Tech | Travel More + Shop at Apple Using the New RBC Rewards App

Last week I was in Arizona doing something I love, documenting my trip on my new iPhone and taking an adventure with friends to somewhere I’ve never been. Tech and travel have always been something I really enjoy so I’m always trying to bring more of those into my life.

RBC has a great new app for people who also like these things, like you, called RBC Rewards. The app is now avail on iOS and Android and allows you to do things like book flights, hotels, cars, or shop for your fav tech stuff at best Buy or Apple. best part is you can redeem your RBC Rewards points for all this stuff.  The app will also reco products and show you offers based on interests. iOS users can use Touch ID to sign in.

Sean uses his RBC Business Avion card so he’s racked up a ton of points. We used RBC Rewards to bring a friend with us to LA a couple years ago. Knowing he can now use those points via the app at the Apple Store mean one thing…iPhone Upgrade!

My Fav Perks of the RBC Rewards App

  • – Search/book flight, hotel, car rentals, using a mix of points + cash
  • – Shop Apple & Best Buy w/ points + cash
  • – Use points for RBC Rewards merch and GCs
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My mum has been an RBC customer for as long as I can remember so in my research I asked if she uses their rewards program, and she does! Something she was really excited to tell me was how she uses Payback with Points to redeem points toward her RBC Rewards credit card.

“As a world leader in mobile technology, RBC is committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to meet the evolving expectations of our clients,” Jacquelina Calisto, Vice President, Digital & Commercialization, RBC

All of the major banks in Canada are represented in our house and knowing we can fully take advantage of the new RBC Rewards app  is pretty great. We all work hard for that money so getting something back always puts a smile on my face. I love when I go to Shoppers or Sephora and can shave a few $$ off my total or get a few extra goodies. Now I’m thinking where we’re gonna travel next…

With RBC you earn points on ALL your purchases then can redeem for tech, travel and more using the RBC Rewards App. To learn more about the RBC Rewards app visit


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RBC. All opinions are my own!





My Fav Tech Gifts from the 2016 Telus Holiday Guide

Christmas is just over a week away and there’s a good chance you still have few people on your nice list (including yourself!). 🎅🏽 Telus has a ton of amazing gifts you can buy online or from one of their interactive stores across Canada.

You’ve gotta check out the Eaton Centre store in Toronto if you haven’t yet, theres heaps of things for your home, travel, audio, AND toys, aside from phone stuff. Last year I got a Nest thermostat, amazing JBL speaker, great USB cables, and a MIP robot for the child.

Here’s a few of MY FAVS from the 2016 Telus Gift Guide. These are all things I’ve gifted or been given in the last year – Fitbit, Instax camera, BB8, and the PureGear Metallic Cable.

BB8 Sphero Robot – $189.99


Last weekend I surprised Embot with a tiny little BB8 Droit. She loves Star Wars and robots. BB8 comes with a stand for charging and connects to Force Band through the app on your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you use THE FORCE to push, pull, and control BB-8 like Em is doing here. She’s been having so much fun using to guide him around the house. He can easily go over carpet, rug, tile and wood floors too.

Her face! She’s concentrating so much!

Instax Mini 8 Camera – $99

This camera is great. A total hit at holiday parties and with the parents. I took photos of everyone at mums one Christmas and this year I’ve packaged up some stuff to send back to New Zealand filled with Instax prints from the last few months. You can order one of these online or pick up at a Telus store. They’ve got the Instax Mini 8 cam available in Rose Gold, Blue, Black, and white. See this post for an #InstaxHolidays giveaway + Twitter party details for tonight! 


Fitbit 2 Charge  – $199

I gifted mum one of these for her birthday in September and she was so jazzed about it. SHe’s been wanting one for a while and was excited to track her steps at work and throughout the day. I downloaded the Fitbit app from the PLAY Store and connected the device to mum’s Samsung in a couple minutes.

PureGear 4ft Metallic Braided Cable, Rose Gold – $24.99

I used to be losing cables and chargers all the time but this cable has been with me everywhere the last 12 months and I’m so proud to still have it. A good/unique charging comes in handy more than you know. This is what yours might look like after a lots of travel and adventure, a little run down but still working great. Piece of leather around it is a little Cord Taco from Amazon.


You can check out the WHOLE gift guide at or pop into the Telus store when you’re out and about. If you’re going to Yorkdale, make sure to show your RBC Avion Card for free valet parking + coat/bag check.

In other news, make sure you register for tonight’s Twitter party to get your hands on one of those Instax cameras! Click here and add your Twitter handle in the boxes.



How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Shopping Experience

On Friday night I went shopping with Emily for some snow pants downtown. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking because like,

  1. 1) it was Black Friday,
  2. 2) I couldn’t find a park,
  3. 3) it was annoying carrying stuff.

I should have gone to Yorkdale.

I tested out RBC’s Avion Holiday Boutique before it opened the other day and they’ve really put some thought into making your trip to Yorkdale a pleasant one. RBC Avioners get complimentary valet, coat check, parcel check, snacks, drinks, gift wrapping, and a nice spot to be chill at. You can also test out their new VR Experience.

Once you’ve left the car with Yorkdale Valet, waltz into the Avion Holiday Boutique, and check your coat. Grab a coffee, water, and sit down in a white leather chair, with a cold cucumber infused water, and delicious cookie. [Same cookies they have on Porter Airlines!] Scroll your list using free wifi and make a plan.


Look for the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique across from Pottery Barn at Yorkdale

Sometimes when I’m out and about all I want is to sit down, collect my thoughts, and have a glass of water. Y’know?!


This cheese spread was at the launch event, there will be other snacks there when you go!

Before leaving the boutique, go on a 2minute beach vacation via VR. It’s really quite amazing how the sights and sounds of the beach will calm you down. 

Take your experience next level by downloading the Avion Passport App (text “AVION” to 722722 or search in app store).

In the app you get exclusive offers, faster gift wrapping services at the RBC Avion Boutique,  and you can text valet to bring the car around,  🙋

Thanks RBC for inviting me to be a partner and share this experience.

Great job on the RBC Avion Boutique! For info about getting yourself on the RBC Avion VIP train, visit this link. The card is packed with travel rewards and you can use now your RBC Rewards at Best Buy and the Apple Store. Read that blog post here! 





Tech | Canada’s Leading Digital Media: NextMedia + Digi Awards 2016

Last week I was a speaker at NextMedia, Canada’s leading digital media conference. the 2 day conference focusses on creation, distribution, and monetization of digital media content and technology.

Our panel, moderated by Amber Mac, was Blurred Lines: Best Practices for Disclosing Paid Content. I’ve mentioned it a few times how this is a hot topic. My thoughts are that if you are working with someone or got the product/thing as an in-kind donation or gift,, just say so.

If you always work on things you genuinely like, being authentic is easy.

This isn’t a great photo but it was a memorable moment. Jake said people who will just work for any brand and do it for the money are ‘brand whores’. It’s hard to trust someones opinion if they don’t really have one and they’re just slingin’ stuff at you all the time.

Amber asked me to be a presenter at the Digis which is the award show closing out the conference.  In it’s 10th year, the awards celebrate Canada’s most successful digital media companies and creators.

I wasn’t nervous at all until it came time for rehearsal and I had to read a teleprompter.

Which, by the way, was easier than I thought!

I presented the award for Best Branded Content. The winner was Lilly & The Snowman from Cineplex.

In other news, I left getting a dress to the last minute. So, I popped over to my go-to girls at Studio Fitzroy to rent something. Remember in the summer when I blogged about their dress rentals? That biz was SO SUCCESSFUL they’ve opened a dress rental spot on Dundas West.

I tried on a whole bunch, listened to music, and was offered champagne. It’s the most lovely little shop and feels like visiting your cool friend with all the great clothes. See  all avail dresses at Thanks ladies! 

I picked a gorgeous long number from For Love & Lemons. It was so comfortable with a bodysuit on the inside and pockets to keep my phone & lipstick. Didn’t have to carry a purse! Necklace is the Jenny Bird YAYA Choker I wear all the time.


Hung out w/ Taylor Kaye most the night. Check out her ‘Will This Work?’ series on YouTube with her kids, so cute.  I love events like this so much because I get to catch up with entertainment people I don’t see that often. It was so great to chat with old colleagues from CTV, Much,  and MTV.


This week I’ve got an event with the American Marketing Association and I’m working with RBC for an event on Thursday. Saturday I’m at YouTube Canada to moderate a panel during indie Week.

Let’s hope this beautiful weather sticks around a little while longer. We haven’t closed up the cottage yet, next weekend!




I'm goin to Thailand with Contiki! #contikithai #thisismylife

I’ve mentioned it here and there around the web but this is my formal post, CONTIKI IS SENDING ME TO THAILAND! I leave on Saturday for 2 weeks away with about a dozen of Canada’s top YouTubers. I’ve never been to Asia and had to get a bunch of shots last week to get me prepped. We have an AMAZING itinerary planned by the great team at Contiki.

I am honestly SO EXCITED. I’ve heard it’s a great time of year to go there and considering we might get snow today, I’m ready for some sunshine. I’ve been tracking the weather in Thailand and it’s been over 25 degrees every single day for the last week. I’ve been pinning photos and articles on a new Thailand – Nov. 2013 board. It’s so beautiful there!


I’ve known about Contiki as a great travel company from heaps of my cousins and friends down under. I love their NO REGRETS attitude and all the positive images they post  about travel and exploring the world. Like this one…

I'm goin to Thailand with Contiki! #contikithai #thisismylife

#ContiThai #NOregrets #thisismylife

Some Of the People Going

Most of the peeps are YouTubers! I am stoked to meet them all. Grabbed this screen shot from Andrew Gunnarolla’s video about the trip. I’ve made a Twitter list of everyone going if you want to creep and meet my travel buddies. Former Much VJs Sarah Taylor and Tim Deegan are two you might recognize.

I just got a new GoPro so I’ll be uploading vids to my YouTube channel along the trip. Subscribe here! Follow along our adventures with the #ContikiThai hashtag too.

I'm going to Thailand with Contiki! #contikithai #thisismylife #NOREGRETS

Top 5 things to Do in Thailand

1) Stock up at the night markets

2) Indulge at the spa

3) Hit the beach

4) Chill out at the temples

5) Dance at a Full Moon Party

I'm going to Thailand with Contiki! #contikithai #thisismylife #NOREGRETS

Things from My ACTUAL Itinerary

  • First hotel is in Bangkok, one street over from bustling Khao San Road
  • Wat Po temple to see the famous Reclining Buddha and then head to the exquisite Grand Palace
  • cruise the city’s canals, as we view Bangkok by boat
  • Damnoen Saduak floating markets
  • outdoor spa for a rejuvenating foot & leg massage
  • overnight train to Chiang Mai in an air-conditioned sleeper coach
  • Baan Hongnaul Cookery School
  • Wat Doi Suthep, an ornate golden temple with sweeping views of Chiang Mai
  • Night Bazaar, with shops and stalls that offer the best in Thai artisanal goods
  • short flight to this incredible island paradise of  Koh Samui
  • ferry to Koh Tao (known as Turtle Island, for good reason, in English)
  • hop aboard Jeeps for an exciting safari tour
  • explore Koh Tao’s tropical underwater wildlife on a half-day snorkel cruise
  • rent a bicycle or motorbike to explore different parts of the island
  • Koh Samui for sun, sand and surf



It’s been three weeks of rehearsal for our shows in December. I waited a couple weeks till we had something to show you. I could literally make GIFs of everything we do. Lead by creator & choreographer of Nuvo-Burlesque Carla Catherwood, and commercial choreographer Lindsay Ritter, we are the ARMY OF SASS.

I saw the Electronic Cabaret a few times this summer and I knew I needed to be part of it. This is one of the coolest things I’ve done in the last year (at least). I have a video of us doing a routine but I am shy to show you my skills just yet.

This is a sneak peek of what we’re working on. I hope you come to the show. There are about 50 of us. It is burlesque like you have never seen before and I am SO STOKED to be part of it. My sister Jenie is also in the troupe along with the lovely Jaclyn Genovese, Carolyn Van and a whole bunch of other babes.

  • PERFORMANCE: Friday December 7 & 14, 2012

  • WHERE: The Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Until next time my friends,

<3 CASIE & the Army

P.S. If you’d like to dance with us there is a DROP-IN CLASS Wednesday night’s 8:30-9:30pm at King West Fitness. LMK if you decide to come. It will be the highlight of your week!


My Lomography Shots: First round Second round

Lots of cameras made into art. Liked these ones.

Have another roll in development right now. Planning to shoot Monday’s Diet Coke party with B&W film with the Sprocket Rocket. I am imagining beautiful artistic photos, please join me in that thought. It’s like, hard to take analogue photos man. Digital kid vs Analogue lifestyle for the win.  Thanks for the invite 🙂


The Margaritaville gave us the media inside yesterday before bike rentals start today. Thanks guys! Got ’em comped too. Media VIP FTW.


We cruised Pensacola Beach baby.

Pensacola Pier.


Behave yourselves now.

I love biking. Gonna to to Curbside Cycle this week & get the Pantone gem.

Had lunch here.

So lovely.

I’m 58.3% awesomerrrr each day.

Glitter me timbers!

Guess who took her beerski shopping? Oh yeah. I do what I want!

Back to home base. This has been my office view for two days and today we leave to go to another hotel for the race etc. I have so many great pix from race practice yesterday.

Have an awesome day & happy Friday! <3


the only blue is the sky above cause we’re covered in sunshine here

and here

Who leaves those big footprints? I wish I could walk on water. I should go to the island soon.

I was thinking I missed the beach and the sunshine so I went to the urban beach, sat in a muskoka chair and felt the sun on my face. I kicked around some snow, found the sand below and even only if for a minute, I was reminded of summer.

Did you know there’s actually a formula for ‘why’ today is the ‘ most depressing day of the year‘. Crazy talk. I always thought it was some time in February but maybe that’s high suicide day or something. According to a press release by a mental health charity, the formula is:

\frac{[W + D-d] T^Q}{M N_a}

where weather=W, debt=d, time since Christmas=T, time since failing our new year’s resolutions=Q, low motivational levels=M and the feeling of a need to take action=Na. ‘D’ is not defined in the release, nor are units.


Have fun with it.

Go exploring

But dress warm. Nobody likes a whiner.

You never know what you might find.  Hopefully it’s beauty in something 🙂

Hey, Red row boat your cuzzy Red Canoe is my neighbour. You look chilly sitting there.

Read this nice article in the Toronto Star that is part of an essay called Lessons Travel Has Taught Me by Arthur Frommer. Thought it was worth sharing with you. It was a nice read, these are the main things travel has taught him:

We are all alike.
We are responsible for one another.
There is no single solution for human problems.
All people should be “minorities”.
Travel keeps us young.
Travel teaches us humility, the best human trait.

In other news, Marilyn was hanging out with The Mustache this morning. Omg so jealous! He was charming. He also leaked that he ‘might’ get back with Nikki. They are good together really. He said the cast isn’t really friends either because they change so often. There’s been heaps of people pass through there in his long career (and my loooooong time watching) of the Y&R. Oh gawd I love him.

Hope you are enjoying the day. This song always cheers me up. Been falling back in love with Devendra lately. I had a huge one for him a couple years back. His songs are so free spirited and pleasant to listen to. I love that he’s such a hippy, obviously.


This week has been really busy. Good busy. Monday I worked in my hibernation station, had meetings the rest of the days and now it’s Friday. Whoa. Flew by.

Going to meet a girlfriend for lunch then gonna try & pop by a friends new office space. I love when friends get new office space. I’m so proud and grateful to have the people around me I do. They’re all so smart and good at stuff. INSPIRING!

Last night wa slike a blizzzzzzzzzzzzard. I walked two blocks and then from a friends place in the neighbourhood and jesus cripes it was windy-snow-blowy.

I was practically attacked & violated by the weather.

The island is looking incredibly beautiful today. This photo doesn’t show just how lovely the water is glittering in the sun. I love living here. I love glitter.

This song has been stuck in my head all day. So, I’M PASSING IT ON.

OH NA NA you know my name. ♥

Happy Friday!


Morning! Just got off the phone with a certain helicopter company on Toronto Island, I’m going on a heli tour of Toronto! YEP!

What an experience it will be. I can’t wait to video it see what the city looks like from a birds eye view.

I’ve got a few good looks at the city In the last six week’s with all my traveling but never have I ever been in a HELICOPTER. OMFG. Weeeeeeee.

Today,  I’m giving YOU a $50 gift certificate for lifeEXPERIENCES so YOU can experience something really cool too. Today’s prize makes a great gift or an excellent way to treat yourself. There’s heaps of spa packages and dining experiences etc.

lifeEXPERIENCES is a collection of gift escapes designed especially for those peeps who wanna get the most out of life. You know that’s right up my alley!

You can find lifeEXPEREINCES at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, or with RBC & HBC Rewards.While you’re onlne, like ’em on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

To win today’s contest, log in below w/ Twitter, Facebook or DISQUS and tell me:

What has been YOUR your fav life expereince in life so far?

Mine has to be snorkeling in the Caribean Ocean or swimming with dolphing in the Bay of Islands New Zealand.

Contest is open to anyone in Canada.


I guess we all do.

The book’s not many pages, some with only pictures of wild things and a rumpus. What’s is a rumpus really? We all remember the book and love it. Loved it. My mum hated it at first, not feeding the child his dinner and then the monsters.

Saw Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX last night.

Cruised Chapters before the movie and read the soft cover  to refresh my mind. In my memory it was a wild adventure of excitement, travel  and friendship. After twenty years, I only  remembered a feeling and not much of the storyline. The book is surprisingly short.

It was better in my mind. It  it always is. I’m glad I saw it.  We didn’t stay for the whole thing.

I know Max gets his dinner at the end. The voices were good, especially Kevin’s mom from Home Alone, Forest Whitaker and Chris Cooper (the weird kids Dad from American Beauty).  The wild thing kid is the is actually named Max in real life.

Go see it and be gentle with criticism, it will always be better in your memory. I’m really glad it’s in a movie now and would like to own a copy. The IMAX speaker & sound intro was really fun for me., it was my first time.

Keep calm and carry on wild things…

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