I forgot something I said to Keri last night when we were hanging  out so I Tweeted her to remember. I had a three-way on Skype with Bob in Atlanta and Ellen in Boston, then Keri joined in from my place. I miss the famous Mayor of Twitter so I Google Waved him hello.

Sabrina’s letting me pick out my Christmas present so I shop online and send it to her over MSN. I also don’t know if I’ve won the Build a Bash party yet so I obsessively Tweet at them and upload Twitpics of me visiting their site.

I send photos to Posterous that update to a Facebook album and then post to Twitter. Oh the love is going round and round…

This morning we were chatting about Google being a good boyfriend…

Pros of Google BF

  • Very open communication
  • Easily connected to each other – in sync
  • We won’t can’t hide anything from each other
  • Her puts out alot
  • He knows what I like
  • Keeps track of all the blogs I like in a Reader for me
  • Makes my photos pretty and appeals to my artistic side with Picasa
  • makes it easy to subscribe to my life
  • He makes money for me and him
  • He’s got lots of room for me to grow and store stuff online
  • Manages groups well – open relationship?
  • Likes to travel the Earth
  • Helpful when I want to know something
  • Good at Jeopardy
  • Likes to get to know me
  • Good for maps and directions
  • Sorts mail and throws out junk
  • Could give me an even cooler office to work in
  • Helps with advertising

Cons of my Google Boyfriend

  • That smartass has an answer for everything
  • Terms and conditions
  • Uses algorithms all the damn time and I hate math
  • Kinda creepy collecting so much information about me
  • Sometimes throws the wrong things in the trash
  • He’s been everywhere so there’s hardly anything new to him

There’s gotta be more cons…I can’t help but see more positive 🙂



Meet my new partner, Hamilton retro men’s watch. It’s quite sexy. New style in their viewmatic series, officially called “The Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton”. Caliber has automatic movement, exclusive to Hamilton and this one is on a leather strap.

I love watches as bracelets, I check my phone so often I don’t need a watch to tell time.  About a year ago I had a different, smaller Hamilton Watch, it was on long-term loan. I loved it.

Before going to NY last week I stopped by the Swatch Canada head office to pick up two great new watches. This photo reminds me I need new white Converse. Check out all the wicked watch styles from Hamilton here.

Have a stellar day!




Biggest news of the day so far, Google buys Motorola for 12.5 billion! OMG.

This is exciting for Android users and especially me cause I’m friends with Motorola and been using their devices for almost two years. It’s a match made in heaven I reckon.  Google CEO Larry Page wrote about the acquisition on the Google blog here.

“Motorola’s total commitment to Android in mobile devices is one of many reasons that there is a natural fit between our two companies. Together, we will create amazing user experiences that supercharge the entire Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers everywhere.”

Google, Android & Motorola are three of my most loved brands. Once I blogged about Google being my boyfriend, you know how I have affairs with technology. Remember this special guy too? In a statement, Google said ” “will enable Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem.

Hella yeah super charge. I wonder what devices & stuff they’ll have now? Hmm.

This is my most recent device,  Moto Android, the DEFY. It’s super sturdy and “life proof”, scratch resistant, water resistant and has a swipe keyboard which I’ve really grown to love. I blogged about it here. I used my HTC the other day and typing one letter at a time w/ no swipe was like using a typewriter.

Before DEFY I had Milestone which was also my fav. That phone is bigger and has a real keyboard. Expecting a new version of that to be out any minute now.

BTW did you know I am left handed?  Vintage denim jacket from clothing swap, handmade leather bag made in Brazil from Bellwoods garage sale, Kabbalah string, blue bracelet from Kayita, pearlies from when I was a kid.

Right arm. Heart onesie from H&M, feather tattoo, bracelet by Katiya, ruler bracelet from Jacqvon on Etsy.

Last night I read this interesting article “Stop coddling the Super-Rich” on NY Times by Warren Buffet. You might find it interesting. I was kinda shocked at what he said. Good on him.

P.S. Friday I wore a super cute outfit and this is lovely. xo


Best sleep of my life last night.

Ocean, I love you. Your melodies were the perfect lullaby.

Best bed ever. Huge wooden headboard is my love. So beautiful.

Went walking Pensacola Beach by myself last night. It was so lovely. I had no idea the Gulf water was so warm. About to head to the beach now post brekky. Map of where I am here.

This is the pier right outside my hotel.

Remember the Gulf Oil Spill last year? Covered this same beach in tar balls for about eight miles. Same Pier.

Oil came ashore on the beach overnight, and the waters were closed to the public. Geologists dug trenches aong the beach and there were veins of oil buried in approximately 4-6 inches of sand.

Crazy eh.

“It looked like tobacco spit and smelled foreign, and it pooled in yesterday’s footprints as far as you could see. State officials called it the worst show of crude on shore from the gusher 120 miles away.” Tampa Bay News

It’s all clean now but still sad to look out my window to a beautiful view knowing it was once damaged by oil.Click for more photos or oil spill info.

These kids were playing in this shell making shadows. I’m going to do that tonight. It was really cute.

Passed by some bars but wasn’t in the mood for drinking. Hey Creep!

Got the cutest bikini to compliment my pinup girl summer style. Love it. Saw this doggy in the window & had to have it 😉

This resto clearly has a sense of humor. haha

Breakfast time then beach for this mama. Have an AWESOME DAY! xo CASIE


Oh Ken, You shouldn’t have!

“I can’t stop thinking about you. … Every girl wants to be like you because of your adventurous spirit. “

“No other doll can hold a candle to your fashion sense, and I can’t think of anyone else I prefer to stand beside.”

“This October I was on the lookout for you at Toronto Fashion Week with my Kentourage, but you were nowhere to be found. “

“I’ll do whatever it takes to win you back.”

I won’t give up until you give me another chance. Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real.”

Rose is real too!

Here’s the best part…

I was tickled pink when I got this package today. Still smiling. It’s so creative and fun. Love, love, love it. I bet it was so fun putting this together!

I’m a big fan of Barbie (as you know) and I’m also a huge fan of what is what Mattel is doing with Barbie & Ken online. @barbiestyle & @officialken are active on Twitter and they both have Facebook and Foursquare here & here.

I googled “Kentourage” and found out that Ken is REALLY asking Barbie to get back together.

There’s an event coming up Feb. 8th at the Eaton Centre and barbieandken.com has this on it:

There’s also a show on Hulu hosted by Whitney Port called Genuine Ken that I didn’t know about either. I like the idea of them togetether, Sweet Talkin’ Ken & Barbie Video Girl.

I hope I find my very own Ken. Maybe he will be the is the highest bidder in the auction on Feb. 10th.

Thank you Amanda for sending. You made my day 🙂


He is an ipad. We are in love. Remember I said I really want an ipad? Well,  I painted, scratched, and WON. I could feel I was gonna win, something inside me just knew. Power of positive thought I tell ya. We spent the night together and I took him to dinner last night too.

I named him Andy because I won him at the Amex Canvas event yesterday and it was artsy. We’re gonna be makin’ art together and  gettin’ creative and I kinda have Edie hair anyways.

I downloaded heaps of apps: Globe & Mail, Angry Birds, ibooks, CityTV Video, Google Earth, Draw Free, Page Capture, Bubble, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Mashable, Facebook, GT Racing (fun), We Doodle (fun) and my fav game Cut the Rope.

Thanks Amex. You are awesome!

I’m really frustrated at the moment with a couple things. It’s one of those days. I need to get outside and soak up some sun. Maybe andy and I will go down by the lake on my bike. This is my photo, I am very deep & emotional. Andy Warhol drew the knives, I drew the blood and showed emotion. Someone on Twitter just said I am cute when I’m mad, why do boys always say that? I AM NOT CUTE. I AM ANGRY.

I am really excited for December to come, I will be travelling and that makes me happy. I hope you have a good day. I’m sure mine will get better. I’m going to check the mail, maybe someone sent me something nice. BYE!


Shocker last night from Rogers. Told me I maxed out on my internet usage and now they’re charging me per GB.  For me, that’s like trying to keep me from someone I love. Putting restrictions on the time we spend together.  I want no limits and I want to be able to spend all the time I want together.  I heard from a little bird that it’s gonna get worse too. I was really mad at Rogers, but I’m not anymore.  I’ll just have to take it! You can’t keep me from the internet.

I didn’t shave the sides right down again, just a snip. Sorry @brundly_fly, I know what you said. I’d like it to grow a bit but the thing is that it’s going to be awkward and I refuse to have it look ugly. So, for now, it’s kinda same but not half shaved anymore, just short. If you want someone cool to do your hair, go see Darren. His spot is right across from Trinity Bellwoods and the vibe in there is so chill.  I love.  I love.

I arrived home to find out we had two packages AND they were both for me.  Lucky day! I got two great snags. I’m not sure where the book came from but the video came from The Comedy Network. They wanna send me stuff now. THANK YOU! Getting mail is one of my most favorite things, especially surprise mail. HINT HINT

I watched a bunch of the DVD and was Tweeting up my appearance at #hohoto (as in I wasn’t there but I was pretending via Tweets I was). I almost for got how funny Brett and Jemaine are. Remember when I met them? I decided to actually make an appearance and I showed up sober at about 12:30 as the party was closing down. Let me tell you, best time to show up. Everyone was drunk and was SO happy to see me.  Felt like a star. They raised a bunch of money for the Food Bank and it looked like it was a really good time. Nice work guys!

p.s. My site is being so slow.  Know how to make it fast? Please email me. okthxbai

one more thing: I’m in love with this girl now thanks to @misslava from Ad Girl and Tech Nerd for sharing. Omg, she’s the cutest little Raggamuffin.


I’ve been through some tough times with my comp-units over the past year.  Lost, stolen, broken, wine spilled on. Yes, tragic. You may remember one of my favorite tales Me, The Men, The Machines.

The time has come for me to purchase a new laptop. I want a mini guy that is PC and not MAC.  Please don’t try and convince me to switch, I’m just not that into it. I’m looking for durability and value. I’m really hard on stuff and I don’t want to spend too much because I might break/lose it and I’m likely going to replace it in a year or two anyways.

If you know someone who might wanna hook a sista up with a good deal, don’t hold back AT ALL.  They will get huge perks from me like mad links and BFF status. I’m gonna be taking my new unit everywhere I go and using it for everything I do.  That’s huge value right there.