Listening to Christmas music and planning to decorate the house today. I might have had too much coffee but that’s OK! Woke up to snow and now it’s REALLY the holidays.  Have a couple things to get done first but I’m dying to pull out the decorations and get started. Is it too early for egg nog?

Booked a stay at a solar powered tree house in January via Glamping Hub. They reached out about a stay and I thought it would be nice to be nested in the forest in the middle of winter. Since the cottage is closed I need to keep my wilderness connection alive. It’s about an hour north of Toronto and you can bet I’ll be documenting my adventure.

I’d like to try actual glamping this summer, in a tent. Remember how last summer I really wanted to get a tent set up? Next year I’ll do it at the start of summer instead of trying at the end.

Yesterday I finally unboxed a paid of boots that arrived from Sorel Footwear via Klout Perks a couple months ago. Turns out, they’re super cute AF! I didn’t know Sorel had so many nice boots. These ones also come in a taller version or shorter in a bunch of colours.  This post isn’t sponsored by them but I would be happy if it was, I love these new cuties on my feet. *waves to Sorel across internet! 

I think yesterday was my last day getting away with just a leather jacket. Time to bring out the big guns coats! When it gets cold, remember, there’s no bad weather just bad outfits.




This weekend was just what I needed. After a busy Friday night celebrating 2 of my best friends I spent most of Saturday & Sunday on the couch with my nose in a book. Simon Schuster sent over an advance  copy of Hidden Bodies by  Caroline Kepness. It’s got murder, suspense, sex, and modern lingo like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. There’s a book before this one with the same character I need to go back and read now! Highly recommend. 

I didn’t realize there was a Second Cup at the Stockyards shops when I was there on Saturday, so I decided to try all the baked squares. The pecan was my fav followed by the lemon and Nanaimo. I love Nanaimo bars.  Really got me thinking about holiday baking and making some shortbread soon.


Sean made me the most lovely dinner of steak and scallops last night w/ sprouts, roast vegetables, and kale. Saturday night we stayed in watching Trainwreck w/ takeout. Something I love about the colder months is staying in the house with someone you love.

Today I’ve been in Facebook ads reporting all day and will be heading to the Beaches later to see my sister.   I’m really looking forward to reading more of my book once I wrap up all my duties for the day. Sorry this is a boring update lol.

Tomorrow I’m Sirius Xm at the Todd Shapiro Show and later this week I’m judging the finals for the travelcuts Travel Documentary Film Festival.

Never a dull moment! 





Whether you’re a recent grad or mid-career, each stage of your life calls for some money management. Something I know I can always use help with!

It’s Financial Planning Week here in Canada (November 16-20) and  TD has launched an Savvy Saver Quiz, to help you understand your personal finances. By answering a few quick questions, TD will help you determine your financial stage and what considerations you should be making at this point in your life.

TD Savvy Saver Quiz - Are Your Finances on Track? @casiestewart @tdcanada

After going to college (Marketing @ Conestoga) and university in Australia (10 years, where did the time go!) I had a sizeable debt to tackle and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to manage it. I consulted a financial planner and put a plan in place. My hard work paid off and my debt was replayed by the time I was 30. Words can’t explain the joy I felt opening a letter stating it was done. Going to school overseas was a pricy but I wouldn’t change that experience. Living at Bondi Beach was a DREAM!

Not sure where to start? Take the TD Savvy Saver quiz to help figure out your current situation and where you need to be. By answering a few multiple choice questions, you can determine what stage you’re at financially, considerations you should be making, and find tips and advice to help you along the way. I’m in the stage where I’m getting all my financials sorted but buying a new house and family are on my radar. ☺️

If you’re keen to learn more about making your financial future positive, check out or my previous posts with TD on Planning for Life’s Unexpected Moments and Money Tips for Millennials.


* post sponsored by TD, opinions and story my own obvs. Thanks for supporting me and following along 😘


The list of social sharing services I’ve seen disappear over the last five years keeps getting longer. A bit of sadness for Rdio this week as it’s been purchased by Pandora for $75M and filed for Chapter 11.

I’ve been using Rdio since early 2012 when it came to Canada after I was introduced to it at SXSW. Around them I took part in a round table to discussion on the future of music streaming and music piracy with a bunch of music execs and media. covered the session (here).

After my free year of Rdio was up, I continued to pay $9.99 for the service the last few years, with my own money. Rdio was there for countless road trips, dance parties, summers on the dock, sing-alongs in the boat, and Christmas parties. I made heaps of playlists and Rdio has been part of all my fun the last few years. I mentioned it as one of my fav apps in interviews w/ ApexPR & Mad Hatter Tech.

It’s crazy how attached you become to a service, how integrated it becomes in your life. I was really sad when was purchased by AOL and dissolved, felt heartbreak over Dailybooth, and another wave of sadness when Viddy shut down.

Transfer Your Rdio Playlists to Apple Music

Today I’ve been transferring my Rdio playlists to Apple Music. TBH I don’t mind Apple Music but I really loved Rdio. I decided to fork over the $4.99 to have do the work of moving my playlists over from Rdio.

Luckily, I think Apple Music will be around for a while. I am really feeling this 90’s hip hop & R&B playlist from the commercial with Mary J. Blige. You’ll love it too, heaps of good jamz!




Hola and Happy Tuesday! Last week I viewed all the entries for the travelcuts documentary film festival and piked my favs. There were a handful of awesome entries. I’m dying to jump in a plane and go on an adventure after watching.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.47.35 AM

It’s easy to vote, just share the hashtag that goes with your fav entry. I’ve listed each hashtag with the videos below. If you visit you can see the 3 finalist videos and easily vote there too.  Voting goes until Nov. 17th and the winner will be announced the following week at the screening. Exciting!


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Have to return my little car from Scion Canada today. It’s been so nice driving my own car the last week.  Back to driving Sean’s truck for me. The iM is 4-door and a cute little hatchback that’s been great for city cruising. Driving to London, ON & back to TO on the highway was great too.

I’m working at the 1188 office most of this week. Speaking on an influencer panel tomorrow with Jones Media. Later in the week I’m filming some holiday stuff with Umbra at their store.

Feeling happy and ready to take on the world! So nice and sunny out today. The weather is STILL (fairly) WARM. ITS AMAZINGGGGGGGG.

Sending sunshine and good vibes to you through the Internet 💛😎☀️



Yesterday I drove through this great rainbow. Stopped to admire it.    

 Scrolling tumblr heaps lately  

Watched Dirty Dancing on Friday night. Always reminds me of my childhood. Watched it about 100 times.

Having a pretty chill weekend, binged Master of None yesterday, all 10eps. Good show. Recommend! 

I met Aziz Anzari once at Parts&Labour in Parkdale.   




I’m doing my first TEDx talk this weekend at Western University and I’m pretty excited about it. The theme is The Human Condition and I’m talking about the internet and myself.  I think you will find intersting. PLUS it’s only about 15 minutes!  I’m not sure what time I’m on stage yet but I would really love you to watch me. I don’t ask for much and I seriously  think it will be entertaining and maybe you’ll even have some feelings.

Last night my sister and I went to visit mum for dinner and had an EPIC sing along to Adele on the way. I will edit the video this weekend but you might pee your pants. This is a small indication of the passion we had performing.

We all went out to buy lotto tickets together and this is my mum on the phone. Is she not the cutest ever. LOVE YOU. I should check mine, imagine I won?

Made me happy to see this on the table at mum’s house. I asked her for dinner to make shepherds pie and self-saucing chocolate pudding like she used to when we were kids. Nothing quite like family time and laughs around the dinner table. Since Scion Canada gave me a car this week I’m trying to make the most of every moment.

I’ll make sure to tell you when my talk is on Saturday as soon as I find out. When I don’t think about it I’m kinda nervous but when I practise and start rehearsing or talking to myself in the mirror. I feel excited!

Hope you’re having a great day 🙂 



I am seriously loving this weather! I went for a bike ride this morning to get a coffee. I’ve been a bit slack on blog posts this week as I’m seriously prepping for a TEDx talk this weekend.  I’ve been giving myself a little goals of doing some work and then rewarding myself with a coffee or with lunch. I’ve got a lot to get accomplished this week! Next week I’m shooting a holiday project with a major design company and I’m really excited about it. I set a goal to do more video so I’m pretty stoked about all the collabs I’ve got coming up.

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In other news,  I recently discovered how great dictation is on my MacBook, I can literally talk and it types everything I’m saying. I’m doing this today because I’m feeling a bit frazzled! 😛 Prepping for a speaking gig involves lots of talking to yourself. Dictation and iPhone voice memos are my saviour this week. THANKS APPLE!

Scion Canada hooked me up with a car for the week, which I am LOVING! I’ve never owned my own car and it’s so freeing to just jump in an hit the open road. Today I’m heading West with my sister to have dinner with mum.

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Yesterday I went to WEST (wearables) conference at the MaRS discovery District. On this panel is one of Sean’s business partners, J.Lee Williams,  talking the future of VR in film and television.


I also stopped into a preview of ALDO Spring/Summer 2016. Take a little scroll through my fav items in this little Vine. You’ll find these at stores early next year. I’ve been making more short videos so pop over to to see my recent creations.

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OK, time for me to get a move on. Forever being distracted by the internet! Currently watching the Prime Minister, Justing Trudeau get sworn in via Periscope.




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Travel | A bad day at the cottage is better than a good day at work! 💛

I was a bit slack on blogging last week. Was feeling overwhelmed, I’ve had so much going on lately I feel like I’m constantly running. This weekend we closed the cottage. It was so beautiful out, the weather was fabulous, saw lots of stars, sun was shining shining, the leaves had fallen.  It was lots of work but nice. Something like ‘A bad day at the cottage is better than a good day at work.‘  

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