Whole bunch of new photos from the (totally awesome) Puma Social event surfaced the other day. What fond (foggy) memories I have of that night. Pretty excited to tell you about a new brand partnership later today. Stay tuned for that one. You gonna likey 🙂

To relive the experience or see pix visit BongoPix here.


Last week Toronto was host to the first PUMA Social Club in Canada at the Burroughes Building on Queen Street. It was THE place to be. So many cool peeps and hot babes. Check out this rad vid produced by 1188 Films for Puma with a blonde you will recognize.

I love this campaign, I feel it really goes along with my lifestyle. I celebrate more victories at the bar than I do at the gym. See a couple more familiar faces in the vid? A bunch you have seen here over the years if you look real close.

Thing is, PUMA pioneers ‘Sportlifestyle’ and has built a their brand on FUN.  I thnk I’m kinda like that too. Hey look, my sis riding a giant moose w/ R’Bull.

The whole top floor of the Burroughs was full of people playing games like checkers, operation, ping pong, table hockey, air hockey. Lotsa late night revelry, live bands and DJs. Hellooooo again friend.

This track is for ma boy Nate Dogg who passed away last night at 41 to a stroke. REGULATE!

After-hour athletes are babes. I had a couple pose with me for fun.

For more info about the campaign in Canada or the world see the press release here.

This is Sean the producer telling me I am AWESOME. Thanks for the gig. Love you.

And remember, some marathons end At 6am.

One more thing, could you please take one second to vote for Shawn Hawaii in the BMW contest? No email, no signup just vote. It will mean the world to him.  I’d do it for you! VOTE here NOW.



While surfing in South Africa last night I came across We-Are-Awesome & Don’t Party followed by Liver Beats. Total radness, these cool kids got it going down. I like their taste in music, style and this video is great. I really want to go to South Africa.

This one dude in the vid looks SO familiar. From NZ or Australia travels familiar, long time ago. Could be wrong.

The We-Are-Awesome peeps are friends with Puma too. Remember when Puma Social rocked the Burroughs building in March. So fun. I forgot about the giant cop in the Smoke’s Poutine/Puma vid haha. We trained hard that night 😉

Puma Social released a new video: