A couple months ago I filmed this web commercial for Nella Bella’s LONDON Bag with 1188 Films. It’s a multifunctional bag and in the ivdeo I show you all the ways it works. I gave one of these to Mum a while back and it’s her absolute fav. Check out the video below!

Nella Bella - The London Bag

Nella Bella - The London Bag


This photo is from the FW 2013 launch for Nella Bella the other day. Sean & Brock, both so handsome. I’m glad I cut my hair too. Moto jacket is from Nasty Gal’s first ever collection (SS 2013). Obsessed with that site BTW (HINT HINT BIRTHDAY IS COMING).

This private event , hosted by Nella Bella’s Creative Director Tarek Al-Azbat introduced to us and the media to many firsts for the six-year-old fashion house.  New products include scarves, cowls, a PDA carrying case, multi-compartment tote and more wallets.

I’ve had a few NB bags over the years and have literally worn them out by taking them around the world and on a zillion adventures. It was lovely to be there supporting Tarek and celebrating with my fashion friends family.



I’d really like this big ol’ black one. It is similar to a style from a couple season back that I absolutely LOVED!


Check out the entire Spring 2013 collection at nella-bella.com and stay tuned for FW when the next fashion week rolls around. It will coe soon enough. I can’t believe it’s ALREADY Toronto fashion week World Mastercard Fashion Week again. I usually get a pass but this season didn’t bother. Lucky for me, I’ve been invited to shows each night so I’m not missing out on anything!

Happy Friday and have a beautiful day!



Last night went to Nella Bella’s FW 2012 media reception. I’ve been taking NellaBella bags on all my travels, bike rides, festivals & fun for the last two years. They’re got lots of different shapes & styles this year.

One of the designers for this collection, Andreas Kyriakos who started working with them at 15, he’s 16 now, but still,  he designed a whole batch of beautiful things. I got to catch up with a few really lovely girls I hadn’t seen in a while.  Thanks Raymi, you babe, for photos and Tarek for the invite. Can’t wait to get something new and BRIGHT! Bring on, SPRING on!

My current fav is the KIEV bag in black (in photo but hard to see). It fits my 11 Macbook Air, camera and a few other necessities. Comes in handy when’re always on the go/working! 

Shirt: Joe Fresh
Cardi: GAP
Pants: Bench – shopping trip!
Hair: Ken Murphy Color Bug, Goody Accessories
Shoes: Ego & Greed

One things I love about clothes is the stories they tell. Links to the above items go to past posts wearing. Archives rule. Crashed my bike the day I got the Joe Fresh shirt, ordered shoes from solestruck.com. Got GAP  cardi over holidays cruising vintagey shops in Cambridge with Mum.


Photos via WE REPRESENT THE LOLLIPOP GUILD  on RaymitheMinx.com


Walked home home with the Septembre & Bella. Made .gif with Loopcam, from Berlin! Check out Jessica’s post & pic here. It was really fun. Good night. Nice to see beautiful bags and smiling faces. The food was excellent and catered by The Daily Bread Food Bank’s catering campany. They put all the proceeds from catering, right back in.

Been busier than ever planning and preparing things for SXSW. We have a new blog coming. I’m super excited. Let’s do this.  😉





My friends at Nella Bella are totally lovely and they welcome you to stop by today. They’re at Richmond & Spadina, you have until 6pm. Go treat yourself to something new! I got these yesterday when I popped in for a visit. The black bag on the left is the Kiev and it fits my Macbook Air, iPad & camera. Cute & convenient! Enjoy the day 🙂



Took subway home from work today after stopping by the Nella Bella head office. I’ve been friends with the designers for years and truly love them!

I do not however, love loud talkers on the subway. Don’t people realize they are being loud/rude/annoying? We all don’t need to know the floodplan of your new apartment or that your sister still has that loser boyfriend. Couple years ago I made videos of loud talking people and posted them online. I feel that might be a bit inappropriate now, but I still think about it.



This is my new fav bag. A big black purse is a staple for every city girl or woman who loves to travel. My Nella Bella bags have been around the world with me on all kinds of adventures!


Thank you SO much Tarek and the Nella Bella team for having me in today. Congrats on the new line! Check out all their designs at nella-bella.com.


In other news, I like the West end and I don’t miss CityPlace. Sitting on the top of the bridge as I write this and feeling pretty good.


Hope the sun is shining on you today. 🙂




Last night I went to Slice TV/Shaw Media HQ for the premiere of Big Brother Canada. It’s the first time we’ve had our own season in Canada and people are going crazy over it. I watched one season religiously when I lived in Australia in 2004. I joined a bunch of media and seasoned BB Celebrity Dan Gheesling.

No i did not eat this slop! Gross. A cup of berries did me just fine.



There’s a great bar on the 16th floor lounge at Shaw media. I hope to go to more parties there.


There was a Head of House (HOH) competition and it was hilarious how sad the competition was. Aaaaaand hat’s all I’m gonna say about that!


I really hope this guy Peter wins. He’s already a YouTube star. I vote for the NERD!


It’s pretty crazy/fascinating that you can watch the housemates 24/7 online. I remember reading 1984 in high school and being really interested. Doesn’t surprise me at all that I’m on the Internet writing about my life over a decade later.

bigbrother ok



In other news, tonight is the Nella Bella Spring SS launch, then a party at ARD with Bud Light Platinum, and a Grey Goose Cherry Noir event at Bloke & 4th. Is it the weekend yet?!

Have an awesome day!



About a month ago I got this jacket from Faded Soul online. I love it. It’s got a cool shape, nice front pockets, has a big hood, and fits like a poncho. I creeped online to learn it’s from European brand Napajuri. They have a really cute campaign with a couple travelling across Europe in the clothes. People get to vote on what they do on the journey. I want to BE IN this campaign. It’s so cute. She’s blonde too.

I’ve been asked where I got it so I checked and there are still more!  The site is fadedsoul.com and you can find it here. Mine is a size small. I think there might be a fur hood to add from what I see in photos.


Hat H&M, pants Yoga Jeans from ShopGirls, boots Sam Edelman, bag Nella Bella

Faded Soul is a new Canadian internet store that is owned by a friend of a friend. They have heaps of stuff for guys and girls. They’re on Facebook and Twitter too. Brock ordered some sweet John Varvatos shoes and posted photos here.

I was immediatley attracted to this other brand I’d never heard of called ‘Blondes make Better T-Shirts’. The shirts are, well, blonde and fun. I got the ‘Skinny’ and ‘Pull’. Tres cute.


Last week I was sent this striped ballet shrug from Ch*arms. I wasn’t sure what was arriving but once opened the package I knew these were gonna come in handy.  I also got set of sleeves that velcro to your bra strap for under short sleeve shirts. I wish I thought of this! They retail for $28 and can be purchased online at ch-armz.com.

I have some more fashion things to blog this week; new jeans, Ted Baker opening, Thomas Sabo project. Congrats again to Obama. I’ve been on his team for five years now. Doh, I should be out the door to work already! Byeeeeee.

Have an awesome day!



Yep, TIFF is still in full force for the next few days. Doesn’t it seem like forever?


Wore a cute outfit yesterday. Schoolgirl skirt is hand painted by Beaucoup Fashion House, Vans ‘Sophie’ shoes, shirt was a gift, Nella Bella Avalon bag.

Went uptown to shoot w/ Candice for her show on Coral TV, The Edgy Veg. She made a delicious face mask and slopped it on me. The episode comes out Thursday so make sure you subscribe to Coral by then. There is lots of laughing in this one. Then we eat the mask.


I was invited to the beautiful Birks Jewellers suite in the new Shangri-La hotel to preview the new Muse collection. It was diamond heaven! Thanks to Fiji Water & Birks for having me. It was a nice break in the afternoon. Glass of champagne at 3pm really takes the edge off!


I loved the rings, especially the costume huge ones and the Canadian double diamond leaf. The ombre pearls are also incredibly beautiful. Perhaps I can borrow for a huge event sometime? Hint, hint. Besos to the team for my gift, feeling the love!


Saw the film ‘The IceMan‘ with Barbie in the evening. It was excellent. Michael Shannon is an incredible actor. There was a star studded cast including Ray Liotta, Winona, James Franco, and Chris Evans. They were all there after to talk about the film. Seeing the actors in real life really makes you appreciate their hard work, talent, and career.  There is another screening today at noon. If you can make it to the Rush Line, go. You will be glad you did. Details here.


This afternoon I’m catching the Bill Murray film Hyde Park on Husdon then scooting over to Jean Machine to be styled for an outfit for the Festival Music House this evening.

Exciting times! Have a wonderful day. Call someone and tell them you love them.