2017 Canadian International AutoShow w/ @VWCanada

Recently I went to the AutoShow with VW to check out what’s new for 2018. It was a PA day so people were invited to bring kids and pets along for the special event. I documented it all with my Snapchat Spectacles and they were a hit. You know how much I love tech and these things are rad, watch the video here. I’ve always loved cars, we spent heaps of time in the garage and hot rod workshop w/ dad growing up . It’s incredible how far car tech has come!

Volkswagen is known for great performance, reliability, and safety, ‘a good German car’ as I’ve heard so many times. We were looking at the 2018 Tiguan Redesign, 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, and 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf. There was also another little one I just loved, scroll down to see!

The event was hosted by Amber Mac, George Pimentel, Afiya Francisco, and Heather Davis. Amber of course talked tech aspects of the new cars, George took photos, Afiya talked about style and how your car fits your lifestyle and aesthetic. Heather is a family road trip expert and she shared how the 2018 Atlas was a great family car for travel, seats 7!

2017 VW AutoShow Event Hosts

The 2018 Tiguan Redesign is a great car for people who like adventure.  I like the aesthetic of this car, it’s sleek but tough, you can tow a set of seadoos or boat (up to 5500 pounds) and pack all kinds of stuff in the boot. Perfect for #cottagelife

New Kate Spade Boots, Ted Baker scarf, jacket from Venice Beach, and Spectacles of course!

My fav was the VW Beetle Dune. A few people said this was a perfect car for me. I love a cute little convertible! It’s actually quite spacious with 4 seats and enough room for a couple suitcases in the trunk.

Ready for a road trip? I AM!

One of the cool new things they launched at the AutoShow was the 2017 Volkswagen eGolf. This a 100% electric car, perfect for someone who loves technology and sustainability.

It’s got a fully-digital cockpit and all the fun of the OG Golf without the gas. There’s also an option for 12.3-inch digital display behind the steering wheel. This baby can go up to 150KM/hr (but don’t) and almost 200km on a single charge.

The future is HERE. 

All-New 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

Virtual Casie, in Virtual Reality!

The VR experience was very cool. It was my first time wearing a sub pack and the gloves for wireless movement and touch in VR. I touched long grass, threw snowballs, and stacked rocks to make an inukshuk all in virtual reality. Well done on this guys!

The AutoShow is on right now until Feb 26th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

There’s heaps of rad cars at the show but I definitely recommend popping by the VW booth in the North Building to see what’s new for yourself. The VR experience is totally worth trying. It’s a glimpse into the future!

For past adventures at the Toronto International AutoShow or the Detroit International AutoShow go here.


Watch ‘Behind the Red Carpet’ on The Hollywood Suite Network

In 2004, during TIFF, I was filmed for a documentary about the festival. I was followed around to events, parties, and interviewed about what it’s like behind the scenes, behind the red carpet. Alongside me, the films stars celebrity photographer George Pimentel, PR pro Natasha Koifman (NKPR), and national journalist Chris Jancelewicz.

The film is playing on Hollywood Suite network in Canada all month. If you are keen to watch it and don’t the channel, you can get it on iTunes, Amazon, Playstation, GooglePlay, or xBox. Details on the website here.

About Behind The Red Carpet

Behind The Red Carpet introduces us to the movers, shakers and key players behind all the happenings and craziness of the Toronto International Film Festival. We follow five lead characters who are the top in their field including Toronto/New York based publicist Natasha Koifman, a foremost journalist, Chris Jancelewicz, Casie Stewart, world famous blogger, George Pimentel, Canada’s most renowned celebrity photographer, as well as Pierre Jutras, venue operator and president of The Spoke Club. Our key players are thrown into the fire as they try their very best to appease the biggest and brightest stars from around the globe. We are on the inside lines of the biggest red carpets with the hottest stars. It’s about being at the right place atthe right time, red carpet call times, media arrival times…photo opp…any time! After the whirlwind of festival…which of our characters is left standing…who has had the most success, who has thrown in the towel and who is ready for more?

This week is gonna be a busy one. Busy and exciting! We’re heading back from the cottage today and for the next week I’ve got films, afterparties, gifting lounges, and more. I’m planning to share them all on Snapchat, Instagram (and Stories), Facebook Live, and Twitter. FOLLOW ME!

I’m excited. Here’s to a great week back to school for the kids and great back to the hustle for everyone else!



Last week I went to my first Taste of Toronto event at Fort York. I biked over just in time for the media VIP and ribbon cutting. If you’re following me on Snapchat you’ll have caught the behind the scenes vids in real time. [If you aren’t following me on SNAPCHAT yet, GET ON IT.]

I’m using photos by Sam Santos for George Pimentel Photography because when you’re a shorty it’s real hard to get a great photo from behind the photo pit.

Taste of Toronto is a 4 day food fest featuring the city’s finest restaurants, where you can can sip gourmet cocktails, and learn a few culinary tricks on the way from world-class chefs at interactive displays and sessions.

mcewan, toronto, taste of toronto, chef

Chef Marc McEwan Kicking off the Festival

casiestewart_taste of toronto

Casie Stewart, Taste of Toronto, Pimentel Photography

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Gettin’ Fit in the 6ix w/ The New FitBit Alta

Before vacay I joined a bunch of blogger buds at Sport Chek to test out the new FitBit Alta. Since receiving the device, I’ve become obsessed with making my 10K steps each day. It wasn’t hard to surpass my daily goal in Costa Rica, I was so active! I forgot to pack my charger so after about 5 days, it died. I was super impressed it lasted that long tho, if only an iPhone could do that! Here’s a couple snaps by George Pimentel from our workout with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack.

We were set to train outside but it was pouring down with rain, hence the raincoat, but we picked out head to toe New Balance gear and set up our devices for an indoor workout. I am seriously loving the leggings, they’ve got a drawstring and are super soft, comfortable.


Blogger bud Sasha Exeter


OG blogger bud Nelia aka styleblog.ca

Ready to hit the road! We took a brisk walk through the PATH underground walkway then arrived at the Toronto Athletic Club to sweat it out.

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Behind the Red Carpet is Now on Amazon & Vimeo!

Around this time last year we premiered the film Behind the Red Carpet at The Spoke Club in Toronto just in time for TIFF. It was so exciting! The film documents what goes ‘behind the red carpet’ of the Toronto International Film Festival. (It was filmed at TIFF in 2013). Earlier this year Behind the Red Carpet premiered’s on CBCs documentary channel.

I’m happy to share that it’s now available on Amazon and Vimeo on Demand!

Here’s a video of me & Chris Jancelewicz talking about the film with Natasha from NKPR on Rogers Your World This Week in February.

About the Film:

Behind The Red Carpet (60 & 90 min documentary) directed by Michelle Daides.  The film is produced by Michelle Daides and Tom Strnad and stars PR Maven Natasha Koifman, Celebrity Photographer George Pimentel, Lifestyle Blogger Casie Stewart, Venue Operator Pierre Jutras of The Spoke Club and Lead Entertainment Editor of Huffington Post Canada and Moviefone Chris Jancelewicz.

CBC’s documentary Channel aired the Canadian Television Premiere in February 2015.


Behind the Red Carpet Film is Coming to CBC!

From Internet, to Big Screen, to TV!

With Celebrity Photographer George Pimentel at Cast Screening, Sept 2014  (WireImage/Getty)

With Celebrity Photographer George Pimentel at Cast Screening, Sept 2014 (WireImage/Getty)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with great pride I share with you that one of the documentaries I was in recently is going to be featured on CBC! Behind The Red Carpet, an in depth look at what goes on behind the making of one of the worlds biggest film festivals will be featured on the CBC Documentary Channel on Feb. 23rd, 2015 at 9pm.

Watch the Promo Trailer

In a world of smoke and mirrors, we expose the movers, shakers and key players who puppeteer the brightest talent and engineer the most exclusive events during one of the biggest film festivals in the world.

Top Special Interest Movies for Today in New Zealand

In other news, I was informed by our Director/Producer that Behind the Red Carpet is a Top 10 Film on iTunes in New Zealand in the Special Interest Category. I’m so happy! I’ve tagged all my friends and family in NZ to give it a watch. You can download or rent it here.

Top Special Interest Movies for Today in New Zealand

There’s likely going to be a media screening and event at CBC and I think it would be really cool to invite some of you guys (if I can!). Please share this post with your friends and family, would love you to watch it! If you can’t wait till then, rent it on iTunes or GooglePlay. Check out the film on IMDB or the website for more info.

Will keep you posted of any other details around the film! Thanks for tuning in and supporting me in all my adventures! 🙂






Saw Santa with my sister  the other day at his Log Cabin in Trinity Square outside The Eaton Centre. We’ve made a point to visit the old guy at one place or another almost our whole lives. Despite knowing the truth, the mystery and wonder of Christmas is still alive in our hearts and it’s always fun to get a photo.

I guess we kinda look alike 🙂


The front of the cabin features out all the beautiful trees deigned by stylish Toronto notables like Suzanne Rogers and The Chic Canuck.


The Chic Canuck Team



Jenie used to dance with the Raptors Dance Pak so seeing THE Raptor was trés exciting. He totally remembered her and gave her a salute when she arrived.


Thanks Brill Communications for the invite and George Pimentel for the nice photos. Timber Block’s R-30 Insulated Cabin is open Fridays from 4-7pm and features comfy seating, free wi-fi and charging stations. There’s also a neat little tree maze for the kiddies! Or big kids like who who still gave it a go even though I could see over the trees.




Photoset | YYZ Magazine: Issue 7 Launch Party

Here’s a few snaps from the YYZ Magazine Issue 7 launch party last week. See the full gallery here. Above is Editorial Director Lonelle Selbo  with (my man crush) model and man about town, Paul Mason.

The digital issue was released mid November and you can find the print version at Chapters and select stores around the city. I wrote about Dundas West in this issue and you can find my photo by George Pimentel on the masthead.  Photocred to Brian Hamilton for the photos in this post. Love this one of me! Thanks Brian. LMK what you of the issue, read it here.


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I wrote a little ditty about my beloved Dundas West hood for the latest issue of YYZ Living Magazine. It’s their first time working with a blogger in the iSpy editorial. My masthead photo was shot by George Pimentel and I’m wearing Ted Baker London.  In the feature I’m wearing a black & white dress from the Ted Baker London holiday FW14 collection. You can check out the issue here or click on the photos below.


YYZ LIVING shines a light onto our city, projecting its qualities through the lens of breathtaking photography, provocative storytelling, and exquisite fashion editorial. Each issue is a love letter to the city that is our namesake. We bring our readers the Toronto that parties with New York, dresses like Paris, schmoozes with London, and eats like Rome; a world-class city with a personality that is completely its own.

YYZ Living Masthead

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.40.32 AM

Sneak Peek at Issue 7

iSpy: Dundas West

Not the greatest photo of me. Motivation to drop a few lbs over the winter. Photos on this page are by fashion editor,  Alexandra Loeb.



Thanks for having me guys. Looking forward to the Issue 7 party later this month when the hardcopy hits the stands!



Lifestyle | Weekend Session: ON

After a busy week I’m so glad it’s the weekend. Was at the cottage last weekend for Thanksgiving, then this week, New York City, Buffer Festival, SiriusXM, and had a movie come out on iTunes.  I’m on the couch, watching Netflix w/ my computer, and snacks. Basically heaven. I’ve got heaps of blog things on my list and there is nothing I’d rather be doing right now. Watched The Signal w/ Olivia Cooke & Laurence Fishburne last night. Great movie, sci-fi and futuristic w/ hackers. Found  The Joneses on Netflix today too. Just started American Psycho in spirit of Halloween.

Behind The Red Carpet

This week I found out Behind The Red Carpet documentary is now available on iTunes. Guys, I have an artist page on iTunes! 🙂 This is the film about behind the scenes of one of the worlds biggest and best film events, TIFF. The premiere was the day before Toronto International Film Festival opened, September 2014.

BEHIND THE RED CARPET Teaser Trailer from Mountain Goat Film Company

I play myself, ‘The Blogger’ along with Natasha from NKPR, George Pimentel, Huffington Post’s Chris Jancelewicz , and President of The Spoke Club President Pierre Jutras.   You can watch the trailer, rent, or download it forever right here. (It’s in the US store right now so, my peeps in Canada, please lmk if you see it in the Canadian store after checking the US one.)


In other news, you can listen Thursday’s episode of The Todd Shapiro Show with guests Donovan Bailey, Rend Music, and Kevin D. Foster at toddshapiroshow.com or on iTunes here.

Donovan Bailey in the studio.


Rend Music performing.


Gril crush Rent’s lead singer Carol-Lynne Quinn!


The Todd Shapiro show is M-F on Sirius XM, canada Laughs, channel 168 from 4-6. You’ll hear me there on Thursdays!

Happy weeeeeeeeeekend!



#TIFF14: Win a #NKPRIT14 Lounge Experience

Last week I visited the NKPR IT Lounge on media day to check out what celebrities would be recieving when they’re in town and get a little pampered myself. I’v partnered with NKPR to give YOU the same treatment. Scroll down and enter to win a VIP NKPR Lounge giftbag. Some of my favourite items include Rudsak, Christian Rex, Saje, Tweezerman, Yogurty’s, and Yo Sox.

Earlier last week Natasha from NKPR and I attended the premiere of Behind the Red Carpet, a documentary that we are both in, along with Chris CJancelewicz and George Pimentel about the Toronto International Film Festival. We gathered in the screening room of The Spoke Club with the director, distributor, and closest family. After the film we learned that our movie will be on CBC later this year and on iTunes for you all to watch. Squeee! 


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.26.47 AM

Here’s the dealio. Enter below to win. Contest is open to all residents of Canada except Quebec (sorry guys!). Starts TODAY, September 8th and ends WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10th. Your gift will be sent from NKPR. Winner, I’d love to see a photo of you with all your goodies. I wish you all good luck.

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Seasons Change: September I Greet You w/ A Smile

Good morning! Bit chilly out there this AM. Crazy that September is next week. I love this time of year. There’s lots of energy in the air, back to school, back to work, seasons change, NYFW, and TIFF.

I just noticed that a documentary I’m in has been added to my IMDB. ‘Behind the Red Carpet’ premiere is Tuesday at The Spoke Club and I can’t WAIT to see it. When I shot w/ George Pimentel for YYZ Magazine last month I found out he’d added a whole bunch of his work from Getty and award shows and it was looking good. On Wednesday next week I’ve got a portrait session w/ Caitlin Cronenberg at the IT lounge. She took my photo last year too (see here). See what people are saying about #NKPRIT14 on Twitter.


Really loving this violet hair. I think I’m gonna keep it! It’s the first time I’ve permanently dyed my hair anything other than blonde in about 10 years. I really wanna grow it into a bob so this will help it be healthier along the process because  i t    t a  k e s   f o r e v e r .  If you’re looking to add some colour to your hair in a non-permanent way, see my Easy as 1-2-3 post here.

The sweater I’m wearing has a hot rod on it that my Dad built for Paul Horton in the early 80’s. It was Mum’s. 🙂

This afternoon I’m heading to Sirius XM Radio Canada to be a guest on The Todd Shapiro Show. Read about the show here. You can listen by tuning into Sirius XM channel 168 at 4pm or subscribe to the podcast Toddcast in iTunes. This show is rated explicit and it deff not for kids. I don’t think I’ve even been a guest on radio so wish me luck!

Here’s to a great day. It’s  a l m o s t  the long weekend!



Dance w/ Me: #TedBakerAW14 + Holiday Preview


Last night I checked out the AW14 + holiday collections from Ted Baker London at Danceology in Liberty Village. I got to preview a few items a couple weeks ago an upcoming feature shot by  George Pimentel, wore the pink dress!

There are some incredibly beautiful items. Ted is a brand with impeccable details, the buttons, collars, inner linings, everything has a touch of personality. The holiday stuff is dreamy with heaps of sparkles. There’s a couple great leather items including a moto jacket with sleeves and a fur collar that zip off.


I love this one. All leather. So soft.




I love this little riding hat. Andrew Dobson just posted a story w/ a riding hat like this in Metro. But it has a long pony! BTW if you want a marble phone case you can get one here.


In other news, there’s a Ted Baker London store opening at the Eaton Centre in October. It’s going to be located on the third floor right across from the Apple Store. Pretty stoked! As an ambassador I’ve hosted a few events at the Yorkdale shop but it’s so far! Stay tuned for the next shopping party!

See the full AW14 collection at tedbaker.com or pop by your closest shop in September. Hope your week is off to a great start.

Much love!




Behind The Red Carpet Trailer | A TIFF Documentary!

Last September during TIFF I filmed a documentary called Behind the Red Carpet, directed by Michelle Daides. I was pretty hush about the whole thing but now I can let the cat outta the BAG. The film is finished and the trailer is now ONLINE! My role is the blogger and in the trailer you’ll catch a funny bit about some extensions.

I really can’t wait for the premiere to see what bits made the final cut. Nicholas Cage and Olivia Wilde are in it too btw.

Behind The Red Carpet Trailer | I'm In Another Documentary!

Behind the Red Carpet – Feature Documentary

Behind The Red Carpet Trailer | I'm In Another Documentary!

Behind The Red Carpet – an uncensored view into the Toronto International Film Festival….

  • In a world of smoke and mirrors, we expose the movers, shakers and key players who puppeteer the brightest talent and engineer the most exclusive events during one of the biggest film festivals in the world.
  • BTRC features celebrity photographer George Pimentel, PR Maven Natasha Koifman (NKPR), Renowned Blogger Casie Stewart, Entertainment Editor of The Huffington Post (Canada) Chris Jancelewicz and Spoke Club President, Pierre Jutras as well as a slew of A-Listers from Maria Bello, Alan Cuming, Paul Haggis, Olivia Wilde, Nicholas Cage etc.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.42.08 AM

If you didn’t see the trailer for the other doc I was in last year ‘It’s All About Me‘, watch it on YouTube here. It was in few film festivals last year and even won an award!

'It's All About Me' Awards

Hopefully my next film is in Hollywood! A girl’s gotta dream right?!