Wanna go to a Leafs game? The Ford Fanatic account on Twitter exists to provide an experience to check out TO’s hockey team. They’ve given away over 9,000 free Leafs tickets to the Ford Fan Deck. Last year I checked out a game in the Ford Fan Deck and they actually WON!

This year the Leafs are back with a new roster,  new game, and new hopes at actually winning the Stanley Cup. [Don’t hold you breath there tho!]

In order to get free tickets, follow @TheFordFANatic on Twitter and keep an eye on their weekly challenges. they’ve got heaps of tickets to share with followers like you.

My first leafs game was in 1997 after winning Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Cambridge, Ontario. Former NHL all star Darryl Sittler came to our city to present the award. So cool!  Read more about that here.

To win tickets to a game before the 2016 season is over, follow @TheFordFanatic and take part in their weekly challenge. I’m not certain which game I’ll be at but when I know, you’ll know!



Had a great weekend. Good Christmas. Went for a nice walk to the park and enjoyed the warm weather on Chrismas day.

Sean enjoying a scarf mum sent. Looks great on him tbh! 

Had a bbq with some friends on Saturday night. Was great to get out of the house after hibernating for a few days. We’d been in serious holiday mode watching movies and binging Netflix.

Not feeling so hot today. Feels like I’m getting a cold. Gonna rest up and keep this holiday mode spirit alive!

Hope you had a great weekend too.


Holiday Mode

This time is year is so hectic, ahhhhh! Lots of running around from now till Friday! Today mum is coming down to help me with some office elfing, aka getting presents ready and delivering to clients.

This weekend at home was so nice, a great start to holiday mode. With Christmas on a Friday this year, I think it’ll be easier to really take some time to relax.

I’m totally in in love with these little sweaters Telus sent over to help get into official #HolidayMode. The entire campaign is great.

[vine id=”imeeM6z0dHx”]

Do you know a tablet Dad?

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R37Cx8QwDtg”]

I probably spend the most time on my gadgets around my family but this holiday season, my goal is to spend less time staring at my phone and more face-time with the ones I love.

I like putting on the (digital) fireplace, reading a book, or simply relaxing on the couch and staring at it. If  you don’t have one via cable already, pop over to the Telus YouTube and put this one on your tv.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/WSpXLtbhRaU?list=PLZzZFlOdIAXahCRBhRx-t44BlBcRFPdEL” autoplay=”yes”]

I love the Internet and technology and how it keeps me connected to the world, but, taking a break from it is totally awesome too. Your batteries need a recharge.

Thanks Telus for helping me get into holiday mode. Can’t wait to cook Christmas dinner later this week! OK, off to do my efling!

Enjoy the day!








It’s Christmas week, again already. Crazy to think how time flies, feels like I was just saying this the other day. (Omg how old am I? I sound like my parents!)

Can’t believe it’s trench coat weather!  Dug up this Ted Baker scarf today, reminds me of spring.

Spent most of the morning driving around doing holiday things. Ford hooked me up with an Explorer for the weekend to help de-stress my holidays, and it totally worked. Dropped off stuff to donation centres, picked up something from Umbra, holidays gifts for the office. Learned how much a two-four of Jack Daniels is. See Snapchat before tomorrow for that one. The stereo in this Explorer Platinum is amazing, also heated massage seats w/ screens for back seats.

In other news, I’m on the TV at Umbra. GO STOP BY THE STORE AND SAY ‘I KNOW HERRRRRRRRRRR’.  There’s ton of gifts there and that’s why I was back today.

I had about 30 favs to put in my holiday video but that would have made it too long so we went with top 10. See the video here if somehow you missed it!

In other news, Netflix really knocked it out of the park today with their holiday gift. A Murry Christmas Bill Murray Christmas sweater.

Wow, wow, wow. @Netflix you have outdone yourselves! #MURRAYCHRISTMAS 🎅🏽👌🏼🎄☃

A photo posted by C A S I E S T E W A R T (@casiestewart) on

Tonight I am a judge Respect the Agave, tequila bartender battle. It’s at the Addison’s Residence, love this venue, looks like a rich friends house!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.26.42 PM

Hope you’re having a great week!

With love,

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Friday, I’m In Love  – Holiday Style!

I absolutely love this. One of my fav songs since I lived in Australia 10 years ago. Heart warming to see this big group singing amongst the lights of the Toronto Christmas Market. I’ve not gone by there yet but plan to pop by next week during the day.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LvUnBEA7_ZI”]

Something cool about this vid and another reason I wanted to share…

To perform Friday I’m in Love, they required permission from Robert Smith of The Cure. After he watched a short clip they sent him, he loved it SO MUCH he asked them to donate the licensing fee to charity. Together, Koodo & Choir! Choir! Choir! (80 choir singers in TO)  are donating that fee towards sponsoring a Syrian refugee family.

ALL THE FEELS. I love it.

In other news, I went to the Koodo office during my last Telus visit and it’s full of bright colours and smiles.

Happy Friday, spread that holiday cheer! 




Have been laying low and trying to slow down for the holidays this week. Monday I was at the office and took a little test drive w/ Chevrolet in the new Cruze.

Title is a quote by Jane Austin, today is her birthday.

This is my fav coffee shop in our neighbourhood, Cafe Neon. Walked over this morning and grabbed two coffees, for myself. I’m working from home today and wanna be prepared. Had a chuckle to myself wondering if that is a weird thing to do but don’t really care if it is! Quite warm out still, it’s nice walking weather. 😊

Started reading Makers by Cory Doctorow yesterday, someone sent it to me in the mail. If it was you, please lmk. I am loving it and it’s crazy how it was published 2009 yet foreshadows the future and right now. Reading before bed helps me wind down the mind.

Continuous scrolling made me forget how much I love turning pages.

Heading home to hang out and get a tree with mum this weekend. Can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.43.33 PM


First Canadian Palce Donates $25k to Community Food Centres

Yesterday I joined friends & colleagues at FCP for the cheque presentation where they delivered $25k to Regent Prk Comminity Food Centres. Last week the new food terrace st FCP matched 10% of sales as a way to give back.  

Nice to see Daniel who JUST got married (to Julio of course). Congrats!

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The last few days I’ve been really focussing on slowing things down, spending time at home. After a REALLY busy year, I feel December is a great time to recharge dem batteries.    

Took a trip to Ikea yesterday and it’s really quite chill there on Monday afternoon. Walked around talking on the phone, taking my time to dilly dally through the maze of housewares. Got meatballs of course. 

Been loving this warmer weather and still haven’t given up wearing my leather jacket. Today calls for a manicure. 

Here’s to a great week ☀️  

Title is a quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr


Murray Christmas w/ Netflix Canada

Last night I joined a couple friends at Andrew Richard Designs for the Netflix holiday jam. They also hosted a screening of the new Bill Murray Christmas Special that comes out December 4th. The photo booth printed photos and recorded slo-mo videos of all the guests. Here’s mine!

Merry Christmas!




Monday, Monday, Monday!

This morning I ventured out to Etobiocoke for a plant tour of a clients workshop. It was pretty neat. I love the smell of workshops. My dad owned a big hot rod shop that had a warehouse when I was a kid, I spent so much time there growing up.  Had to fully gear up with glasses and steel toe shoes.

It’s crazy warm in Toronto right now, 12 degrees! Apparently it’s NOT because of Global Warming, just an El Niño keeping things warm.

A record-breaking El Niño has shunted the jet stream far to the north, paving the way for warm air to shatter records. [More here.]

Here’s a little sneak peek at the Christmas tree April and I decorated at the 1188 office on Friday. It’s a selfie tree! We’re even got Drake, Kanye, and Otis the dog (RIP, love you).

Had some great chilli for lunch.

Tonight I’m doing a holiday screen printing workshop with Peach Berserk. Can’t wait! Might finally do that all over print of my face. I know that’s what you want for Christmas! 




Winter, Spring, Jingle Bella

Oh hellooooo! This week has been a bit of a weird one. I’ve been pretty busy at 1188, this weather is lovely, and I’ve taken a bit of a relaxed holiday mode to blog work. When you’re a blogger/influencer you really don’t get a day off. I know I’ve chosen this but it doesn’t make it less tiring! My goal for December is to spend more time doing things offline/without a screen. More on that & Holiday Mode tomorrow.  I’ve still got things to share, my addiction to documenting will never go away! 
Made falafels this week for my first time and I’ve made them twice since. Seriously, best ever, so good. As a dipping sauce, crush up a garlic clove and blend with low-fat mayonnaise.  You’ll love it. 

Last night we took Emily to get a tree and tonight we’re planning to decorate. I wrapped a bunch of presents the other day so we had a few to go under the tree. 

These cuties! 😍😍  
Looking forward to hosting family Christmas at our place this year. Hence all the work I’ve been doing to get the house ready!  It never ends! 



Checking Out The New Terrace at First Canadian Place

Last week I stopped by First Canadian Place in the Toronto financial district to check out the new food terrace. Years ago I used to work in the area, it seems so long ago… IMG_2599.JPGJetting out the door at 7:30am in a full business suit, heels, briefcase, and Windows Thinkpad, to make a daily 8am status meeting. I was a corporate recruiter specializing in tech, PMP Certified Project Managers, java & php developers.

I forgot how fast everyone walks down walks down there, suits, pencil skirts, and lunch buddies everywhere. It was neat taking a stroll down memory lane and seeing the changes.

The new elevated food court brings fresh design and a modern touch to FCP. There’s a great outdoor patio when the weather is warm and great food that’s well priced. That area can be expensive!  

I picked up a few of my favs from Maman including their lasagne and a couple delicious cookies.

One of the reasons to check out the First Canadian Place Food Terrace this week is they are donating 10% of sales to Community Food Centres Canada. With partners across Canada, CFCC brings people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food.

Something awesome BESIDES FOOD at the new terrace is THERE ARE OUTLETS EVERYWHERE. It was near impossible to find a place to work on my blog at lunch back when I worked there.

first canadian place, food terrace, toronto, maman toronto, NKPR

These little red booths are a hot spot (with outlets), perfect for catching up with a friend or catching a few private minutes alone in your busy day. 

There’s more dining options being added to the terrace including Greenhouse Juice Co. and Five Guys burgers. Currently, you’ll find  Maman TorontoThe Cactus ClubAmaya Express, Jimmy the Greek, Maxim, Ruby Thai,Tim Horton’s, Pumpernickel’s, Mucho Burrito, Mr. Sub and Szechuan Express.

Make sure you look up when you’re there, some neat design elements.

If you’re in the area working or shopping the PATH underground this week, stop by the terrace and 10% of your purchase will go to Community Food Centres in Canada.

Thanks for reading! 






* Post sponsored by FCP