An Old House on The Danforth

It had been ages since I was inside Broadview station. I used to go there all the time. The second Toronto house I lived in was on Playter Crescent, Danforth and Broadview. Playter Estates, it was beautiful. I moved in after ending a relationship and had been living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My sister came to rescue me and take me home.  I was so thankful for her. For the first few months, I slept on a cot in the dining room. It wasn’t that bad, I was with my sister, in a big old house for the first time in ages, and I was back at my old job.

We lived in the big brown house on the left, top two floors. I eventually moved into my sister’s old room when she moved out. It had huge windows with full sun all day. It was bright and I love the morning sun. I think back to the two years I spent there with changing roommates. There were 4 bedrooms and at first, it was my sister and girls from school and by the end, it was me and a couple other roommates. We had so much fun living there. Hanging out with the neighbours. Sun tanning on the roof. I was nice to go back and remember those moments.

ttc gif pape station, casie stewart

I went to Pape Station on my way there and home via Broadview



Beauty | Touched For the Very First Time – I Got a Brazilian!

Yesterday I got my first Brazilian Wax. Yes it hurt, but only for a second. No, it didn’t take long. Yes I would do it again. Scroll for details, don’t worry, this post is  SFW and not TMI.

Ok, so I was pretty nervous and didn’t really know what I was getting into here. I’ve never had anything waxed because my hair is quite fair and I’ve never needed to. I parked and got one hour parking not knowing just how quick a wax job is. I arrived at Allure Body bar in the East end (Pape/Danforth) and was greeted by a lovely lady who ready to roll. They were voted Toronto’s BEST waxing spot and have been featured in countless magazines including Elle, Flare, etc.

This is my before face.  I hopped on the table with bottoms removed and she consulted me about a design. The wax was warm and she asked me to take a deep breath before ripping it off. I screamed. It hurt. The pain was temporary and the whole thing and the entire thing took <10 minutes.


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Don’t Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen, New Tricks, New Treats

Omg heyyyyy! It’s FRIDAYYYYY or FRIYAY as kids call it these days. Woke up to find out my blog was BROKEN. Urgh.

Always a scare. I imagine it’s like your child being unable to function. My blog is my baby and when it’s got a cold 403 error and not operating, my heart sinks and I panic. It’s ok tho, fixed now bc you are reading THIS!

Don't Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen + New Tricks, New Treats

Went to dinner at the Trump Hotel last night because I am I fancy lady for a press event with LG Canada. I was given a brand new, unlocked (from Korea) LG G4 to test drive. I love new gadgets so much. My fav things about this phone so far is the selfie camera.  It’s got that beauty feature to perfect your skin (no editing required), there’s a front facing flash, and you can signal with your hand to take a selfie.

The PR team was like ‘Casie you’ll love these selfie features’ as then handed over the phone. Then, in the middle of the product demo I got called a ‘Selfie Queen’ in front of everyone. I don’t mind. I’d proud of my selfie skills. I have been taking photos of myself before they even had a name.  You’ll get about 12,300 results if you google my name and ‘selfie’. That takes real dedication! This is an oldie from 2008 when I lived in the East end at Broadview & Danforth. I was an IT recruiter in the financial district back then, seems like a 100 years ago now.

After I passed by the new Yo Sox store to see Ryan and the gang. The once pop-up is now  permanent and they’ve got a bunch of other neat Toronto things in the shop. They’re got a sweet collab coming with Thank You Toronto. For Every Product Sold, Thank You™ Toronto Feeds One Person.

Left my mark as usual. You’ll see this bench when you stop by for a visit.

Don't Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen, New Tricks, New Treats, YO SOX

Since Sean was working late I picked him up a TORONTO VS EVERYBODY t-shirt and I got a sweatshirt. Finally tried the Bud Light Apple as well, not bad. It’s like a juice beer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.03.42 AM

This morning I cut the sleeves off to make my sweater summery. I might cut them more before the end of the day. I dig this look.


You like? It’s a sweater but a t-shirt, ultimate comfort and not too hot.


Used my little JOBY stand to snap these pix on the LG G4. I also love using the HISY mobile remote for iPhone. Selfie game strong. I’ve gotta reset my GoPro before that little guy is back in the self photography game.


Stop by the new Yo Sox store at Queen/ Portland, it’s inside the old tattoo shop at Tattoo Rock Parlour. Message me if you do, our office is across the street and maybe I’ll be there.

Totally feeling this ‘don’t hate, appreciate’ wall decal.





Dance, New Jewels, Women’s Mecca, SUN LOVE!

Went for a nice walk at sunset yesterday before dance and am so happy the weather is finally nice. I always feel a warm spot in my heart walking down Palmerston, my family is from Palmerston North, New Zealand. Can’t help but think of them and the beautiful NZ countryside.

I don’t usually read my horrorscope (:P!) but this week it seems the Toronto Metro has me in mind. It’s coming up to my birthday month and I’m feeling great about the next year.


Last night at dance was so much fun! I absolutely love being in Army of Sass. We get in a good workout, learn a new combo, and practice our routine for the show in June. My stomach muscles were hurting from laughing so hard, it’s really great to be surrounded by so many wonderful ladies.


Spent yesterday afternoon working out of the Women’s Mecca office in Liberty Village. It’s absolutely beautiful and the skylight fills the office with sunshine. Was happy to stumble on one of my fav books kicking around the office. I read over this one every couple months for motivation and creative stimulation.


Visiting my sister in the Beaches and recording an audition video for something fun. Put out good vibes for meeeee! We used to live at Broadview/Danforth and take the subway over this bridge all the time. Brings back fond memories!


Shoutout to my friends at Thomas Sabo Canada for sending this beautiful gift, I haven’t worn and anklet since I was a kid and love it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.32.42 PM

So nice to have NO SOCKS weather again. Are you following me on Snapchat BTW? Add me: casiestewart!


In other news, get outside and soak up some of that sunshine today. REMEMBER, you’ll never be younger than you are RIGHT NOW!



Drambuie presents AUSTRA at Canadian Music Week

What are you doing on Saturday, March 23? That weekend is post fashion week/Canadian Music Week and there are SO many things going on. Well,  I’d like to extend an invite for you to come to see Austra at the Danforth Music Hall. I saw them last summer at Fort York in the pouring rain and it was SO GOOD. They are on world tour right now and this is their first stop post SXSW.


Wanna go?

Send a tweet to @casiestewart and @drambuiecanada that you want to see @austratalks on March 23, 2012. I’ll pick winners early next week and have tickets couriered to your own house. If you don’t have Twitter, get it or leave a lovely comment below.  This will be a good show.

Date: Saturday March 23rd, 2013
Location: Danforth Music Hall (venue / map)
Time: Doors 7pm
About Austra: Austra is a Canadian electronic music band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 2009. The band consists of Katie Stelmanis, her former Galaxy bandmate Maya Postepski and former Spiral Beach bassist Dorian Wolf.


Hey & welcome to the time machine, it’s 2006! And it’s sunny out!

I have long blonde hair. I work during the week at a fashion company as the Personal Assistant. It’s a bit Devil Wears Prada and I arrive early before my boss where I get her office ready, turn on the computer, pull up the blinds and check for mail or messages. It’s an excellent learning experience, she is hard on me. She needed to be. I’d never worked full time and I was n00b to the city. Her and I go on to become friends and we live happily ever after.

The friends I met on that place from LA have this awesome foundation called Bridle Bash that throws a MASSIVE party on the Bridle Path. I’ve never heard of the Bridle Path or seen any of the mansions. I’m in shock!

I blog about it on August 1, 2006. I write younger then than now.

The Bridle Bash II, what an amazing party. Burton Cummings & the Burton Cummings band were there. It was super hot. The pool was packed with viewers some who include JD from INXS, Miss Canada, Casie & friends and many, many, many more. It was an amazing party, enough said, I was there until the sun came up. The party raised $300,000 for the children of camp Oochigeas. The music was rockin and the people were great. I saw that you could buy tickets from ebay with the starting bid at $1,000!! Damn!

Another friend opens a restaurant on King Street East called Kultura. There’s no sign on the front and it’s really cool. I went to a party during Film Fest and was in the same private lounge area upstairs as Vince Vaughn. He’s really tall. King East seems really far from the place I moved to on the Danforth.

I live on Playter Crescent in a big old Victorian house with my sister and three other girls. I have a pull out cot in one of the living rooms until one of the girls moves out. The house was huge.

I’d move back there and live forever if I could. It was magnificent & bright, 4 Playter.

I read Natalie Dee religiously every day when I get to work. Sometimes throughout the day at her archives and her other blog with her husband, Married to the Sea. Natalie was the first blogger I ever knew. It was that simple pleasure in my day, a place I could escape to and know that every post would make me smile. I still read it along with a zillion other ‘internet people’ who have never met her. Here’s some from 2006.

Natalie Dee 2006 Archives:









Good morning from the Toronto Beaches. I stayed at Jenie’s place last night and its amazingly quiet and peaceful. Reminds me of this big old house I lived in on the Danforth. Caught an awesome doc yesterday, soaked up some sunshine.

The power is out here right now. Heading home hopefully before my phone dies!

Looks like we’re gonna get some nice sun this week. Today is last day for tickets to Toronto Fashion Incubator 25th anniversary on Thursday. Tickets here.

Enjoy the day!




Writing my movie one day at a time.

I loved shooting this commercial yesterday. No telling what it is for but it will be funny and might be up early as next weekend. You will know when it is. This big camera and crew were shooting ME! I love it. More please. Auditioning for a show tonight. Fingaz crossed!

What kinda face is that Miss? My role was “hipster girl” and wardrobe said she liked what I was wearing and I should wear my own clothes. I’ve been method acting for this role for years. Acting is fun. Did my first commercial when I was 16. It was for an electric toothbrush and it aired in the States. Man I would LOVE to find it. I had braces and I made like $500.

Do you know where this is? This street near Danforth & Broadview has so many beautiful houses.

I rode this baby ALL over town yesterday. Front/Spadina to Queen/Logan, back home, then Queen/Spadina to Danforth/Broadview and home again. I went to the Drake after and took a taxi, enough biking for one day. I don’t work out (often) so I really love biking. I’ll workout more in the winter when it’s cold outside. (Doesn’t everyone say that?)

Sheryl this bike has made me enjoy summer so much. Thank you for giving it to me! My new watch is sexy, I love it.

Pretty view of the city from over here. I didn’t hang out in this park much when I lived in the area.


Not cool.

Worked with a bunch of nice people yesterday.


Rain today. Calming, refreshing, inspiring. I wear earphones to block out the noise. No noise. Silence helps me connect my thoughts. Creative thoughts. Creative thoughts on making things. Making things creative.

waiting……………………………#borderlineartistic on

On the way in I saw an adorable old woman with a cane who had just placed a ‘P’ sign on the sidewalk in front of her house. There was already one car parked on the lawn. “That’ a great idea” I shouted. There are a few people around the are doing it while the CNE is on.

We wanted to do that at my old house on the Danforth during Taste of the Danforth since we lived right where the action was. We never ended up doing it because we always had friends over. They parked in the spots. I should have invited them over and said “hi friends, thanks for coming. It’s $10 to park here” . Haha, funny money.

The sun just came out. Wore two different socks today.

Happy Wednesday 🙂


One of my Fav Things. Found it at a garage sale on Playter Crescent around Danforth, my old hood. The Mum at the house worked on movie sets and had heaps of unused costume shiite. It was totally rad. I wonder where this jem may have traveled!!!:
“She just couldn’t relax.
She knew one day she would own enough clothes
and everything in her life would be better.”