Hello & happy Monday, here are a few good things to start your day. ☀️

On Sunday I went to detox yoga at noon and it was a really good class. Sean picked me up after and we got groceries and other stuff. Lately I’ve been more conscious of things I’m doing and why. I think it goes back to that sound bath I went to in LA. I swear something happened that day. So, instead of laying the couch and scrolling I’m sitting on the bed writing. I promised to write more.

Although, one of my favourite things is sitting and scrolling. I love reading Steph’s The Catch Up or Weekly Enabler Posts on her blog LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL. I also love Gracie’s recipes, yesterday I tried to make cauliflower rice but it ended up being mash. Which was still good.

I tried to do a newsletter but I failed miserably, despite ‘wanting‘ to do it I only sent it once. Sorry subscribers. 🙈 Maybe one day I will get there but baby steps are ok.

Here are five things I think you might like too.


Kristen Sarah created Hopscotch The Globe and has been travelling for 13 years with her husband. They’re also moving into an AIRSTREAM. If you haven’t read noticed, is one of my travel goals.


OCCUPIED VR (Sean, my bf’s company) is featured on the VICE Creators Project right now. Watch it here or check out my behind the scenes experience at the shoot in yesterday’s blog post.


This place is all over headlines with it’s “worst view in the world”. The ‘Walled Off Hotel’ (a play on Waldorf?) is in Bethlehem and looks right out to the concrete wall around the West Bank.The decor inside is crazy/awesome, every room is decorated  by Banksy. It’s about £30 a night and reservations open March 11th March.  BBC has a set of photos but the website is better.

“Walls are hot right now,” the press statement quoted Banksy saying, “but I was into them long before Trump made it cool.”

Exit through the gift shop…this is his store 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Hawley from Sidewalk Hustle posted a TON of street style from Paris Fashion Week and this is my style inspiration for the week. I will try to not wear all black (and leggings) to at least one thing over the next 7 days. Honestly, that’s like all I’ve been wearing. When is spring?



Wednesday is International Women’s Day and I would like to invite you to come to an event called SHE WENT FOR IT hosted by DITTO. It’s at King & Spadina (Rangle.io), tickets are $5. Last year for IWD I spoke for the United Nations Association of Canada. It was pretty cool. This year’s event has food and drinks, we can totally hang out and celebrate each other.

I would be happy to buy a couple tickets for some of you. If you leave a comment with your thoughts on this post, I’ll pick a few people!

Thank you for reading. You have the opportunity to make today great, DO IT! 

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P.S. Here are two more things I couldn’t resist adding! 


My fav UK blogger – BANGS–  is feeling the same vibes about blogging that I have been feeling. GOOD READ. I love her writing. [read more]


This co-working place is FULL of plants, talk about office goals. I love it. The air in there must be so great. [Fast Company]


When I was a kid my grandpa Doug converted an old school bus into the ultimate traveller complete w/ stove, bbq, and a few beds. We would drive about 2hrs to the Down Under Summer Games with heaps of Kiwis and Aussies. It was so much fun, we would sing, dance, have a a hangi, go fishing, and watch the dads do a gumboot toss. It’s a down under thing haha.

This summer I’m planning to live out one of my dreams and so an RV adventure. GoRVing Canada has invited me and I’ve not set out the details but it’s going down. 🤗 Or East, West, who knows!

GoRVing.ca helps RVers in Canada with information about RV dealers, RV rentals, RV parks and campgrounds. Find all kinds of info at gorving.ca.  🌲🚌☀️

The airstream section was my favourite. It’s totally hipster of me but I love the hyyge, cozy, retro of it all. I think I could do a summer living in one of these as long as I had wifi and fresh water. I’ve learned to need way less things over the last few years.

There’s so many different kitchen/sleep/bathroom options, sizes ,and pries in RVs. I was impressed by the luxe of some, full kitchens, big fridge, queen beds.

Overheard a conversation of a few people talking about how they used to live on their boat and now are looking for a nice RV to travel land on. So cool! A few years back my mum & her bf lived on their boat for a year and sailed to the Bahamas. I’ve always admired the planning they put into that trip and that life.

Not sure where the RV adventure will take us this summer but I deff want to check out some of our the great parks and explore Canada. Parks Canada has waived all fees for 2017 in honour of Canada 150 and you can still get them here. I ordered one for Sean, Em, and I.  The last time I went camping was to SandHill Park as  kid with my parents. I am not really into the idea of camping now, but airstream or RV sounds like so much fun.

I’ve been looking at travel bloggers who’ve gone on RV adventures and there’s so many great photos. Love stories of people who decided to ditch city living, their house, and work remotely with their RVs & travel (LiveSmallRideFree, Aluminarium,  Campendium). Lynne Knowlton also has a pretty amazing airstream for rent along with her treehouse.

The top image in this post is from Airstream Family in Australia and the one below is from blogger @ariellevy and edited w/ Color Story one of my fav apps.

I posted a short Facebook Live video from the RV show you can watch below. I had a bunch replies of people who are interested in this trip so I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Summer is a few months away but it warms my heart thinking about cottage life and this adventure.


When you think about you want to something for a long time and then it happens…

Posted by Casie Stewart on Friday, January 20, 2017

I’ve talked about this to my friends so many times it’s so exciting to be making it a reality! Weeeee!



Ever wondered about someone’s tattoos but never asked? To be honest, I don’t really like explaining them to people I don’t know. It’s personal, I’m usually asked in a crowded place, and it takes a while because I have heaps. Some have number significance, dates, travel, family, and there’s a couple I got for fun. Pizza anyone?

I’ve partnered with Vintage Ink Wines to share my tattoo stories and introduce a contest for a new wine label design based on tattoos submitted by people like us. The tatted!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.16.16 AM

Tattoo Tales: Stories Behind My Tattoos

I got my first tattoo in Australia, the southern cross constellation between my shoulderblades. It was about 4pm and we were driving from from Bronte to Bondi beach with no plans so, my friend Cameron and I decided randomly to get tattooed. We both didn’t have any until that day!

My next tattoo was 2 lines on my right hand ring finger, one blue one orange.

The idea is derived from a personality test called True Colours. It used to be used in workplaces to break people into groups and pair them together based on personality for group cohesiveness. It was prevalent in my studies and I learned that in order to be my most successful self, a 50/50 mix between my true colours was ideal.  Orange – outgoing, vibrant, strong vs. Blue, analytical, organized, list maker. I still find this tattoo a helpful reminder.  Note, tattoos on the hands fade faster than any others. I’ve had it redone about 3 times in 10 years.

I got this owl about 2 years ago. It’s on my right arm, like most of mine because I drew them all on with marker first. I’m left handed. I found this design in a Google search and customized it to change the watch face for gears. There was no way I could pick a time to live with forever and I like seeing the gears, they’re what make the clock work.

I get asked all the time if I’m going to colour it and and tbh, I really don’t know. I’ve got a lifetime to decide!

This is one of my fav tattoos of them all. It’s 16 dots, evenly spaced in 2 custom shades of green. I got it on a Friday the 13th many moons ago. I used to have Triskaidekaphobia, a fear of the number 3 and 13. I would never do things in 3s. Finally I was like ‘I AM IN CONTROL HERE NOT MY FEAR’ so I booked this tattoo on Friday the 13th and have gotten tattooed on that day several times since.

I drew this on a paper then it was out on a stencil and tattooed by Rob Coutts. He’s currently the artist doing tats for Suicide Squad the movie.

Hannah and I got this heart + hai (life in Hebrew) years ago. It was also done by Rob Coutts at Bobby Five tattoo.

This collection of tattoos is forever growing.

  • Red lipstick – always wearing, sign of confidence
  • Pizza & garlic sauce – another tattoo with Hannah I got this year and like who doesn’t love 🍕🍕🍕
  • Mirror – long history of talking to myself in the mirror as a kid, talking into phones today, writing a blog about your own life has an element of narcism
  • <3 from a fundraiser we hosted after the Japan earthquake
  • Infinity/8 – my fav number. Used to look like a jail tattoo because I let a friend do it as his first one. Sean has the same tattoo.
  • Roses – traditional/beautiful
  • Nautical star/compass rose – I had done in a Sailor Jerry airstream outside the Drake Hotel at the start of TIFF one year. Such a little rebel!
  • Anchor – crossed the ocean, family tattoo

This lady is a drawing my Angelique Houtkamp from Amsterdam. I love this one. Reminds me of an old photo of my nana. I have another one of her drawings tattooed on the back of my right arm, Drifting Heart. I got it in Thailand!

Find Vintage Ink wines at the LCBO and look for posters around the city. I saw one on the way to work today!

Enter the Vintage Ink Contest

  1. Upload a photo of your tattoo(s) to Instagram or Twitter and tag @VintageInkWine with with the hastag #myvintageink

That’s it! Your tattoo could be chosen as the inspiration for a custom, limited edition label. I would love to see one of my tattoos inspire a label. Something you would keep for ever photograph and put on the wall.

For more info visit myvintageink.ca.



Feel free to tag me in your posts too. I’d love to learn your tattoo stories. If you have any questions or comments about mine, Tweet me @casiestewart.