Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

I’ve been growing my hair long(er) for the last couple months and I’m ready to cut it. I’ve had it! Was looking through old photos from a Google Search and came across this one from LA.

We went to Disneyland and spent some time in California a couple summers ago, it was the best. Love this American Apparel Dress, miss those yellow glasses.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

Spent the morning analyzing Facebook analytics for a client campaign then helping another client set up her first WordPress. I love doing both! It’s not a ‘real job’ like the olden days but I’m pretty happy that it IS A REAL JOB in 2015. I love THE INTERNET so much.

Can’t believe 10 years after starting this blog, I’m here and made a career of it. Who KNOWS what kind of jobs there will be 10 years from now. If you are reading this and in school, GET ALL THE SCHOOL YOU CAN so you’re ready to take on the world with great skills.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

I know I said this already but I’m SO stoked for the weekend and getting back¬†up to the cottage. We’re gonna stay for A WHILE. I’m doing a makeover to my blog AND getting a new computer. I can barely contain my excitement.




There’s beauty wherever you go!¬†
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Last night I went to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends and it WAS SO GOOD. We screamed our heads off most of the movie and it had me sweatin’ a bit. The VIP theatre experience is totally the way to go.

On my way to the movie I rolled my ankle on some uneven pavement and I’m a bit worried I sprained my ankle. It’s swollen and really hurting. Forcing me to take it easy which, after a couple week of being go-go-go, it’s not the worst thing ever. Might have to get an x-ray today. Cross your fingers for me that it’s not as BAD as it feels!

Wish love from across the internet,



Vaughan Mills Fashion Truck РFind it, Win Things, Have an Ice Cream!

Last week I popped out to Vaughan Mills to do some shopping and mentioned an upcoming project. Well, the cat’s outta the bag, I’ve been chosen as a Toronto style-maker and picked an outfit go on¬†tour around Toronto this week from July 13th-19th.

Inside you’ll find a selection of outfits pulled together¬†by Toronto¬†influencers. You also have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 prizes picked by us valued at $250 or a Vaughan Mills gift card. Share your fav pick from inside the truck and make sure to share #treattheheat¬†+ tag @Vaughan_Mills (AND ME!) in your post.

My outfit:

  • Hat – hr2 Holt Renfrew
  • Dress – AX Armani Exchange
  • Necklace, glasses – H&M
  • Shoes – Le Chateau

The Vaughan Mills ‘Jam Van’ can be found at the following locations:

  • July 15th –¬†Yonge and Dundas, Liberty St. and Dufferin St
  • July 16th –¬†Queen St. W and Soho St., ¬†City Place
  • July 17th – Queen St. W and Soho St., Church St. and Carlton St
  • July 18th – Woodbine Park, Queen St. W and Soho
  • July 19th –¬†John St. and Front St. W, Trinity Bellwoods Park

This week is REALLT hot so if you see the truck, walk up and grab yourself an ice cream.

See you in the park!




Today in #Toronto: Tattoos, Water, Wine, Bikes, Blue Skies

Out on my bike this morning to put on a basket before hitting the road. I’ve got 2 things on today:

Other than that, the day is mine! Gonna bike around and see what I can find. ¬†Took a look at the new-ish street art under the bridge on Bloor at Dundas. It was all done a couple weeks ago and worth checking out. A bunch of Toronto artists’ work to see.

Went on lock up and found my Schwinn Twinn! In case you missed it this week, I’ve been welcomed to the Schwinn Team as an official ambassador. They hooked me up with a sweet bike! Picked this one out, it suits me, good for cruising the city and just needs that basket.

Bike selfie is dangerous but I’ve got it locked down.

The city workers were taking down all the street art near the new Union Pearson Express station at Bloor-Dundas. I asked what was happening to it all and GO was giving some away but decided to keep it all.

I would have dragged this one home and taken it to the cottage.

I’ve been writing this while circling the Dollar Store for zip ties and now I’m gonna go riding.

The PanAm Opening Ceremony last night was really neat. Loved watching all the athletes walk in. I posed a bunch of photos etc on

Have an awesome day!

CASIE ūüíõūüö≤


Monday, Make It Great!

Had a wonderful weekend! Mum and I really enjoyed Ottawa and seeing Serena Ryder, photos and stories about that tomorrow. Queen’s Plate yesterday was really fun too. 

Today I went to Vaughan Mills to do some shopping for an upcoming project. I’d not been to the mall there before and HOLY MOLY there are so many stores and great deals.  

In between doing work today I also got a new mani. 💅🏼  

Saw this sweet Camaro.   

 Absolutely loving this warm weather. We’ve planned some dedicated time up at the cottage this month and I CAN’T WAIT.  

Hoping your week is off to a great start! 💛




Heading to Our Nations Capital, Ottawa!

Friday morning Mum and I are heading to Ottawa and it’s her first time flying Porter Airlines. I’m so excited to be travelling with her!

Last time mum and I went on a trip together I was in middle school. We don’t often get to hang much, especially not in the summer is mum is usually at the boat and we spend heaps of time at the cottage.

We’ll be seeing Serena Ryder, with special guests The Strumbellas at TD Place Stadium to celebrate Canada Day weekend. Earlier in the day, TD Bank and MusiCounts will be be announcing the 2015 MusiCounts grant recipients and have a special surprise planned for a local Ottawa recipient.  I’ll be doing a short interview w/ TD Canada about TD MusicCounts and sharing it with you next week.

Oh hey @serenaryder! See you on July 3rd! #tdmusic #lansdowne #tdplace

A photo posted by TD Place (@tdplace) on

Feeling excited to take mum on a press trip and hang out at the hotel together. We don’t leave until 4pm the following day so hoping to take a walk on Parliament Hill. I’ve never been to Ottawa around Canada Day. Last time I was in Ottawa was March 2012 for Ottawa Fashion Week and it was very snowy.

Looking forward to some fun times w/ mum and lots of laughs!



Make The Most of Each Day ‚ėÄÔłŹ

Took the subway earlier this week as the thought of driving across the city seemed like a nightmare. ¬†Especially the highway. ¬†There’s new HOV lanes that require 3 passengers so the others are all jammed up. People have been buying mannequins and jacking up their cars w/ ‘passengers’. Haha.


In case you don’t know, Toronto is hosting the PanAm Games and the city is preparing for it all to start this weekend. There’s a ton of things affecting the regular city flow and none of the people have arrived yet. I don’t have tickets yet but I’m sure I’ll check out something. I’m hoping to retreat to cottage country after next weekend. There I can watch the chaos unfold via mobile from the dock.

I like riding the subway during the day. It’s peaceful without crowds of people around. I used to take the TTC over an hour headway to work when I first moved to Toronto. ¬†I worked in the fashion industry and it wasn’t glamorous but I was certain about following that path.

Excited about visiting Ottawa this weekend. Calgary last week was fun. It’s been a while since I discovered my own country.

All in a days work!

ūüíõūüėÄ CASIE


#Esakaquest 2015 – Find Eska, Win Prizes!

This summer Eska Water is back for round 2 of Eskaquest. Torontonians are invited to explore the city in a Toronto-wide scavenger hunt. This year, ESKA will is teaming¬†up with six Toronto influencers (including me!), and challenging Toronto to ‚ÄėFind ESKA‚Äô for the chance to win tickets and prizes from June 22nd to July 31st.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.30.26 AM

During the six week campaign,we’re each giving away 2 prizes per week.¬†There’s two ways to get in the game, follow clues that ESKA releases on social media, or take a peek on the microsite (here), which contains a map hinting at the general location for each giveaway.¬†The first person to successfully find the influencer wins the prize.

Follow Eska for Clues

Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we release daily clues to help you find the next #eskaquest giveaway location.

My Eska Prize Giveaways are July 8th & July 11th

  • Stillwater Spa gift certificate$300
  • Dinner for 2 at a Summerlicious restaurant
#eskaquest w/ @casiestewart & @eska_canada

The rest of the Eskaquest crew includes blogger Yashy Murphy, Indie 88 radio host Brent Albrecht, MTV Live alumni Paul Lemieux, Sheena Snively, and  Daryn Jones.

We’ve planned a really fun giveaway so I’m pretty excited to put the plan¬†in motion. I’ll have more details next week! Until then follow ESKA water for another giveaway on Saturday.



Snipity, Snip, Snip!

Cut my hair off today!ūüíᬆIt feels so good! I think I might even go shorter. ¬†Woke up, styled my mop, it just was NOT working for me. Thought I wanted long hair but I really don’t like it. I’m over it! ¬†It’s hot and short hair is so much fun + stylish. Sean LOVES my hair super short. (My head¬†was partly shaved when we met five years ago.) So, I gave The Loft Toronto a ring today and booked an appt for a snip and him to have his beard trimmed.

Got a few compliments on this dress today. It’s from Forever 21!



Vintage Ink Wine Celebrates 100 Years of Tattoo Culture 

Last weekend I was at 99 Sudbury for a gallery show called GENERATIONS by Vintage Ink wine celebrating 100 years of tattoo culture. It featured line drawings by several tattoo artists and photographs by Matt Barnes.  It was a great mix of drinks, food, music, art, and friends!

I arrived early and spend a good amount of time admiring the photos and catching up with Tyler Kenny. He was on the scene representing the Freshly Educated Men blog.  We had heaps of laughs!


You might remember a couple weeks ago I shared a few stories of MY tattoos and where/when I got them. Vintage Ink wine is holding a contest, in order to enter, upload a photo of your tattoo to Instagram or Twitter, adding the hashtag #MyVintageInk.

Photos are displayed on via The winners will have their tattoo art displayed on 500 limited edition bottles of their wine along with a framed copy of their framed artwork.

This photo by Matt Barnes was my fav of the night. I love the juxtaposition of this beautiful tattooed mama and¬†this lil boy eating a hamburger. I wonder if it’s his mum? They’ve both got such a cute face.

Chloe came by to enjoy the fun and have some wines. Vintage Ink wine is now available at the LCBO.

Will share this video one it’s out, I think we’ve got a few cameos in there.

Over the course of the night they filled up this wine bottle tree. Such a neat idea! I wonder if dad could make me one of these. It would be a great patio decoration or something to have at the holidays.

Please let me know if you’ve entered the contest so I can share my love and vote for your tattoo. There will be one winner in Ontario and BC. To check out all the current entries visit¬†¬†to the #myvinyageink tag on Instagram here.

Happy FRIDAY and best of luck to all the entrants ūüôā



This post was created in partnership with Vintage Ink Wines. All photos and opinions are MINE! ūüôā


The Perfect Cottage Weekend #SummerCovered

If you’re new here or you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ll be well aware just how much I love to cottage. I like spending weekends in Muskoka, on the dock, on the boat, tanning, floating, or cooking up a big feast for our guests. I’ve partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart to share a few of my cottage weekend essentials.

One of the neat things about this post, my next post about The Perfect Summer Road Trip and working with Shoppers Drug Mart is, I’m truly an expert in their products. I used to work at Shoppers in my hometown! I spent the better part of evenings and weekends behind the cosmetics¬†counter during college.

Ok, now onto a few items to make..



A long day in the sun can be really draining, it’s hard work being cottage fabulous! It’s really important to make sure you stay hydrated, drink lots of water, and ALWAYS¬†wear sunscreen. Even if it’s not sunny! I like this Neutrogena product¬†because it’s dry and not greasy. I keep¬†this Dove antiperspirant¬†in the shared bathroom because aside from smelling nice, the spray means¬†any of our guests can have a little spritz should they need it. Wink, wink.

I recommend wearing this bug spray with deet in the daytime, not just at night. Those little mosquitos (aka mozzies!) have no limits. They’ll nip your ankles and arms no matter WHAT time of day. For some reason they love me and I always start the summer with heaps of bites (like right now, so itchy!). If you’re an allergy sufferer, take a caplet before you get to the cottage so your defences are up, you don’t want anything ruining your relaxing weekend.

After a day in the sun boating, swimming, tanning, take care of your skin by applying this super soothing lotion. Oatmeal and shea butter will leave your skin felling soft and smelling lovely.

I really love sitting on the dock and watching the stars long after sunset. Roasting¬†marshmallows is a cottage tradition along with making s’mores. The PC S’mores Bites are a delicious before you break out the¬†President’s Choice s’mores kit.


Other items I recommend packing include a nice big sun-hat, a good book, towel, and bathing suit. Also, don’t¬†forget sunnies, I usually pack ¬†few different pairs for selfies. You now me, ha! ūüôā

If¬†you’re¬†heading to the cottage, Shoppers Drug Mart is a one-stop shop to get almost everything you need for a great weekend. You can also pick up a bunch of things for your host if you’re staying at someone else’s cottage.

When you visit Shoppers between June 20th¬†‚Äď July 17th¬†and spend $10 or more using your¬†Optimum card, you’ll receive a PIN card. Enter the¬†PIN code ¬†at¬†¬†for a chance to win 1 of 5 Prizes of $5,000. Trust me, $5,000 will reallllllly make it a perfect cottage weekend!

Thanks Shoppers for stocking me up and¬†to find more great products and summer inspiration visit¬†¬†Here’s to happy cottaging!



TD Canada + MusiCounts + Serena Ryder in Ottawa

Last weekend mum and I went on a trip to Ottawa. I was invited by TD Canada & TD Music to bring a guest to see Serena Ryder and attend a special ceremony where TD Cafe & MusicCounts¬†made a music announcement. It has been a loooooong time since mum and I went on a plane together (NZ in the 90’s) so we made the most of every moment and it was so much fun.

We flew Porter Airlines which involves taking the worlds shortest commercial ferry to the island. It’s a wonderful flying experience!

MusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity associated with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) to help keep music alive in schools across Canada.

TD Canada has been working with MusicCounts since 2012. They support Community based organizations, schools, and picka ¬†MuciCounts teacher of the year. This year’s winner was Steve Sainas from BC and he received the award at the JUNOS.

TD Canada has worked with some great Canadian artists through MusiCounts including Arkells, Kevin Drew, and Tegan & Sarah. They’re excited to add Serena Ryder to the mix. ¬†WThey also work w/ the JUNOS team to partner with artists.

TD Canada is committed to music as an organization with a genuine interest in music and communities. They’re¬†not just a cheque signing bank, they actually follow through and make communities better.

Serena made a $25K donation to! These kids were SO EXCITED to hear the donation news, receive violins, and to find out they were performing on stage WITH Serena Ryder herself. It was a magical moment. 

The concert was at TD Place in the new Lansdowne Centre and was opened by The Strumbellas. They were amazing. The 6 piece band rocked the house.

Saw this sweet rat rod outside. My dad is a hot rod builder so I had to snap it and send him a pic.

The Serena Ryder concert was so much fun. Mum and I sang along and loved every minute of it.

After the show we went to the hotel bar at the Weston where we were staying and not 5 minutes after we sat down Serena walked in. She was with bunch of friends and I didn’t want to be a fan girl so no selfie this time but it was neat to be at the same place.

TD Canada + MusiCounts + Serena Ryder in Ottawa

For more info on TD’s involvement with music and music festivals in Canada visit¬† Learn more about MusiCounts program at¬† ¬†They’re got some exciting things coming up including involvement in¬†70 festivals across Canada¬†and next year at the¬†Junos they plan to ‘paint Calgary green’. I heard they’re got a big announcement coming up later this month too.

Check out some of my involvement with TD Canada over the last year:

Huge thanks to TD Canada and NKPR for inviting me on a memorable experience. it was really special to share that with my mum. It’s always great to visit our nations capital too.

TD Canada + MusiCounts + Serena Ryder in Ottawa