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Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview I did for SAY Media’s blog ‘SAY DAILY’. SAY is an awesome company out of San Francisco that works with “passionate voices” like me to to pair us up with brands and stuff. They publish cute venn diagrams each Friday.

Your blog is called Casie Stewart: This Is My Life – in 140 characters or less, what is your life? Lots of hard work & dedication turning my dreams a reality. Celebrating life’s moments and making the most of each day. Awesome!

You’re a social media expert in Canada – what are some of your social media secrets for the rest of us? Life is about building relationships and so is social media.  If you want to grow your audience, have conversations about other things than ‘just’ your business. You’ll make more friends that way.

Start a blog! A blog is the home for everything you do online. Use Disqus commenting so that Twitter & Facebook are integrated within your commenting system.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Some of their other voices are Tavi Genvison, Seth Godin, and The Sartorialist. Check out interviews with Honestly WTF fashion babe Leah Chernikoff.  The HTC campaign I was in last year was with SAY and so are the fancy advertisements in my sidebar.

In December we went to the their holiday party in Toronto and guess who was in their signage?! Me! I was totally surprised. I know Mum would have loved to see it. Next stop, billboard then broadway! Ok, no broadway but billboard has a nice ring to it.

Stay warm out there!!

“your passion” she said

This evening I got an email from a blog reader who recently moved here from England. She said she loved my passion for life. I was sitting at my computer looking at a list of things I should have done already and feeling slightly overwhelmed. Her few words changed my day. I don’t really share emails I get from people but sometimes they are inspiring, this was one. Thank you Ashley :)

I love GIF making and the internet. It’s amazing how we connect using it. Think, you are reading this right now. I wrote it after being inspired by an email that someone wrote to me after reading this very same location that we are connecting at right here again after they were inspired by something I did outside. Crazy isn’t it?

Found this empty park place near Fort York & Bathurst the other day. Jumped around a bit.

sMph1v on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Posed for this photo and a plane was landing right behind me as I turned around. Neato!

xJREH1 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Remember how I always say “You are younger today than you will ever be again.” I’m reminding you to make the most of each day. Maybe there is someone you want to send an email to & thank them? I wrote a quick note to Mum letting I know I’m thinking of her. They are sailing somewhere near Virginia at this very moment. I bet it’s beautiful.

Thursday I go to Boston with my sister to see friends. Tres excited! A getaway from the city always makes me love it more. Flying Porter & planning to walk to the airport. Basically walking from my house straight to Boston! Yeeow!

Have an awesome day!

this is for the stylsh ones with a passion for fashion

So, this is quite exciting and big…the FIRST EVER American Apparel rummage sale in Toronto. Get ready to throw some elbows! Prices are up to 85% off! Absolutely everything is under $50 and prices start at $2. Honestly. Can you believe it?

It’s free admission and located at 590 King St. West [King & Portland]. It’s on all weekend and for exact times check the Facebook event page.

When you get back from the rummage sale with hands full of new gear, empty out your closet and throw your clothes up on shopmyclothes.com. They promote the recycling and reuse of clothes and accessories. I’m all for it.

This Toronto based company was started by a friend of mine and told me that 85% of used clothes go unrecycled! That means style is going in the garbage! AH! NO! Most of my really awesome clothes are second hand and I love clothing swaps. I’ve got a stack of photos and stuff to upload to the site this weekend. You’ll start seeing ads around the city and on the subway soon but we know you saw it here first.

I love this awesomely-cool-stylish-art-attack by blog friend Gloria writer of Urbanebloc.com.

Keep up with other cool Toronto Blog Girls by visiting the site here.

1992 Fashion = Love & Passion

Last week I picked up this book from a second hand book store on Queen Street. As a child I often spent time sewing with mum at the kitchen table. She used to make all of our dance costumes for competitions and recitals. As for myself, I’d come up with some interesting fashion designs and sometimes dress up my little sister in my ‘unique’ styles. The book has a great introduction to designing & drawing and the best part, it is from 1992! Second hand book stores are so full of life and wonder, you can go on an adventure, travel in time or visit countries & royals. I’m looking forward to the winter to bust out the sewing machine and create some vintage classic, 1992 inspired pieces!

An Afternoon w/ Susur Lee at Bent Restauraunt

VEGGIELICIOUS by Bent Sept. 9-20th, 2014 w/ @susurlee

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Bent Restaurant w/ world-renowned chef Susur Lee, learning about his cooking an sampling the upcoming Veggielicious menu. The five-course vegetarian menu runs September 9th-20th at Bent, which he owns with his sons. Yes, he is holding two fish in the photo but they’re for the raw sushi bar!

First on the Veggielicious menu is ‘Dip Three Ways’, a mixture of hummus, baba ganoush, olives, and spicy mustard seed tomato stew.  These didn’t last long!

IMG_9593.JPG   01-DSCF9460

We started by making meringue desserts so they could bake while we explored the menu. I’m quite familiar w/ meringue as the Pavlova is a famous New Zealand dessert I’ve been making with mum as long as I can remember. We were given Susur Lee’s merengue recipe so I’m planning whip up a batch at the cottage this weekend and impress Sean’s parents. Look out!

Below on the left is the meringue Chef made and mine is on the right. Added some almonds to fancy it up a bit. It was delicious. Scroll down to see the dessert presentation, it was a thing of beauty.


Chickpea Tempura Tofu

04-IMG_9888  06-IMG_9892

Wild Mushroom Quinoa Risotto

07-IMG_9897 08-IMG_9899  10-IMG_9908 09-IMG_9900

French Merengie w/ Golden Licorice, feat. wild blueberry, peaches, passionfruit syrup, raspberry coulis!


They have some stellar cocktails you can check out on Instagram at @bentcocktails.

This is the Asian Caesar, the most popular cocktail at Bent. It’s got a whole bunch of ingredients including soy & Hoisin sauce. Yep, that’s an oyster on there too.


Veggielicious at Bent runs from Spet. 9-20th so make a reso and take your fav veggie lover for a nice meal. There’s a raw sushi bar too.
For more info visit bentrestaurant.com.

Huge thank you to Chef Susur Lee and the team at Bent for a great experience!


Huge TBT | The Blog Years, March 2009 – 2013

Ok here’s a MASSIVE TBT on the month of March from 2009 – 2013. I love looking back on things I’ve done. It’s so easy to forget! The main reason I started this blog in 2005 was so I could remember more. It totally worked!

On this day last year Sean sent me flowers to the office .What a darling. Love you!


I also blogged about Andy Warhol on this day last year. Sean and I were getting ready to go on a trip to Boston too. See posts tagged March 2013 here.

Two years ago on this day I was at The Gladstone for an event. Loved those boots so much. And RIP that leather jacket.


Took part in a round table w/ Russ Martin from Marketing Magazine about Rdio & music streaming in Canada.


It was MUCH nicer outside and I visited the Toronto Music Garden. Took this using 360 Panoramic app in iPhone from  hTO Park (Urban Beach) which is right beside the lake.

Around this time two years ago I filmed ‘It’s All About Me’ documentary that last year won several film festival awards. I’m in another documentary that will be on the festival circuit soon. Pretty neat if you ask me!

In March 2011 I was a Personal Branding expert with Levi’s. I love looking back on this stuff, I forget how many things I’ve done!

Here are some tips on building your personal brand to help  establish yourself online:

  • Set a goal: Make a plan for your brand. What are you passionate about? What do you want to be known for?
  • Start a blog: Use WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger or Posterous to create a free home for your online activity.
  • Find a mentor: Find someone who is doing what you want to do and introduce yourself, learn from them and get inspired.
  • TGIF: Twitter, Google, Internet, Facebook: Create profiles for yourself online and update them regularly with things that align with your brand.
  • Get Involved: Seek out events related to your passion and get involved by volunteering. This is a great way to grow your brand, meet others and learn from experts. - See more here.

In March 2010 I was working at MuchMusic. Our office was in the Much Store before we moved into 299 Queen Street next door.


At this time I helped MTV Canada name & launch FORA, a magazine at first and now a full on beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I was the Features Editor in charge of managing contributors. That was fun, I always wanted to work on a magazine.

I hardly had any tattoos back then and just got this anchor with two stars and a heart. I was so happy with it! That little arm is covered in tattoos now.

I was posting desk photos back then too.

In 2009, my sister Jenie was a dancer for the Raptors on the Raptors Dance Pak.

I ran into this performance artist on the street. It was pretty nice out that day and he made up a song on the spot for me. Do you like it? :P

I was doing heaps of drawing back then too. Anyone remember this?

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope you have a wonderful day. Take a second to look back and remember some of the awesome thing you’ve done too.


Look BEYOND your imagination!


Happy Monday!

Stopped by the Eaton Centre over the weekend to pick up a few things for my upcoming trip and check out the new Fruits & Passion store. I was sent a few goodies from their new new Eco-Beauty collection BEYOND recently.  I posted about a great contest they had for a trip to the Galapagos Islands a few weeks ago, hopefully you entered. I’m still available to go with you if you win. he he!


How cute are these little face masks. I can use all three TYVM. I’m going to try one tonight so stay tuned! I’ll post a mask face on Instagram :)


Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m feeling full of energy and the sun is shining oh so bright. I can’t wait to share some exciting news with you SOON!


Win a Galapagos Adventure! #LookBEYOND


Picked up a massive package yesterday filled with new BEYOND products from Fruits & Passion’s new brand. If ya don’t know, Fruits & Passion is a Canadian-based boutique and the new BEYOND line launches today in Canada  (will be available in Quebec and online soon). Scroll down for deets on a great travel contest they’re hosting.

It’s about time you went on a vacation, right?

 #LookBEYOND Galapagos Adventure contest!


 #LookBEYOND Galapagos Adventure contest!

For the month of October, Fruits & Passion is giving  customers an opportunity to win the ultimate eco-adventure.

Visit the fruits-passion.ca for a chance to sail the Galapagos on a voyage that encompasses the very best of the Northern Islands.

You’ll encounter local wildlife including sea lions (gah!), iguanas, giant tortoises and exotic birds of all shapes and sizes doing their thang in this wild slice of paradise.

Products range from facial care, make-up, body and hair care. The BEYOND line is eco-friendly and features all natural beauty products from earth-conscious suppliers and manufacturers.

Twitter:  @Fruits_Passion #LOOKBEYOND
Facebook: Fruits & Passion English
Instagram: @fruits_passion #LOOKBEYOND

BEYOND helps make people and the environment beautiful, together.

If you win, you can TOTALLY take me. I love vacations and I’m really good at them. Check out some of my past adventures before you ask me to join! (I kid I kid). No, I’m totally serious!

Enjoy the beautiful day!


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