As you are welllll aware I spend heaps of time at the cottage over the summer. One thing our whole cottage crew knows is that I have the best internet. I’ve been with Telus for a looooong time and their mobile network is seriously amazing.

When we’re driving along Southwood Road there’s a few spots where service drops, but not for me. We always use my phone to stream music from because my network literally, never misses a beat. 😛🎧

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Middle of the lake? No problem.

When we’re on the dock, it’s common for people on ‘other’ carriers to lose signal or miss calls. Not me! 🙅🏼 I’m always popping on my WIFI hotspot to offer our guests uninterrupted scrolling. We’ve even given my number as a phone contact since I’m on Canada/Ontario’s largest 4G LTE network.

Telus, mobile network, cell phone, muskoka, casie stewart, casiestewart, blogger, muskoka, cottage life, #cottagelife

Wondering about coverage in your area?

Check out the Telus interactive coverage map HERE. Below is a screenshot of Muskoka, all purple means 4G LTE across the whole area. I’ve got the bandwidth to download or stream Netflix using my mobile connection.

In Ontario, TELUS ranks highest, with its customers experiencing the lowest incidence of calling problems in the region.

TELUS, mobility, mobile network, coverage, casiestewart, muskoka, cottage life,

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.10.16 AM

Humble Brag 💚⤵️

According to the J.D. Power 2016 Canadian Wireless Network Quality Study, TELUS ranks among the highest in overall wireless network quality across Canada. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.10.04 AM

Aside from a strong mobile network they have an incredible human network of people on Team Telus and do lots of great stuff across Canada. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of some awesome charity and giving back initiatives through my work with them. They’re also the #1 national communications provider for customer service. Proud to be part of Team Telus and happy to share what makes them a great company to work with. Check out the website at and see the whole group of #TeamTelus advocates here.

On that note, despite having an amazing network, it’s important to take some time to disconnect. At least with Telus, I can share and document my relaxing when I’m ready!

Here’s to a many more great cottage weekends!
Only a few more weeks till the NEW iPHONE




2016 is almost here and I’m feeling excited, finally. The last couple months my energy has been low and I’ve been spending more time at home recharging. Well, it worked!  I’ve got three trips planned for January and this year will be full of adventure.

The first on my travels is a short stay at a treehouse North of Toronto via I’ve been working with them to plan a stay at one of their many glamping (glamourous camping) locations in Ontario. I’ve never been one for camping but glamping or a quaint cabin in the woods is right up my alley. This is a new take on the winter cottage, cottage life! We’ve chatted about building a tree house at the cottage in Muskoka and something like would be a DREAM. I can’t wait to take you on my adventures!

I checked out a couple different locations and this one is in Durham and trés chic. It’s made from a recycled barn, sleeps two guests in the loft, has hammocks, AND a slide for for adult sized humans. See details about it here, it’s next on my list and so beautiful!

The location I’m staying at with Sean next week is a solar powered treehouse hidden between trees, located on 6,000 acres of forest and trails. It’s the peaceful escape I’m looking for without being TOO far from the city.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.04.42 AM
I hope that it’s snowy and we spend our days reading by the fire and cooking up hearty, healthy meals. If winter has left by then (you never know these days!), we’ll take advantage of the trails. If you’re keen to book a weekend in a fancy tent, cabin, treehouse, cozy cottage, or some other unique space, check out Canadian Weekend Getaway or other glamping spots around the world at






[youtube id=”uEihYSAjbKA”]

This weekend we did a few big jobs involved with closing up the cottage. On thanksgiving morning we took the big boat out of the water (which involved me driving the truck with big trailer attached). Add that to my skills! Once the boat was away we stacked HEAPS of wood.

Was pretty exhausted after so Sean and I took a break and I did a festive thanksgiving take on the ‘flower beard’ we did in Calgary this summer. So cute. We stacked HEAPS of wood. It’s was big job but the weather was nice, worked up quite a sweat. Last task of the day was taking out the other small boat and the dock. We put on wetsuits and went for it. I think we were both surprised we did it by ourselves (and my strength!). Sean is strong, my muscles are not as good for heavy lifting.

Over the winter I’m planning to work on my editing skills so I can make more + better videos. I would love if you subscribe! Kowing you’re subscribed motivates me to work harder and produce more entertaining things for you. I’ve also signed up for Skillshare, if you use this link you can sign up for a free month. I figure this year I should learn some new skills/perfect old ones instead of just sitting on the couch or Netflix & chilling. 😛



I had one of the most fun summers of my life. I really took time to relax, recharge. Feeling greater up for all the new friends and old ones I got to hang out with. 

I’m at WeDay in Toronto today and will do a summer recap this weekend! 

Sending you love and sunshine through the internet! 





This weekend was a great one. Went to Wonderland w/ Sean and my sister, opened the cottage, got a new bike, and managed to catch some sun.

We went on Leviathan which was crazy/scary/awesome. If you’re going to Canada’s Wonderland for the day I suggest getting a Fast Pass. The upgrade is well worth the time you’ll spend waiting in lines. The rides are really fun but I’m impatient! Don’t like waiting!

Sean and I went on the Merry-go-round. It’s cheezy and slow but I like it. I realized I’m not really into the super-fast-whip-you-around coasters like I used to be. This was romantic.

Thank you Shannon Kelly and the Canada’s Wonderland team for inviting us. We had a blast. I think my sister went on every single ride that was open! The park was just as fun as I remember and it was nice to be back after about 10 years.

Arrived at the cottage in Muskoka post Wonderland with daylight left to get the place open. There’s heaps of work to be done to get it ready for summer fun.  I raked leaves for at least 2 hours

It was great to be out in the canoe again. So Canadian!

Before Sunday dinner Sean and I  jumped in the lake. It was SO COLD but also refreshing, liberating.  I used to be all ‘nooo’ and scared about jumping in before it’s warm but switched my perspective and decided I’m lucky to have the opportunity and it’s not gonna hurt me. YOLO!

Sunset steak dinner on the dock is just about as good as it gets. Watching the sun go down here gives me great inspiration and mental clarity. It feels SO GOOD to be back.

Sparks were flying.

We Sean set up this nifty little WatchBot nanny cam on the cottage wifi. The view needs to be adjusted but now I can see and hear the cottage from the app on my iPhone.


Did some bike bondage and tied my girl down for the trip back from Muskoka. I’ve got pretty good rope skills and wasn’t worried about her getting away one bit! 50 Shades of Rain got her real dirty though

Cool licence plate bro.

If you’re ever in the mood for some good classic rock (like when aren’t you?), 104.1 The Dock is a great station. Nothing but good rock from the last few decades. When not in the car I stream it from my phone, quality is good.

Yesterday I got a new lock and lights for my bike. After a few solid hours of work I reckon it’s time to hit the road and catch some rays on my new wheels. Hope you’re having a great week so far. Get out and feel that sunshine on the face if you can. Don’t forget sunblock tho! 🙂



Muskoka Living: Lake, Boat, Babes, Dock, Drinks #cottagelife

Spent the weekend at the cottage and went to WayHome Music Festival. There was NO WAY I was camping the festival grounds.  We had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather.  I know it’s only Monday but I really can’t wait to get back up there.

We had a nice brunch on Saturday at the Muskoka Inn. Sean in my glasses 🙂 Totally my MCM!

Next weekend we’re seeing The Trews at The Kee to Bala.

Stopped by the Balacade to play some games.

“If you think romance is dead and gone
Find an old jukebox full of 45’s
Pop a nickel in it and it all comes back to me”

This grandma totally creeps me out. 

We went to get groceries and saw a cowboy who decided to ride his HORSE to the store. I love the country!   

Hannah, Emily, and I had a girls party at the lake in the afternoon.


On Sunday we went to WayHome but it was SO HOT OUT. After walking around for a bit and seeing Weaves, The Sheepdogs, and checking out the Etsy shop, we went back to the cottage and jumped in the lake. Feeling today like I might have a bit of heat stroke.

Next week we’re up at the cottage for a while. I can’t wait! Counting down the days. This week will be a good one, it’s going to be hot and SUNNY till Sunday.

Tomorrow night I’m heading to the Island Yacht Club for a little party. Who knows what else the week will bring!



Winter in the city, summer in Muskoka

I rolled down the window as soon as we got to cottage county this weekend, Toronto didn’t have snow yet and I wanted fresh air. It smelled like winter, crisp and clean. Closing the cottage is bittersweet, it looks so nice all covered in snow but we can’t stay. I wanted to. I imagined staying up for weeks, making fires, taking trips to town for groceries. Wearing jogging pants.


There was more snow than I thought and it crunched with each step.  Tossed a few snowballs in the lake and watched them stay in little circles. The water is really, really, cold, small ponds alongside the road are freezing over.


Picked up this blanket and mugs from the Target for TOMS collection. They were sold out of the poncho I wanted but I got Sean one of the chambray shirts. He has at least five that look similar but this one was nice. He’s totally one of those ‘Lumbersexuals’  everyone is talking about with a beard, who wears plaid and the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim).


Had to pour out our homemade beer and tried snow painting. No Picasso!


Winter is a season I find inspiring.  I’m planning to lay low and hibernate the next few months. Working on something I hope to launch in April.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

For now, lights out at the cottage. The very last step of closing for the season.
Until next time Muskoka, see you in the spring.