It’s your life. Make the most of it. #TasteLife


One of the things I love most about summer is heading up to the cottage, taking in all the fresh air, and boating on the lake. It’s an amazing way to really soak up life’s greatness.

Over the next few weeks I’ll he sharing some of my fav ways to #TasteLife in partnership w/ [yellow tail] wines from Australia.

I’ll be encouraging you to share the great things life has to offer on Instagram by tagging @YellowTailCanadawith the hashtag #TasteLife. Each week over the summer, [yellow tail] will post a new inspiration on Instagram and you’ll be able to win a weekly prize by participating. One winner will be selected to win an ultimate grand prize adventure worth $10,000.  Their winning photo will influence the label design on two [yellow tail] bottles next summer (2015).

Here’s my first Taste Life photo, underwater blogging! I was using a DryCase product to project my iPhone while I was in the pool during a film shoot.

To me, the ‘taste life’ mentality means making the most of each day, embracing those around you., taking in the simple pleasures, being spontaneous, and having a positive attitude. I look forward to seeing how you taste life this summer!


Stay tuned for the weekly challenges and in the mean time, get out there and do something awesome!




Let’s Do The Time Warp Again! Blog History #TBT

Today I’m taking you back in time and showing you some memories from June 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. The main reason I started THIS IS MY LIFE was to keep memories. Writing things down has improved my ability to retain information over the last 10 years.

June 2008 – SATC Movie came out and I went to a pink carpet party.

Gave away an Energi to Go charger for iPod on the blog. It was one of the first things I gave away to readers like you. It was also one of my first pieces of branded YouTube content. Here’s the video. This hair, omg so long and dark!

June 2009 – Pink hair for Pride.

Blogged about Dermalogica for the first time. I use their products now and love them still.

This old shirt of Dads. Bare arms with hardly any tattoos.

June 2010 – Gladstone Hotel event, that feather tattoo has been covered by more tattoos. It was a nice one though.

Sheldon, Hawley, Tristan

Went home to see Mum, she gave me flowers from the garden.

It was also summer of G20, I retreated to the island to escape the madness.

I also protested in the G20. Well kinda, mine was more like a sexy protest. I wore lace leggins and combat boots and took photos of cute boys.

2011 – Katy Perry concert and I wore a sequin bodysuit with ruffles on the bum. It was so freaking cute.

Always great to go back in time and remember fun moments in blog history.



Look what Telus did for one of their longest standing customers…

When I watched this I couldn’t hold back the happy tears. I imagined what it was like for her, what it be like if that was me, or if it was my Dad who has been a Telus customer for almost 20 years too. If it gives you the feels, share with a friend 🙂

This act of kindness to show appreciation is the things dreams are made of. I think it’s incredibly awesome that Telus did this for one of their customers of 20 years. If your day has not been made yet, you will feel like making someone else’s after watching this.

A month ago Em and I volunteered at the Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto for the #givewhereweliveday. Thousands of company employees and friends from across Canada took part that day.

This week the Telus Care-a-Van team is in Guelph, ON with a host of events and activities to specially thank TELUS local customers and the Guelph community. Telus truly cares about the communities they live, work and play. It makes me happy to have worked with them for the last five years. They’re a great bunch!

Hope your day is great. Bring the sunshine if you don’t see it!



Watched The Institute on Netflix Last Night…

Last night I watched on Netflix and I was really intrigued It reminded me of the BMC Labs ‘thing’ I was involved in earlier this year with Body Mind Change and the David Cronenberg project.

I knew that Body Mind Change wasn’t real but there were elements that seemed real and then played out by people I didn’t know and to be honest I still don’t know who was in on it or not. Sean wasn’t sure at times either and he worked on it. Remember when I picked up my pod in the lab and someone tweeted me but I never saw them and it was all really weird? I like that feeling of the unknown. Nervous/excited.

Here’s the trailer for The Institute, it’s kinda weird and artistic and if you don’t like it I’m not sorry. I thought the extravagance of it was pretty neat. I would like to take part in an Alternate Reality Game. If you know of one somewhere, let me know? You can watch The Institute on Netflix here.

The Institute is a documentary that examines a San Francisco-based Alternate Reality Game, where thousands of participants got more than they bargained for. Told from the players’ perspectives, the film looks over the precipice at an emergent new art form where the real world and fiction narratives merge to create unforeseen and often unsettling unsettling consequences. Written by Spencer McCall

Note made via Noteography 🙂 

To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see… a recondite family awaits.


Pop Up Perrier – Playground Party Photos!


Last week the Burroughs Building on Queen West was host to Pop Up with Perrier, a playground themed party for grownups. I worked with Community Agency to invite some of my closes friends, media, and socialites from the city to come out and get down. The 5th floor was filled with green lights, old school arcade games, ping pong, and more. Photo credit to Ryan Emberley for these great shots.

Pop Up Perrier @ The Burroughes

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 12

Becca poppin’ the ping pong table!

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 11

Fashion peeps in the haus hey hey, Shawn Hewson & the Greta Constantine team

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 1

My silk shirt is from from Philistine Toronto. Clearly I was loving life at this moment!

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 5 Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 9

Jess from NKPR and Sabrina from NOW lookin’ babely

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 13

Dirty Harry & Patricia J.

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 21

One of my fav things was that all the drinks were pre-mixed in bottles. My fav was Grey Goose, Perrier, watermelon mint. Can someone let me know when & where there are available? I need a case for the cottage!

Pop Up with Perrier- Adult Playground 27

On the second night I wore my all over print Ryan Gosling shirt and it was a hit. People were taking photos of it all night. Lauren and I had fun chattin’ up our friends and taking selfies of course. 🙂


Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to see you!



Om T.O. Free all-day Yoga in the Distillery District

I don’t know bout you but I’m feeling it could/should be Friday already.  This week is a busy one as I’m working 9-5 and 4 nights this week w/ client events/freelance. It’s been a while since I hit my mat for some sun salutations so I was happy to see an email about Om T.O. – Free all-day Yoga-thon in the Distillery District. I’m gonna try and head there first thing Saturday morning to start my day.

Om T.O. 2 (1)

“Last year, 1,000 people go onto their yoga mats and participated in our inaugural event This year, we’re hoping to double that number and bring yoga to the masses,” said Casey Soer, co-creator of Om T.O. and co-founder of Spynga Inc., a participating studio. “It’s wonderful to see yoga enthusiasts with different skill levels come together to share a truly unique community experience.”

Participating studiosSpynga889 Yoga and Wellness Spa,Bikram Centre,Downward Dog, Moksha Yoga Uptown,Soghrati YogaYoga TreeYoga Sanctuary

Senior Sponsor: Global Botanical
Presenting Sponsors: Tonic MagazineSpynga
Beverage Sponsor: Wh2ole Water 114

If you wanna join me, I’ll be heading there around 9am. 40 min classes will be running all day from 9-5pm and it’s BYOM (bring your own mat). Follow on Twitter at @OmToronto #OmTO14.



* this one time in Costa Rica I was in a yoga video. Check that view baby!


Top Down Cruisin’ Camaro Drive

This weekend Klout & Chevrolet Canada hooked me up with a sweet ride to cruise around in. Sean and I rented a brand new Camaro last summer in California so we were quite familiar with it’s awesomeness. The car arrived Friday morning and sadly was returned last night.

I made a couple GoPro videos while on the back country roads but I’m not sure I should post them because it appears we are speeding! You’ll just have to imagine us cruising with my hair blowing in the wind. 🙂


Thanks Klout for this experience, we had heaps of fun. Best part was Sunday cruising on Southwood Road up in Muskoka. Vrooooooom, this baby is FAST!



It’s Time to Break Up w/ Your Stuff

If you are like me in that you love gadgets and like to have the newest thing, there’s a good chance you have a box, drawer, or pile of unused electronics. is spreading the message of recycling electronics with a short video that shows the social and possible romantic consequences of being a person that stores old out-of-use gadgets around the house. Watch it here 🙂

To find a drop off location near you visit

What does your stash of out-of-use electronics look like? Tweet me with a picture mentioning @ecycleOntario @casiestewart and #BreakUpWithYourStuff. You could win a $50 Visa gift card! Get ‘up on it!

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This dress belonged to Mum. She got it in Hawaii on a stopover vacation when I was about 2 years old. It’s one of my favs. Photo was taken by Kelly Kruschel.

I would really love to be at a beach right now. Went up to the cottage this weekend but it wasn’t very warm and the bugs were brutal. Still have the Chevy Camaro until 8pm tonight so Sean and I are gonna go for a cruise after work. I had a burrito for lunch again from Playa Cabana, we’re in a relationship now haha. He didn’t win at the MMVA last ngiht but he DID win in the style deportment. Got him decked out in Ted Baker and will share some pix of that soon.

 Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂




Love You Dad ❤️



Backyard Coachella + Safari Realness @ 159 Manning

Tonight is Part 1 of BBQ Fest at 159 Manning. The Grid called it Toronto’s Backyard Coachella. I went last summer and it was so much fun!

The event is curated by by Timothy A. McCready and Justin Peroff with performances on 3 different stages by Buck 65, Bizzarh, Biblical, the Golden Dogs, BB Guns, Michael Rault, Ice Cream, the Pairs, Bouquet, Choir!Choir!Choir!, the Good Enough Live Karaoke Band, Hollow Earth, and Almighty Dreem Egg.

There are also DJ sets by Elaquent, Sunclef and Brendan Canning AND Becca Lemire is doing a SAFARI PHOTO BOOTH!

TBH I’m really stoked about the photobooth. Thinking it might be a little bit like this…RARRRR. Becca said there will be REAL ANIMALS. Can’t wait.

You can get tickets at the door and the party goes till 11pm! LMK if you are going to be there my TWEETING ME!

Also, look up at the full moon tonight and make your 8 wishes. Today marks a special Friday the 13th since there’s a full moon. The next full moon on Friday the 13th won’t occur until August 2049. Oh, and I JUST GOT A TATTOO! If you’ve been reading for a while you will know I think it’s good luck to get tattooed on Friday the 13th, a bunch of mine were done on this day. 

Happy Friday!



Karlie Kloss X Warby Parker | OMG SHE KNOWS ME!

Tweeted Warby Parker about the new Karlie Kloss collabo and look what they did! I;m a big fan of the brand and am pulling out my credit card as soon as I finish typing to buy a pair of these. OMG. She even said CASIE not Cassie.

Now THAT is how you work a celebrity ambassador collaboration.


Check out the Karlie Kloss collections here. I’m blushing. This was totally out of the blue btw.  Thanks Karlie!

Much love


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.58.15 AM