffany Pratt!
tiffany pratt, krylon

If you have any questions or tips for me, I’m happy to hear ’em. I’m making this up as I go here just like you!




I mention a few things I love in this post like Vans, Canadian Tire, and Krylon paint, not sponsored but if you know them and they wanna hook a sista up, I WILL MAKE MORE THINGS. 😎✌🏼


Honesty, I woke up this morning and put on Michael Buble’s Christmas album with NO SHAME. Ripped the halloween decorations off the walls and mirrors. I’m ready for the season! I won’t rush putting up all the decorations just yet but I won’t hold back the spirit!

One of my fav Christmas albums is She & Him. When Sean and I started dating, I remember him singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ to me at our first christmas saying I should stay a little while longer.  So much love in the air this time of year. Still swooning 6 years later! ❤️🎄🎁

[arve url=”″]

On Thursday eve I’m going to Saks/Hudson Bay for the Christmas Tree lighting and holiday window reveal. AND in a christmas miracle twist MARIAH CAREY WILL BE THERE TO LIGHT THE TREE.


I can’t wait. It’s only a matter of time before we bust out this wonderful ‘Togetherness Sweater’ that TOMS X Target sent a couple years ago.

Last year Netflix sent over THIS amazing Christmas Sweater feat. Bill Murray.

Here’s to kicking off the holiday season!

I’m excited. Can you tell!? 🎄🎁👼🏼🎅🏼




The Boxed Water #ReTree Project & Brands That Give Back

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was at WayHome North of Barrie. It was a lot more Coachella-ish this year with the huge ferris wheel. Aside from going to the festival, I spent a bunch of time in the lake at the cottage because it was SO HOT. I kept hydrated with Boxed Water and paired that with my TOMS sunnies & shoes for comfort & style, all while doing a bit of good for the world. 🌎 🤗

I love when brands adopt a business model that gives back to an organization or cause. If you read my recent post on Skincare Stuff You’ll Find in My Summer Bag you’ll know that Boxed Water donates 2 trees for each mention of #ReTree on social.


This summer alone, Boxed Water has planted 250,000 trees with the help of people like us. Their goal is to plant 1 million! 

How is Boxed Water helping the environment?

  • – 74% of packaging is made from trees, a renewable resource
  • – They ship boxes flat to their filler, lowering our carbon footprint
  • – They use a thin foil barrier for freshness and HDPE for the waterproof liner and cap
  • – The entire carton is recyclable and 100% BPA free
  • – Trees used in their boxes come from well-managed forests
  • – As a member of 1% For The Planet, Boxed Water commits at least one percent of their total sales annually to reforestation


The Biz Model of Giving Back

I’ve gotten a few compliments on these shoes and glasses (above) and would you believe they’re TOMS? They’ve moved on from those canvas shoes we were all wearing a couple years ago to more fashion forward items that adopt their one-for-one model. It started with shoes and now the company provide glasses & sight surgery through eyewear, improved access to water, and more.

TOMS paved the way for the buy-one give one model, inspiring others along the way. Canadian company Mealshare provides one meal for each meal sold and to date has given 832,321 meals across Canada. Another great company I’ve written about a few times is Me To We and their beautiful artisan jewellery and products, see here. 

The Boxed Water motto is to ‘inspire a better tomorrow by rethinking packaged water today‘.  Join in the Re#Tree campaign in Canada, pick up some Boxed Water at Loblaws or Sobeys.

ALSO, if you’re looking for a CUTE DIY with the boxes, try repurposing one as a planter. 🌱 🌸 🌼 I’ve got a little tiny tree in one of mine. 🌱 Check out this great post by Kaylee on The Blondielocks.

kaylee, the blondielocks, planters, blogger, DIY, boxed water

Here’s to making the world a bit better 🙂 Stay hydrated out there!





Travel | Treehouse Glamping in Ontario w/ Glamping Hub

My first trip of the year wasn’t to a sunny destination, it was up north to a tiny little solar-powered treehouse north of Toronto. Glamping Hub invited me to stay at a destination of my choice, so naturally I picked a cool one. Glamping Hub is home to some of the coolest non-traditional camping spots around the world. They’ve got luxury camping available in tree houses, yurts, tipis, camper vans, safari and fancy tents. I’m hoping to explore a few more of their destinations in South/Central Ontario. Here’s my first Glamping Hub experience! 

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Beauty | Touched For the Very First Time – I Got a Brazilian!

Yesterday I got my first Brazilian Wax. Yes it hurt, but only for a second. No, it didn’t take long. Yes I would do it again. Scroll for details, don’t worry, this post is  SFW and not TMI.

Ok, so I was pretty nervous and didn’t really know what I was getting into here. I’ve never had anything waxed because my hair is quite fair and I’ve never needed to. I parked and got one hour parking not knowing just how quick a wax job is. I arrived at Allure Body bar in the East end (Pape/Danforth) and was greeted by a lovely lady who ready to roll. They were voted Toronto’s BEST waxing spot and have been featured in countless magazines including Elle, Flare, etc.

This is my before face.  I hopped on the table with bottoms removed and she consulted me about a design. The wax was warm and she asked me to take a deep breath before ripping it off. I screamed. It hurt. The pain was temporary and the whole thing and the entire thing took <10 minutes.


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Up Up & Away! 

Today Sean and I travelled to Calgary. ✈️🇨🇦👍🏼  It’s been two years since I was in this fine city and I’m happy to be back.


This week we’ve got a fun itinerary of arts & culture activities in Calgary. We’re shooting them all with Tourism Calgary and the video will be on their website once finished. 


Got a nice new mani and passport yesterday. We have 10 year passports in Canada now but I only renewed mine for 5 years so I can get a new photo! I know mum will have a chuckle reading this. 😉


One of my fav travel accessories, cosmetics bag by Ted Baker. 


Why does this July cover say Bruce??

Been loving this little shoes sent to me by Toms. The Huarache sandal is made in Mexico and comes in dove (off white) leather and black. They’re really comfortable. Pretty sure I had a similar pair as a kid. 

  I love traveling together. 💛  We’re staying at Hotel Arts, a boutique hotel downtown Calgary. I stayed here about 2 years ago and since, they’ve put $7 million into renovations. We’ve got a beautiful suite with kitchen, balcony, living room, and 2 closets so we can have one each.      

Looking forward to a few days of fun activities. Follow me on Twitter @casiestewart for all the fun! 

💛🇨🇦✈️ ✌🏼️😎 CASIE


Target Canada: For good times and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever mooooore!

Before I get to todays regulary scheduled news blog post I would like to take a minute to remember some of the great times I’ve had with Target Canada over the years. I have a few posts posts mentioning the brand and had the opportunity to work with them on a few things since they arrived in Canada. I’ve visited a store nearly once a week since one opened close to my house about a year ago. Did nearly all my holiday shopping there too!

Who remembers that AMAZING Target Lounge at World Mastercard Fashion Week a few years back???

Toronto has NEVER seen such luxury. And we probably won’t again tbh. It was marvellous. Food, open bar, two floors, charging stations, tables to work at, open every night before, after, and during the shows. I’ve never had such a great time at WMCFW. Oh behalf of media & bloggers, everywhere, thank you Target for showing us how to really go ALL OUT.

Let’s not forget the recent Toms for Target collab. They sent out Together Sweaters to bloggers and media around North America to promote the collection. So cute. Keeping mine forever.

This blanket from the Toms for Target collection makes a great poncho. Can’t wait to open the cottage again.

Got my Instax Camera from Target this summer.

Decorated our roof patio with Target things this past summer including items from the Oh Joy for Target collab. Target partnered with popular bloggers/Pinners to create a whole collection. Thanks for recognizing us internet people!

And finally, I’m REALLY hoping that Lilly Pulitzer for Target still comes to Canada in April so I can snatch up as many things as possible. The whole collection is beautiful and bright. 

Thanks for all the good memories Target Canada. I’ll miss you! My ukulele gently weeps.



CottageLife | So Long Sweet Summer Home

I rolled down the window as soon as we got to cottage county this weekend, Toronto didn’t have snow yet and I wanted fresh air. It smelled like winter, crisp and clean. Closing the cottage is bittersweet, it looks so nice all covered in snow but we can’t stay. I wanted to. I imagined staying up for weeks, making fires, taking trips to town for groceries. Wearing jogging pants.


There was more snow than I thought and it crunched with each step.  Tossed a few snowballs in the lake and watched them stay in little circles. The water is really, really, cold, small ponds alongside the road are freezing over.


Picked up this blanket and mugs from the Target for TOMS collection. They were sold out of the poncho I wanted but I got Sean one of the chambray shirts. He has at least five that look similar but this one was nice. He’s totally one of those ‘Lumbersexuals’  everyone is talking about with a beard, who wears plaid and the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim).


Had to pour out our homemade beer and tried snow painting. No Picasso!


Winter is a season I find inspiring.  I’m planning to lay low and hibernate the next few months. Working on something I hope to launch in April.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

For now, lights out at the cottage. The very last step of closing for the season.
Until next time Muskoka, see you in the spring.




#TIFF14 Bang Bang Baby Premiere


 On Monday night I joined Sean for the premiere of Bang Bang Baby.  The feature debut film is directed by Canadian Jeffrey St. Jules. It’s a surreal, fever-dream fusion of small-town musical and 1950s sci-fi. The event was at Spice Route on King West.

Thanks EXPRESS for this shirt + pants I paired w/ my fav Rudsak leather jacket and clutch from Banana Republic.


Sean (Visual Effects producer) posing w/ Bang Bang Baby producer Don Allen.


Fun night but going on on a Monday sure takes it’s toll! Here’s to a couple more days of TIFF then R&R at the cottage.


In other news, how much do you love these? Blue suede boots from Shelly’s London X NastyGal. I got dinged on customs, $60 but I caved and picked them up from the postie anyways. LOVE.




#Travel: A Weekend in Boston w/ My Loves

On Friday afternoon Sean and I hopped on a little plane at Toronto Island and flew Porter across the pond to Boston. I absolutely LOVE flying Porter.


We arrived at the (worlds shortest commercial) ferry at 2:10pm, landed on the island at 2:15pm, and at 2:40 we had checked in at the gate and through security. There was even time for a sandwich and a drink & snack. Pop, juice, water, coffee, tea, cookies, almonds are all free in the lounge. WIFI too!

The flight was a breeze and in just under an hour and a half we landed at Boston Logan.

It was my first time using the automated US Customs and it was a total breeze. We had a chuckle that I took a glamour shot. Like, check out that photo? All my selfie taking is really paying off. I can’t wait till I go for my next Passport photo.


We stopped at The Bell in Hand as usual. I’ve been going there with Bob since my first Boston trip about five years ago. It’s the oldest pub in America and our friend Meri works there. Some Heineken babes were dishing out free beers which was a nice start to the weekend!



Our next stop was Nico’s Restaurant in Boston’s North End, Little Italy. I absolutely LOVE Italian food and our dinner here was FANTASTIC. I packed up the leftovers and snacked on them later.  A bunch of celebs have dined there and I was most interested to see The Rock had been there since that photo of him from the 90’s has been flying around this week.



I spent Saturday by the pool from morning till night. It was SUCH a beautiful day.



And with a pool like this, hwo could I go wrong? A bunch of friends joined us later in the day and we had BBQ and plenty of good times.


On Sunday it rained like CRAZY so we took some time to relax.


Then we went to Olive Garden. We don’t have Olive Garden in Eastern Canada so I really wanted to go there. I tried to explain how we have Swiss Chalet in Canada and that’s it’s not really Swiss but the chicken and sauce are amazing. If you’ve never had it, you gotta give it a go.


Our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to weather but I’d spent about $60 on magazines and there was free WIFI. I could have lasted way longer! haha.

Sean is a total darling babe b/c he carried my luggage. LOVE YOU!


Arrived back home about 10:30pm to a crazy rain storm. Was tired from the weekend but filled with great memories. Thanks Bob + Ellen for having us over again. Looking forward to our next visit. This weekend coming up is a long one then we’ve got a WEEK of vacation at the cottage. I can’t WAIT! Nothing more I enjoy than vacation, sunshine, and great friends!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Much love,



Paris Haute Couture AW 14/15 – Chanel, Armani, Dior

Fashion lovers, here’s a peek at runway shows this week from Paris Haute Couture.  Featured here are Chanel, Armani, and Dior. I know you don’t wanna think about FW 14/15 yet but it’s really not that far away. All videos and content from Rightster fashion portal. Enjoy!


Within the walls of the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld pays tribute to Le Corbusier with concrete embroideries and lace imprisoned inside silicone for ceremonial overcoats and dresses…


A black and red collection at Giorgio Armani Privé. Giorgio Armani has his own customs in Paris. He showcases his Haute Couture at the Palais de Tokyo, a collection that is opened with a range of small pea jackets and shorts in patterned fabrics with a quilted effect


Raf Simons is inspired by the past in order to create the future in his latest haute couture autumn/winter 2014/15 collection for Christian Dior.In the gardens of the Musée Rodin, a wall of orchids make up the floral setting for the autumn-winter 2014/15 Christian Dior haute couture collection. The long haired models, with gold or silver eyeliner to subtly accentuate their eyes, arrive in groups into the circular space through several doors.

Any favs? Things you love, don’t love? LMK in the comments!



One for One: Evergreen Eyewear by ClearlyContacts

One for One: Evergreen Eyewear by ClearlyContacts

My friends at Clearly Contacts recently contacted me to LMK about their new Evergreen Collection where made from 95 per cent recycled steel and plastic frames. The new line takes a page from TOMS in that when you buy a frame, they plant a tree. Over 30,000 planted trees can be attributed to the company’s philanthropic effort. That’s heaps! For every Evergreen frame sold, a seed is sent to a tree nursery in a developing country, where Agroforestry workshops provide local farmers with the necessary education to help cultivate their own land.

The frames are eco-friendly and vintage inspired with lots of bright colours. I got to pick a pair from the collection in exchange for posting and naturally went for something a little wild! Seen here are the Tortoise/Pink that can also be ordered with sunglasses lenses. I could have used these those for the photos! I absolutely love glasses and have written about them with ClearlyContacts a bunch of times before (herehere, here, and here).

They’re fashion for your FACE! You like?

One for One: Evergreen Eyewear by ClearlyContacts

Check out the Evergreen Collection here and LMK if you order a pair!