New Shades, Patio Season, Parking, Sunshine, Wine!

Hello, hello, what a beautiful day! Put these flowers in the 1188 office yesterday to brighten up the kitchen area. It’s so nice to be working back downtown, vs last summer when I was up in the Junction.

Wore these little adorable Lacoste oxfords and really hoped they didn’t hurt my feet come end of the day. You know how that happens every spring! The old summer shoes come out and your feet get all nasty lol.

Picked up these glasses at a garage sale last weekend. I love garage sale season! Mum and I went to one when I was home a couple weeks ago.    

Time to so something different with my hair soon. Not cutting it but colour. Have had blonde for months now, I’m ready to spice it up!

*Note to future self, don’t get eyelash extensions again, your real lashes are beautiful.

This was nice to see on our way to work in the morning finally, mobile payments! Thanks John Tory!  American and International friends, you will be happy to know we no longer have a crazy crack smoking mayor and our new mayor is quite swell.

Was walking down Queen Street West and caught these two guys reading the paper in perfect form. Yesterday was SO NICE, the streets were packed.

Went to a tasting at the iYellow wine cave w/ Vinho Verde wines from Portugal.


Nice to see Ken Samuel and meet the Wine Ladies. We had a great chat!


Thanks Re:Source Media, Angela Aiello (Executive Producer of CNBC’s “Wine Portfolio”), and the crew at iYellow for a nice evening. The wine was great too!

In other news…

Can’t wait. Planning to go to the cottage for my birthday weekend (May8th). I’m ready for a getaway! Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying the sunshine!



Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity Denim

Last week I stopped by Toronto’s iconic Over The Rainbow to celebrate as they turn 40. In honour of this exciting milestone, OTR is doing a series of fashion collabs throughout the year.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

The first is a limited-edition jean designed by Canadian denim darling Jason Trotzuk of FIDELITY.   I had a chance to have a few laughs with Jason, who flew in from Jason flew in from LA – where the FIDELITY factory is located, just for the event.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

The jeans come in a classic blue denim or white, with OTR details including rainbow striped detailing on the back pockets and inside waistband.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Over The Rainbow is THE place to go for a great pair of jeans, they’re known for honest service, knowledgeable staff, and innovative products. I’ve had some good memories there including last summer  2 summers ago when I hosted the Back to School Blogger blowout (see post here).

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Enjoyed the beverage selection. Fresh cold pressed juice in a rainbow of colours!

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Every month for the rest of the year, Over The Rainbow will be doing collaboration with some really rad brands including Tuck Shop Co., Naked & Famous Denim, Line Knitwear, Moose Knuckles, and more. See the full list here. I’ll make sure to keep you updated so you can pick up something from the limited collections yourself! 

Thanks Faulhaber Communications x FIDELITY x Over the Rainbow for my own pair of the limited edition denim. They’re super comfortable! Follow the hashtag #OTR40TRS for all their best moments!



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Weekend Reads + Things to Watch: Marketing Mag, NextIssue, News, Film


Woke up feeling ok, battling a sore throat but dragged myself out for some sunshine and a coffee. Still rocking that winter fur but looks like next week will bring those spring temps we’ve all been waiting for.

Listened to CBC Radio q w/ Shad this morning wearing this face mask from The Face Shop (thanks Faulhaber!). Working away in the home office looking like Hannibal Lecter hoping Sean didn’t walk in and get a fright. Update: He didn’t.

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner interview last night with the rest of the world? I thought it was a good interview and it was interesting to hear Bruce’s story and struggles he’s been facing. I’m not a regular watcher of Kardashians so I’ve not seen much about him besides the tabloid stuff.

This week I upgraded my NextIssue Canada subscription so I can get ALL the magazines including Hello Canada and US Weekly. If you wanna test it out try code ’60free’ for 2 months. Follow this link -> NextIssue 60free. They just added some more French and English titles (see here) along with new search options.

 I’m anxiously watching for the Royal Baby. I’ve always had a love for the Royal Family, it stems from my mum. She named me Casie Diana Stewart after Diana, Princess of Wales.  Rest in Peace Dear Diana, ILU.

Read MORE magazine via NextIssue today as well, always one of mum’s favs. Loving these jumpsuits, looking good Jessica Alba. I could wear in these things all summer.


 In other news:

I was featured in a story about The Future of Social Media in Marketing Magazine this week. Read it here. New photo by Kayla Rocca.

Career Boosters - The Future of Social Media, Marketing Magazine, Casie Stewart 


Our film, Behind the Red Carpet is NOW ON iTunes IN CANADA. You can rent/buy it and watch me on your TV/tablet/phone screen in the comfort of your own home anywhere, anytime. Find it in iTunes by searching the title or my name.

Behind The Red Carpet Film, iTunes,  Casie Stewart

That’s all for now! I’m gonna go soak up some sunshine. Have a great weekend and happy reading/watching/resting!



If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?

I’m working away and listening to the new q on CBC w/ Shad and the first episode has me moved.  I laughed at the jokes and just about cried listening to this poem. A letter from an 8-year-old boy inspired Shane Koyzan to write it, he asks ‘If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?’ I feel inspired now too.

I’m a huge fan of poetry and wrote a book of it when I was a teenager.  I’ve been working very slowly on putting together a second edition. Coincidently just stumbled on this poetically written post from a few years ago (2012). Read, listen. Explore. More posts tagged writing here and poetry here.

There Are No Walls In This Office

I said to myself as I peeked out from behind my computer. There are no walls in this office. I looked up. Looked around. Ideas floating freely between the trees and with a fresh haircut feeling quite fresh in general. A rain drop lands on the touchpad. There’s a faint sound of a boy guitar while a girl reads a book and spins a hula on her hips. (It’s quite amazing really.) The breeze is cool for the first time in days and I wish I had a sweater. In any other season this would feel warm.

 Another rain drop. Bugger.

This office has no walls but it has no roof either.

Hope you’re making the most of the day. 🙂




A Blog Post About Blogging for Bloggers – WP 4.2, Mobile

I don’t usually blog about blogging but this blog post is about blogging because I have some blog updates to share on my blog.
Bloggiest sentence ever! Blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhggggggg. (Me typing right now.)

Ok, the new WordPress came out yesterday and this update has some neat things to help you as a blogger, communicate and share, globally. You can watch this quick video or read more about it after scrolling my list of favs from their post. If you blog you should watch it because it will make you a better (WordPress) blogger.

  • Even more embeds: Paste links from and Kickstarter and watch them magically appear right in the editor. With every release, your publishing and editing experience get closer together.
  • Host of new characters: Native Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, musical and mathematical symbols, and hieroglyphs.
  • Streamlined plugin updates: Goodbye boring loading screen, hello smooth and simple plugin updates.
  • OMG! Emoji are now available in WordPress! Get creative and decorate your content with 💙, 🐸, 🐒, or🍕!!


UPDATE IT TODAY. LIKE NOW. Google announced that the Mobile Friendly Update began rolling out YESTERDAY.  This update is going to be the largest Google update ever and if you don’t get on it, you’ll notice a drop in traffic. And it might be huge. Don’t know if your sits is optimized for mobile, check this link to find out

There’s a good blog post on from yesterday that states:

Postscript: SEO Clarity’s Ryan Heuser sent me some early data at 1:45pm EDT saying as of this morning they are now seeing “1.7% difference in ranking domains between desktop and mobile versus the previous few days.” He said the big winners thus far are sites like Wikipedia that are mobile friendly, you can see their jump in visibility in the mobile results in the chart below.

I recently switched back to using the WPTouch  plugin and my mobile is experience is waaaaaay cuter. Have you checked? Are you on your phone right now? It’s a free plugin and the WPTouch Pro (paid) version has some fancier features. These screenshots don’t do it justice.

Is your blog optimized for mobile?

It’s insane how much blogging has changed over the years. It did NOT used to be this easy to create, publish, and share. YAY Internet! Ever have a blog question, Tweet me or call me! Here’s me on the news last night w/ the gang, Justin Bieber, PSY, Chris Crocker. Oh, y’know, just a regular day. 

In light of the YouTube 10 Year anniversary yesterday, I’m really inspired to make more vids. Here’s one inspired by something that happened today.  My BF thinks I am so weird but he loves it. 




Internet, TV, Fried Chicken, Fur Coat – Just a Regular Day!

Left the house today all like WHAAAAAAAAAAT IS THIS COLDDDDD? Grabbed a fur from the closet and shut the door. Can’t even believe it snowed yesterday.

One of the only good things about winter is you can throw on a huge jacket like this (from LeChateau) with a pair of sunnies (YSL/Smart Buy Glasses) and you look like a cool old granny. The rings help! They’re part of that haul from the Shop for Jayu SS15 look book shoot.

Today I was interviewed for tonight’s Global National news about YouTube’s 10th birthday. I didn’t really know that YouTube and my blog are the same age.  THREE CHEERS FOR INTERNET OGs.

Mike Drolet and I chatted about how YouTube has changed the world, jobs, trolls, and more. Tune in tonight at 6:30pm for the full interview. I’ll post a link to it here tomorrow once it’s live.

I rung mum to tell her I was gonna be on TV and said, “that’s why I always have my nails done, never know when tv will be calling!”. Ha. I kill me.  I would like to do more tv. I love the lights and being on camera.

When I was done I came downstairs and Sean and the 1188 boys had picked up lunch from The Chickery (David Adjey’s place).  IT WAS SO GOOD. I didn’t fill up in the mac n’ cheese but it was good too.

That’s all for now. From the Internet to the TV tonight! Hopefully I look ok now that I’ve told y’all I’ll be on there. Ha! If I have lipstick on my teeth I will just die.



Earth Day + The Ford Eco Tour 2015

I arrived in Detroit nice and early for a quick media trip about how Ford is making their business green. I’ve been on a few media trips with Ford Canada to Dearborn, Michigan and absolutely love working with them. They always cover every single little detail so I was kinda excited to see what we’d be getting up to.

The Marriott I stayed at was quite lovely and I was really into the rugs/floors.

Look at this place! Regal!


This happens all the time. Remember how excited I was that for ONE TIME Starbucks got it right the other day? THE STRUGGLE IS REAL GUYS.  My driver was really nice though.

Kicking myself for not trying to see if this bad boy worked. Do you think it did? It would have a made a good Snapchat regardless.

Got a warm welcome and my itinerary before heading to my room for a refresh. I was lucky enough to catch 30 min of Young & The Restless before lunch.  The two Jacks thing is weird.

Had to stroll past these beautiful trees before getting to my room and my god did they ever smell amazing. It was SOOOOO windy though. That probably helped with me being able to smell them but I really didn’t mind.

Impressed with how Ford integrates innovation to every element of their business. Their commitment to sustainability was the foundation of everything we learned. Carol Kordich spoke about spearheading the adoption of aggressive Ford guidelines for using recycled content in car fabric.

I loved her energy and passion for this stuff. It’s wonderful to see someone who really loves their job. They’re the FIRST automaker to use REPREVE brand yarn in seat fabric and plastic bottles in fabric. The REPRIVE microfibre was insanely soft. It would be neat to see clothes made out of these fabrics.  Like my notes?

I’ve got more updates about my little jaunt across the pond with Ford, this was only the start of Day 1. Thanks Ford Canada and NPR for educating me and making Earth Day special. If you’re interested in a behind the scenes look at Ford production or thoughts on sustainability visit their blog at



The Kit: Toronto Street Style Feature

Yesterday I was featured on Canada’s leading fashion + beauty site, The Kit. Check it out here! Photos by the lovely Kayla Rocca.

Inspired by the era of punk and print, today’s Toronto street style encounter mixes and matches pieces with a retro vibe to create a modern look.

WEARING: Lucian Matis top, American Apparel dress, Rudsak moto jacket and handbag, Nasty Gal hat, Shellys London booties, YSL sunglasses, M.A.C lipstick in Lady Danger
STYLE INSPIRATION: “My mom and her best friend had really great style growing up, lots of prints, patterns, sequins, and big jewelry in the ’80s. That’s where my love of clothes comes from!”

Photographer: Kayla Rocca,



Hop, Skip, and a Jump to the USA! 


Hi from Pearson Airport, YYZ. Just had a DELICIOUS chicken sandwich and am about to board my plane. Heading to…wait for it…DETROIT! Taking a quick trip to visit the Ford HQ in Dearborn, MI. It’s my 3rd trip there and I’ll be back early tomorrow.  

 Saw this being painted yesterday, it’s a sign. (Get it haha, ok, not THAT FUNNY.)
Distressed a pair of old jeans the other day. They turned out great. Think I might rough them up a little more before next wash. You can find how to do your own distressed denim on Pinterest. It’s super easy!  

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday about me and bloggy. Here’s to the next 10 years! 

Have an awesome day,




My Blog is 10 Years Old Today.

My how  time flies. I’m happy to celebrate ten years of  CASIE STEWART : THIS IS MY LIFE  blog. Since 2005, I’ve been documenting my global adventures in fashion, travel, and technology.  I’ve been to Thailand, England, Costa Rica, LA, New York, and more. When I look back it hardly seems real. Thank GOD I’ve got it documented so I can relive all those exciting moments. Thank you for coming along with me.  Thinking I’ll do a post with some of my fav moments later this week.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on,  a brand new hub of work and media accomplishments.  I’m really excited for this year and what the next 10 years will be like. If the last five are any indication of awesomeness, I imagine my 20 year blog post will be from the MOON.

Hop on over to CASIE STEWART : THIS IS MY WORK  and take a peek at

Thank you again for following along and being part of my life. I’m truly filled with joy when I think about all the relationships I’ve built the last ten years.

With love,




Wanna Go to Love Art Fair? Use this code.

I’m out of town this weekend but my friends at NKPR gave me a code for you to visit Love Art Fair this weekend at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

USE CODE: GALOVEART or this link

This gives you general admission for the entire weekend (tickets are $10). I went last year and there’s HEAPS of beautiful art to feast your eyes on. LMK if you pick up something great!



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