Contest | Doritos Crash The Super Bowl + $1 Million

I spent a good chunk of time watching entries for the Doritos Crash the SuperBowl and this is one of my favs. The Doritos contest is back and I would love to see one of my friends submit a commercial and Crash Super Bowl 50. SUBMISSIONS END IN 16 DAYS.

[iframe id=”″]

My fav part of the SuperBowl has always been the advertising and my friends at Doritos Canada asked me to share some info about the LAST Crash’ the SuperBowl Contest. Last year, Canadian Graham Talbot (and his twin bro) created a Doritos commercial, “When Pigs Fly,” that aired during Super Bowl XLIX. He also took home a $50,000 USD prize and was the first winner outside the US. YASSS CANADA.

Over the past nine years PepsiCo’s Doritos brand has given away more than $7M USD in prize money and helped launch careers by hooking winners up with once in a lifetime job opportunities. This year marks the 10th and final year of the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest.

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The winner not only gets to attend to the Super Bowl (50th annual and in San Fran, love that city!) to see their commercial air, but $1MM USD and the opportunity to work with Zack Snyder who recently directed Batman VS Superman.


Winning video from the 2015 Superbowl:


[iframe id=””]

How the competition works:

At the you’ll find a whole suite of assets to help make your creative dream come true, sound effects, music, product shots, end cards, logos, etc.

  1. Make a video – 30 second brand commercial for Doritos
  2. Submit – by November 15th, 2015
  3. Vote – starting January 5th, 2016
  4. Win – announced February 7th, 2016
This year, three finalists will attend the SuperBowl and watch the game in a suite and find out with the world who is the winner.  The grand prize winner will take home $1MM USD and the opp to work w/ Zack Snyder & Warner Bros. The two runner-ups will each be awarded a $100,000 USD prize. If a Canadian did well last year I have confidence that we can do it again. Canada is home to some of best talent out there.
If you have any desire to collaborate or have me as an extra in your video I will support you!  Visit to see all the current entries and more info.

A Blog Post About Blogging for Bloggers – WP 4.2, Mobile

I don’t usually blog about blogging but this blog post is about blogging because I have some blog updates to share on my blog.
Bloggiest sentence ever! Blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhggggggg. (Me typing right now.)

Ok, the new WordPress came out yesterday and this update has some neat things to help you as a blogger, communicate and share, globally. You can watch this quick video or read more about it after scrolling my list of favs from their post. If you blog you should watch it because it will make you a better (WordPress) blogger.

  • Even more embeds: Paste links from and Kickstarter and watch them magically appear right in the editor. With every release, your publishing and editing experience get closer together.
  • Host of new characters: Native Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, musical and mathematical symbols, and hieroglyphs.
  • Streamlined plugin updates: Goodbye boring loading screen, hello smooth and simple plugin updates.
  • OMG! Emoji are now available in WordPress! Get creative and decorate your content with 💙, 🐸, 🐒, or🍕!!


UPDATE IT TODAY. LIKE NOW. Google announced that the Mobile Friendly Update began rolling out YESTERDAY.  This update is going to be the largest Google update ever and if you don’t get on it, you’ll notice a drop in traffic. And it might be huge. Don’t know if your sits is optimized for mobile, check this link to find out

There’s a good blog post on from yesterday that states:

Postscript: SEO Clarity’s Ryan Heuser sent me some early data at 1:45pm EDT saying as of this morning they are now seeing “1.7% difference in ranking domains between desktop and mobile versus the previous few days.” He said the big winners thus far are sites like Wikipedia that are mobile friendly, you can see their jump in visibility in the mobile results in the chart below.

I recently switched back to using the WPTouch  plugin and my mobile is experience is waaaaaay cuter. Have you checked? Are you on your phone right now? It’s a free plugin and the WPTouch Pro (paid) version has some fancier features. These screenshots don’t do it justice.

Is your blog optimized for mobile?

It’s insane how much blogging has changed over the years. It did NOT used to be this easy to create, publish, and share. YAY Internet! Ever have a blog question, Tweet me or call me! Here’s me on the news last night w/ the gang, Justin Bieber, PSY, Chris Crocker. Oh, y’know, just a regular day. 

In light of the YouTube 10 Year anniversary yesterday, I’m really inspired to make more vids. Here’s one inspired by something that happened today.  My BF thinks I am so weird but he loves it. 




Protecting Canada’s Wildlife w/ Telus #ShopWildly

What do trees, burrowing & short eared owls, polar & grizzly bears, beluga whale, and the Monarch butterfly all have in common? Besides being endangered special in Canada, they’re some of the animals Telus is helping to save. They’re also the ones I donated to!

Over the next 5 years Telus is giving $5 million to protect our wildlife. They sent me on a wild shopping spree with $1,000 and I spent it on a  few of my fav Canadian animals and trees. My purchases are going towards protecting our Canadian animals and their habitats, ensuring that wildlife in Canada can stay wild long into the future.

Last year as a gift, Telus adopted a Giant Panda from the WWF in my name. I’ve been with Telus for as long as I can remember. My first ever cellphone was with them ages ago when they were Clearnet.


Show your love for Canadian wildlife at Thank you Telus for all you do! 🙂



Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.


Oh helloooooo! Today marks one week before I am off until December. See that happy face, oh yeah. Throw two weeks on hot sunny Thailand in there to make it the ultimate break. There’s a bunch of really awesome content creators going on this trip too. All those deets coming soon in a blog post near you (as in right here! :P).

Wore cat tights today. Meow! Ordered them from etsy here. So cute. There’s a tail up the back.


This is my most popular Tweet that ever was tweeted out of 112,000+.

My most popular tweet, ever

I started yesterday morning with a few shots (not the fun kind!) for my upcoming trip to Thailand. Had to get Hep A, Tetanus, and a couple others. My arms are so sore today. I feel like I was lifting mad weights.  (Maybe I should start lifting something though really?)

Now that I am back on iPhone I’m loving the TimeHop app again. Each day I get a reminder of what I posted on that day up to 7 years before. It’s awesome to see my changes in hairstyles and outfits, along with friends, family, and experiences. As you can see I was up early today.


I remember this day so clearly! It was the opening of Brandy Melville and I was there with April, Rachel, Lauren, and Vitina. The blog post from that day is here. I still have the flower backpack they gave me. Ahhh memories, oh how I love thee! Coral TV ep about the app below.

This one’s for you! <3 CASIE be happy!

Title quote is by Omar Khayyam via BrainyQuote.




Yesterday my friends at Telus hosted a Google+ Hangout at the Toronto HQ to learn about Blackberry Z10. I tuned in over lunch to see my bestie Keri Blog. I heard her ask a questions while I was working and snapped this photo. Then I text it to her. Then I saw her check her phone. That is what we call META.


After work I went to Telus HQ to pick up my very own Blackberry Z10. The building is really neat. You should creep on by if you are in the hood or going to the ACC.  I took this 360 stereographic standing inside a silo type sales centre. These types of shots take practice but they are some of my favs.


Along with a Blackberry z10 Telus SPONSORED A GIANT PANDA IN MY NAME. Can you believe it? I’m a parent.  I’m a Mommy blogger! I named Ai for Love. 我爱你。Wǒ ài nǐ (I love you). We  both like bamboo, roaming, and black & white fashion.


I’ve been given two months service to really give the Blackberry z10 a fair go. My iPhone will still be primary device but you know me, I like to test out new things. I have high hopes for Blackberry as I am from Waterloo Region and I remember RIM growing up. In 1999, RIM introduced the BlackBerry 850 pager, I was in high school  (I had a pager in 1997). I remember the endless “RIM job’ jokes in college, university, and still now (they never really got old! haha).

RIM/Blackberry did so much for the area I grew up in and I would really love to see them succeed. I’m not gonna call it a comeback until I’ve had my hands all over it to form an honest opinion.



Last week I hanging with the lovely Natalie Deane from Cosmo TV at the Carlu for the official launch with all the city’s media & socialites. We had a hoot chatting up the social crowd, tasting everything in the room, and taking seflies with sass.


They had Ja Rule? Flo Rida perform which I though was a strange choice (why not someone Canadian guys?) but overall it was nice to see the room filled with glowing faces from the light of Blackberry. Telus invited me to join their team in VIP where I ate some really delicious chocolates and talked about the new device.


I’m looking forward to seeing that this little BB can do. I’ve only taken one photo and haven’t shopped the app store yet. I’m saving that for the weekend when I am in chill/hibernating mode.



No old people. No boring people. No office parties. No hen parties. No stag parties. No work suits. No cameras or photography. No customer service. Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you’re inside. UNDERGROUND REBEL BINGO CLUB.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a secret organisation that meets in secret locations to party HARD and play hardcore Rebel Bingo.

I didn’t take my camera but  O’Nizz did check her b.l.o.g right here.

Welcome to the HEALTH & FITNESS MEETING, helloo Sheldon

PBR, bingo cards, markers, CHECK. Thanks for this pic Anthony Brennan.




Made a wee list of a couple things I really enjoy having. I would never have this stuff without recomendations and introductions from a bunch of you.  I appreciate it.

Here we go:

Yoga Jeans from Shop Girls Gallery Boutique

I was invited t the shop and given jeans and they are super comfy for someone who hates pants. I haven’t worn jeans in years and now I love these ones. I wear them when I travel and they are so comfy on the plane. They never lose their shape. I have dark denim and this one time I spilled a beer on me when flying and you could hardly even tell. It dried in no time and I got another beer.

Bam Jamz Bamboo clothes

Was given this at the TIFF gift lounge and I’ve been living in it since. The tank top has a panda on it’s really comfy. I like looking stylish but I also like no fuss, feel good clothes. Mine is pajams/yoga wear but I wear it as day clothes. Also great for traveling. You get it at at these stores.

Marks Work Warehouse super long soft cardigan

Before New Zelanad Fashion week I was invited to Mark’s. One of the things I got was this super long soft cardigan that I have been wearing like crazy. It’s really nice for around the house. Soft like a more stylish snuggie for traveling. Warm too. I woud buy one for all my girlfriends if I could afford it.

Joe Fresh Nail Polish & Lipstick

* need manicure

Got these at athe TIFF gift lounge too. I have Cherry, Tomato and a matte topcoat that I wear all the time. I like redish tones the most.  There’s matching lipstick for both too.

Betty Kiss Reversible Clutch

I have this bag in Leopard/Black and Zebra/Pink and it’s been a fav for a couple years.  It’s washable, reversible and a great clutch for any event. I pack it full of sunnies or jewelry when I travel. You can order through @bettykiss (my friend Arianne), there’s only zebra/pink ones left though.

Nella Bella

Fav I use pretty much every day. Lotsa pix here. Check out all the style’s at

Cannon Powershot SD 1300 Camera

I’ve been through several models of this camera since I started blogging. It’s my preffered point & shoot. It’s made of steel on the outside which is great because I break everything. Nuff said.

iPad w/ wi-fi

We don’t we even need to discuss this do we? I love my iPad. His name is Andy. I have heaps of apps: Twitter, Flipbook, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Packet Frogs, Where’s Waldo, Essentials Language (Spanish, French), Draw Free, idoodle, NFB, Dazed Magazine, Net-A-Porter, Mashable, Netflix, Virtuoso Piano, Yoga HD, Pirate Me, Talking Carl, Crazy Face, Smurfs, Air Hockey and a couple others. Picked up a slick bamboo Dodo Case, USB, SVideo & card reader atachments also.

Siberian Huskie Moovboots

These are amazing. Best boots I’ve ever had. I never wear socks and they keep my feet so warm. The lining is marino wol and the outside is rubber with fur. I’m wearing them inside right now. Totally worth the price.

I’m real excited for 2011 and will be doing more giveaways, parties and awesome things. Bring on the new year!! hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! #highkick


yesterday i biked to the meetings i had. it was sunny and warm and i didn’t even have to wear a jacket! it’s the end of october, that is fascinating… well, because it makes me think about global warming and how it used to be cold by now but on the other hand it is totally freaking awesome.

today i am telling you about my stuff…

bike: raymi the minx, vintage > i need to fix the alignment. wanna help?

jeans: shop girl gallery boutique, yoga jeans > these guys are so comfy. remember when i NEVER wore jeans at all, yeah, well that has changed now that i have these.

rest time at the fake beach by the lake. nice to get feet in the sand and look out across the water with sun on your face. was quite beautful.

sweater: marks, SOFT edge to edge cardigan > very soft and long, i like to wear it on the plane because it works like a snuggie but fits in your carry on purse. it also covers up your whole outfit and shows only the legs so you feel skinny and never ugly.

i was walking back to bike when camera shot here. needed to take off sweater cause it was so warm out. btw it is also quite warm, the sweater, snuggly really. washes up nice and soft, ok in dryer too. mum and sister, you would both love this.

tank: holt renfrew, bamjamz > made from bamboo and really really comfy, breathes nice, actually for sleeping/yoga…bike riding i guess too. that’s exercise. it has a panda on it. not a sad panda, a happy panda i like to think.

hat: some vintage shop @ st. kevins arcade, ponsonby, nz. got it that day i went shopping with a couple editors/publishers while i was in NZ w/ derek fabulous from NY. we had so much fun, article on threadNZ is here.

shoes: ugg australia > seriously comfy like slippers with real soles and not ugg boots! can not find anywhere online. got them at winners up the road. great buy.

bag: nella bella > my fav. i take it everywhere. fits everything perfect, a good carry on or for everyday. leather, sturdy, fits my comp or a file folder easy along with all kinds of crap. white fur is ruby boutique accessory from NZ.

wired magazine: got this today too. think it’s the last one in my subscription. i hardly ever read magazines anymore so i don’t mind too much.

interested to read the boobies article. engineering to enhance tissue and the future of medicine? you got my attention there. i’m all for using technology to improve the way we make ourelves better, healthier, happier. gimme some lazer guns ftw!

happy wednesday!


memory lane: do you know that randall ball used to say “happy wednesday” at high school all the time. i loved that. he is a kiwi like me that grew up here. loved comics and is into music stuff (bands/shows) in the city. randall, are you out there? fak. i’d love to see that guy. i shall tag him once this feeds into FB.

haha internet!