Earlier this year I became a Brand Ambassador for Dermalogica Canada and was invited to experience some of Toronto’s best spas as part of their Little Grey Pass program. In my most recent spa experience I visited Ritual Spa on King Street for a facial.


I was left in the room to get all cozy on the massage table after having a consultation about my skin.

Since my first Dermalogica facial at Hammam Spa in March I have seen a big improvement in my skin. I wasn’t taking the best care of it or using  a good moisturizer.  Since bringing Dermalogica into my life my skin is more radiant. Yahooo!



A few of my fav products include the Pre-Cleanse wipes, Sheer Tint mousturizer,   Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum, and Skinperfect Primer. The eye serum is my most recent addition, I’m in my 30’s now and I want to make sure I preserve my youth the best I can.


To learn more about Dermalogica’s Little Grey pass visit (open to Toronto + Vancouver).  I’ve written about my previous Dermalogica Spa facials here, here, and here.


Look at this radiant face!




For the past few months I’ve been visiting spas around the city that use Dermalogica’s professional line of products and getting facials with their Little Grey Pass program. I was invited to be an ambassador for Dermalogica and to share my experience with you.

My first Dermalogica facial was in the middle of winter (March) and my skin was so dry and dull. Since then, I’ve switched to a heavier moisturizer and added vitamins & toner to my routine. A few of my fav items below!


Dermalogica’s Little Grey pass is a great way to treat yourself and improve your skin. My skin has really improved, it’s more radiant and I find myself wearing less makeup.

How to Get on the Little Grey Pass train:

  1. Register at (open to Toronto + Vancouver)
  2. Call a Little Grey Skincare Centre listed on your pass (once you get it of course!)
  3. Visit spa & purchase a 60 min spa facial
  4. Get  stamps & receive products like a full size Pre-Cleanse (love this product!) The more stamps, the more goodies for you!
  5. Share your experience on social by tagging @dermalogicaCDN + #LittleGreyPass.
  6. Have great skin! (The most important part!)

Planning my next facial post-TIFF. All the events, films, and parties take a lot of energy and a toll on your skin. I might need a massage and few days at the cottage too! For more info visit





This beautiful little package arrived the other day from Dermalogica full of goodies to pamper and treat my skin for the summer. I’ve been using Dermalogica for about a year now and blogged about some of my fav products here (Cover Tint w/ SPF 20) and here (Precleanse).

Over the past 2 months, I’ve had the opportunity to be an ambassador for their Little Grey Pass program and visit some of Toronto’s great spas for Dermalogica facials. It’s been great! So far the treatment I had at Hammam Spa is my fav. I’ve been to Hammam for other services but now the facial tops my fav, most relaxing things to do there. (You also get to use the sauna room when you book a Dermalogica facial! A++)

Dermalogica Little Grey Pass


We’re hooking you up with this package of great products to pamper your skin for summer. The SPF products make year-round UV protection easy keep your skin hydrated, calm, and safe. I’ve ben wearing a their moisturizers for the last year that all contain SPF 20-30. 

There are 3 prizes to be won:

  • 1 grand prize of $200, that contains four items, SPF products, after sun repair and a toner
  • 2 other prizes each containing two products

Contest is open to anyone in Canada and all you have to do is enter below. Winners will be picked random via Rafflecopter. Good luck! Here’s some more info on the SPF products and you can get your own Little Grey Pass here.

Scroll down to enter!

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Dermalogica Little Grey Pass

Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass, Fresh Faced and Feeling Good = Products I Love

Since I went for that Dermalogica facial at the start of April I’ve been using a new toner and moisturizer. It had been ages since I’d exfoliated and the this past winter made my skin extra dry. I purchased a new medium weight moisturizer after the facial and the cover tint (light foundation) I’ve been wearing lately has SPF 20. Thought I’d take a second to say my face feels SO GREAT. It’s never been so soft and I’ve been wearing less makeup. The facial I had a was a good scrub and polish designed just for my skin type.  I want to stay looking young and fresh faced forever!

I was invited to test run the Little Grey Pass program from Dermalogica and I can’t wait to see how my skin feels once I go through all six treatments. You can order your very own Little Grey Pass right here and learn about how you can score a bunch of free products by  taking great care of your skin.

Another product I’ve been LOVING is Frank Coffee Scrub from Australia. This stuff is amazing for your bod. I discovered the company via Instagram and ordered the product right away based on their social media. I actually just ordered  packet of the coconut/grapeseed so I have one for the cottage this summer.

While I’m on this train of things I love, I wasn’t sure how much I’d be into an electric toothbrush but I got sent the Phillips DiamondClean electric toothbrush a few months ago and IT’S AWESOME. I went back to a regular toothbrush for a weekend getaway recently and I was so happy to come home to it lol.

I reckon I’ll try to share more things I really love. This is all for now,



OMG yay It’s Friday. This week felt so long. I’m sure the everlasting winter and a sick day in the middle did NOT help.

#CookingwithCuisinart, Cooking With Cuisinart, #TGIF #LittleGreyPass #CookingwithCuisinart #Tattoos

You know what did? The AMAZING facial I had at Hammam Spa. God I love that place. It was my first facial there and WHAT an experience. It in included a much needed cleanse and scrub on my dry winter face, massage on arms, neck, head, legs, warm towel on the feet, and recommendations on how to stay hydrated. After lounging in the steam room I picked up a new Dermalogica medium-weight moisturizer and headed to dinner. I’ve learned that taking time and spending some of your hard earned money to TREAT YO SELF really makes a difference. My face feels fresh and soft like a little baby bum.

#TGIF #LittleGreyPass #CookingwithCuisinart #Tattoos

Tomorrow I’m heading to the BURBS to shoot our last episodes w/ Garret and Sash. I used this photo of Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne in my storyboard haha.

#CookingWithCuisinart, #TGIF #LittleGreyPass #CookingwithCuisinart #Tattoos

The single shots of me talking were represented by the Stewart cooking queen herself, Ms. Martha!

#CookingWithCuisinart, #TGIF #LittleGreyPass #CookingwithCuisinart #Tattoos

My fav tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp is now on GelaSkins and I have my gadgets a makeover. Ok, how sexy are these!? Helloooooo! Now the match my tattoos.

Ok, that’s all for now. It’s THE WEEKEND!

#CookingwithCuisinart, #TGIF #LittleGreyPass #CookingwithCuisinart #Tattoos


This winter is lasting forever and it’s been rough on my skin. My face feels dry and I’m just dying to get some sun. I’m in my 30’s now and I like to treat myself but one thing I’ve been neglecting is MY FACE. I’ve never really been one to go for facials but I am starting. I want to stay looking young baby!

I’ve been using Dermalogica products for just over a year now and I really love how they make my skin look and feel (read here and here).  Thanks to the magic of Google I just discovered my first interaction with Dermalogica was way back in 2009!

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

Dermalogica has just launched the ‘Little Grey Pass’ in Toronto and Vancouver. It allows you to collect stamps by booking services at Dermalogica skin centres and receive gifts along the way. I was gifted a pass from my friends at Faulhaber Communications and I have my first treatment at Hammam Spa on Wednesday. I already love that place so I can’y wait to have my first pampering for my FACE. I had a coffee scrub there about 2 weeks  ago and it was AMAZING.

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

The Little Grey Pass program expires February 2nd, 2015 and you can get yours at The title on this post was inspired by ‘My face is my fortune’ that Bette Midler sings (here) in Beaches, god I love that movie.

In other news, I really hope spring comes soon!



Summer, yay! ☀️ Hard to believe it’s almost the of July! 🙆🏼  Have no fear, there’s still plenty of time to soak up the sunshine, read books in the hammock, and have delicious snacks on the dock.

As you know I spend most weekends at the cottage over the summer, this list of skincare stuff isn’t super fancy but it’s a combo of things I was sent to try out (then replaced with my own money) or products I stock up on so there’s one at home and the cottage.

This post is sponsored by Boxed Water, is a socially conscious packaged-water company re-thinking the way water is sold, shipped and consumed. For every photo posted of Boxed Water with#ReTree on social, they’ll plant two trees. 🌳🌳  I love the little box, so cute.

Ok, here we go!

Summer Skincare Stuff I Love


1. WATER – Drink heaps of it. Your skin will thank you. 💦  Boxed Water is triple filtered for purity using reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and UV systems and filled in both Michigan & Utah. The entire carton is recyclable and 100% BPA free with 1% of all sales going to reforestation. 🌱 🌳 🌲  You can find it at Loblaws or Sobeys in Canada. 🇨🇦


2. WIPES – Do not leave home without them. Found these ones Yes To. Coconut ones at Shoppers and they’ve got coconut water and kukui nut (from Hawaii) to hydrate your skin. Perfect for removing makeup, wiping hands on long car rides, or god forbid you have to take a wee on your nature hike.

3. SELF-TANNER – I love the sun and having a tan but I don’t wanna have old wrinkly bacon-like skin. I was sent Vita Liberata earlier this year and I absolutely love this stuff. It goes on easy with a mitt, is not streaky, and best of all is not smelly! I order online from Sephora.

4. NIGHT CREAM – No matter how tired you are PUT IT ON EACH NIGHT. I started using this Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Care a couple months ago and it’s super hydrating. I’ll take all the no-wrinkle things I can get at this point. It was sent to test out but I picked up a refill from Shoppers.

5. SUNNIES – The skin around your eyes is super sensitive, you don’t wanna be squinting or having those UVA + UVB rays attacking your eyes. Keep your face looking young and get huge glasses that cover your face.

6. Dermalogica Age Smart Primer Spf 30 – This primer is tinted and perfect for summer when you need coverage but don’t wanna wear a lot of makeup. I’ve been doing stuff with Dermalogica for a few years now and this is a product I always like to get my hands on. [More Dermalogica posts]

7. SUN BLOCK – This Clearly Sheer from Coppertone is new this year and it’s quite nice. There’s a smaller one in a spray bottle that’s perfect for your purse. ALWAYS wear sun block, OK? 😎

8. AFTER SUN CARE – I’ve been using this Hawaiian Tropic Silk aloe lotion for years. It’s a saviour if you’ve had a long day in the sun or someone gets a sun burn. lather it on, like slip-slap-slop it all over your tender skin. once it dries, re-apply. You’ll avoid getting read and burnty. 😡

This has motivated me to think about other lists I can make… LMK if there’s anything you’d like to know my thoughts on!

Here’s to a wonderful long weekend and LOTS OF SUNSHINE! ☀️ 😎 ✌🏼



This week was a busy one. Not like ‘fake busy’, I mean I was full on running from one thing to the next every single day. I directed something Monday that was the 2nd day of shooting for a campaign. When we wrapped around 6pm, I went back to the 1188 office then over to RAINA+WILSON studio to celebrate the Globe Style Summer Issue.


It was only Monday but I was ready to wind down with a cocktail. Grey Goose was sponsoring and they had grapefruit juice, my fav. 416 Snack Bar was catering and the food was A+ too.



We were treated to a small private show by Calvin Love. The style issue comes out TODAY, Friday, June 12th. You can download it for FREE from iTunes right here.


Tuesday was rainy and my hair was a mess. I find it much easier to work and concentrate when it’s rainy out. When the sun is shining I wanna shut my computer and play outside.


You know what I mean?


I went to the Stage TEN office on Tuesday night for a live Pet Skills show.  It’s the world’s first live, interactive, web show! I’ll be sharing more about my involvement with Stage TEN soon.



The lower East side of Toronto is quite pretty, especially driving over this bridge when the sun is setting. It was almost 8pm here.


The bridge says ‘This river I step in is not the river I stand in’. It means the water is always changing, no river is ever the same. Think about it. Read more about it here.


Working together has been quite fun lately. I enjoy the morning drive and singing along to the radio.


Dylan and Sean dressed the same this week. So cute.


Really hoping we can get our car out for a drive soon. We’ve had it in the garage for over a year and I know it wants me to drive it. FAST! This one is 1982, my parents had a similar silver Corvette in 1979.



We had a tornado warning and some serious rain on Wednesday, but being a trooper, I braved it to cruise over to the Toronto Island Yacht Club and celebrate with Veuve Cliquot. I felt really under dressed until it started pouring and then I was super thankful for my yellow lace raincoat.

The party was well decorated. Fancy.

The new Veuve Clicquot RICH goes great with fresh grapefruit. It’s made for mixing and JUST came out in Canada. I suggest giving it a whirl for your next dinner party, BBQ, or Sunday afternoon.

There were lots of A-Listers/T-Listers. Galen Weston was there too. Joey (Articulate Eats) and I had a nice chat with him about Loblaws, SDM, and Life Brand.

Finally got my hair done yesterday. I like to leave my roots to grow in a bit but let me tell you, being blonde is hard work! I’ve been going to The Loft Toronto for a few months now and I really love the experience. The crew are lovely, it’s decorated with vintagey things, and is right near the office.

The plate wall is one of my fav things.


I had lots on my to-do list so a hair appt didn’t mean stepping away from the office. When you’re me, the office is anywhere and you’re always on the clock.  I bring WIFI wherever I go (Thanks Telus!) and I’m ready to stop, drop, and blog any minute.


After hair I did take a ‘lunch’ break for a Dermalogica facial with Vee and it was magical. I highly suggest treating yourself. Vee is a Dermalogica Expert and a facial is a great way to treat your skin to the love it deserves. She exfoliated, treated it for again, sun damage, and added vitamins/serums that will work on my face for the next 72 hours. Come Sunday, I’ll be glowing more than I am already. 🙂

I saw these boots on Sidewalk Hustle’s Instagram the other day and ordered them late before bed from my phone. I love online shopping so much. When I arrived back to the studio they were beside my desk.


Normally I don’t hope for rain but, when you’ve got really cute rain gear, there’s nothing that stop you from wanting to show it off! Stay dry out there my friends!


Today I’m rappelling down Toronto city hall with Telus for Make a Wish Foundation. Just another regular ol’ day, THIS IS MY LIFE! 🙂