And We’re Back! | The Juice Life (I mean me lol)

OK so I kinda lost hold of that ‘juice life’ I was rolling for a few weeks. I love my new juicer but it’s a life change to keep up with a new routine. I WAS getting groceries each Sunday morning like a good lil’ b, then I missed one day and it screwed up my whole week. After that, I missed two weeks because I didn’t make the time.

#CookingwithCuisinart: Casie Stewart & Cuisinart

Keeping up juicing takes a bit of dedication. Not the actual juicing part, that’s easy, but the stocking up on quality fruits and veggies. Now I’m back!  Today I made a gorgeous blend of green apple, carrot, celery, ginger,  and lemon. I’ve been sipping on it all day!

#CookingwithCuisinart: Casie Stewart & Cuisinart

If you have any great juice recipes or tips to stay on the juice train, let me know via Twitter or in the comments. Love to know your thoughts on this series too.




Millennials: Getting the right mix of financial advice

I never thought I’d be in an article about having good finances, let alone millennials and good financial advice.. It seemed impossible back when I graduated from collegge and uni, faced with debt from school, and every major credit card.

'MAKE IT GO AWAY' Casie Stewart, iPad: This is my photo, I am very deep & emotional. Andy Warhol drew the knives, I drew the blood and showed emotion. Someone on Twitter just said I am cute when I’m mad, why do boys always say that? I AM NOT CUTE. I AM ANGRY. - See more at:

I moved back from Australia and was BROKE. I had mounting debt and wasn’t making nearly enough money. I was on this show called Maxed Out (now on the Oprah Network!) where I confronted my debt with a financial advisor and through that experience, got a better paying job.

The host thought me making a living by being ‘Casie Stewart’ was a total joke and nearly impossible since I didn’t come from money. She compared me to Paris Hilton and I officially launched my website at the end of the show. I had been writing THIS IS MY LIFE at blogspot but finally went to my own url.

Casie 24, has dreams of being another Paris Hilton, only with a $24,000 income, she has amassed a $31,000 debt.

Casie 24, has dreams of being another Paris Hilton, only with a $24,000 income, she has amassed a $31,000 debt.

This week, an article that I consulted on recently came out with a study from TD bank. It quotes me and was published on PR Newswire Yahoo Finance and some other places. This is my real story and my actual serious advice is if you are having money worries, no matter how broke you are, it is helpful to see someone who can get you on the right track. I’m 31 and debt free now!

AND to the host of Maxed Out who looked at me like I was crazy, LOOK AT ME NOW!  

TD survey finds more than two in five Gen Y Canadians consider parents their most trusted financial advisor

Casie Stewart is a 31-year-old social media specialist and blogger who recently spent five years paying off her student debt. She agrees her parents are good role models when it comes to responsible financial habits but says their specific financial advice doesn’t always apply to her situation.

“My parents always taught me to save, but it’s difficult when you don’t have much money coming in,” she said.  “It was haunting to have debt from school and I didn’t know how to manage it.”

Casie says that’s why she also turned to a professional financial advisor for help, after explaining to her parents some of the difficulties she had saving money.

“I met with a financial advisor because I knew I needed help to turn my finances around,” she said. “I set a goal to be debt free by 30. For five years I made monthly payments and never missed one.  It was really helpful to keep that five year goal in mind, and now I’m looking at different types of financial goals.”

Read the full article here: Millennials: Getting the right mix of financial advice 

Photo by Kelly Kruschel

Photo by Kelly Kruschel


Ain’t Gonna Stop the Rain by Complaining

Rain, rain go away…


I was off work yesterday and If you follow me on Twitter you will know I had a tiny sliver of glass stuck in my foot. It was SO PAINFUL! I went to the walk-in then to the XRAY and by the end of the day I was at another doctor. I had a needle that hurt like CRAZY into my foot to freeze it before the glass was removed. It’s better today, thank god.

I arrived to the office today to find 2 boxes of shoes on my desk. I’ll be sharing those with you later this week. I also received a sweet package from Blow Vapor of nicotine-free e-cigarettes. They caused quite a stir in the office when everyone came to check ’em out.


Thanks to Sean for being a big help yesterday. Helped me with the car AND got me a burger from The Drake Hotel for dinner. What a legend. He was my Man Crush Monday 🙂


It’s super rainy and yuk in Toronto today. I ordered my fav pasta (Grilled Chicken Pene) from Magic Oven to the office just so I could stay in side (and not have to walk far!).  I’ve always loved this Mark Twain quote and whenever we have a real crap day I think about it…

Put a smile on your face and flash it around 🙂



#TravelTuesday Europe & Africa Tweetup May 19th, Mark Your Calendar!

Ready for takeoff? On May 19th I’m co-hosting a Travel Tweetup with a few other bloggers, sponsored by travelcuts. You might recognize travelcuts from your college or uni campus but their new home is ONLINE.

1-travelcuts Invite (1)

The tweetup is 12-1pm on May 19th, 2015.  We’re focussing on travel to Europe and Africa, two destinations I’m yet to visit! Pop that in your calendar, prizing and details below.

Here’s What You Could Win!

Joining the tweetup is easy, log into Twitter and follow the hashtag #travelcuts15 and @travelcuts. We’ll be asking questions and talking about various destinations across Europe and Africa. Join the conversation and you could win the following prizes.

  • 3 x Rough Guides Travel Books to Europe (2x) and Africa (1x)
  • 2 x $100  travel gift cards

Sharing some inspiration from the destinations we’ll be chatting about on May 19th. I’d love you to join us and share your own travel experiences and dream destinations.


Capri, Italy

Greece_The Acropolis

The Acropolis, Greece

Greece_Oia, Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Street scene in temple bar, Dublin, Ireland

Street scene in temple bar, Dublin, Ireland

One of the things I always mention when friends are travelling is GET TRAVEL INSURANCE. You don’t want to wind up in a tough situation, miles from home without the right care. Not having travel insurance can be VERY expensive! Travelcuts has great coverage for all kinds of adventures that’s quick and easy to get. Book your travel insurance online at



Clouds over Stellenbosch Mountains

Clouds over Stellenbosch Mountains

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 19th at noon! If you’re looking for more information about trips and destinations, check the new website.

Happy travels!




Too myself to Yorkdale Mall this weekend for some shopping and to use up some gift cards I’ve been hoarding. When I got home Keri popped by in her new Jaguar and took us for a spin. I love this car!







Get Luckee + Get Leather

This week was a busy one. Stayed in last night. There were no cabs due to the rain so I picked Em up from school in a black Lincoln town car from Uber. I had a couple credits so it wasn’t that bad! She was totes excited and I then ordered takeout for dinner.

Wednesday was the opening of Susur Lee’s new spot Luckee at the Soho Met hotel. [Susur Lee selfie] Fun opening, and the food I got around to trying was great. I need to go back for a sit down dinner. I’ve done a few things with Met hotels over the years (here + here) plus Community Agency did the Luckee branding so it was great to see lots of familiar faces since we’ve all been hibernating for months.

Get Luckee + Get Leather | Sample Sale + Celebrity Selfie

Lauren and I met SANDY COHEN. If you follow me on any other social network you’ve probably seen this already. I loved the OC so much. We were there and Laguna last summer, so much fun. My ‘Celebrity Selfie’ collection is really growing.

Get Luckee + Get Leather | Sample Sale + Celebrity Selfie

Get Luckee + Get Leather | Sample Sale + Celebrity Selfie

The Rudsak sample sale is on till Sunday. I’ve worn my new jacket and used my new bag on the daily day since I picked them out Wednesday. Here’s the three items I got. Worth stopping by if you’re in the market for a new bag or leather jacket. I had a gift card to put towards my purchase so it was an even sweeter deal.

Heading out to Yorkdale to use a gift card for Ted Baker I’ve been holding onto forever. Hellooo Spring! Have an awesome day 🙂 <3 CASIE




Rudsak Sample Sale Hours

Location:60 Atlantic Avenue Liberty Village, Toronto

Saturday, April 26th 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 27th 10am – 5pm



Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?


One of the things I loved about DailyBooth (RIP) and love about selfies is they are a way to document your life as you grow and change. I wonder how many times I’ve taken a similar photo of my own face? This video is 4 years of my life on DailyBooth. I exported my archive before it shut down in 2012 and made this so I never forget this stuff.. So many memories here. Any you remember?

Today is Anzac day in Australia/New Zealand. It’s like remembrance day in North America. My granddad was in the war. I remember him telling us stories of how he wasn’t old enough and snuck in then worked as a cook. He used to have a butcher shop in Palmerston North, NZ when Mum was growing up. I think he would be really glad to know I kept a blog diary because he was a writer too.

 I can’t believe I’m still wearing a scarf and it’s almost May! Urgh! Longest fattest winter of my life.  Loving this new jacked I scored at the Rudsak sale this (deets here, it’s on till Sunday).



Saw this yesterday in my hood when I was walking home from school with EmBot.


Here’s to an awesome weekend!



If you have never seen this video ‘F*ck You Pay Me’ I highly encourage you to carve out a few minutes to watch, listen, and learn. You will be smarter in a few ways. When I first watched it ages ago it inspired me to write this.

I’ve run into situations with clients where things get awkward because we didn’t establish our roles, our work, or payment up front before getting started. I changed my perspective on the value of myself and my work after watching this video. Then I drew this 🙂

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from San Francisco Creative Mornings

If you have never creeped my drawing blog (started in 2008!) you can find it here.

Borderline Artistic Blog


Forever Inspired, Shakespeare

We read heaps at my house when I was growing up. I used to collect old poetry and English literature books from garage sales. I still love second hand books and tucked away in a bin at Dad’s house, are many of my old book treasures. I once made a heap Shakespeare quotes into magnets and stuck them on the fridge. I imagine I was about 13. (Mum, is that true?) I think some of them are still on her fridge.

These are two of my favourite Shakespeare Quotes


Rudsak Sample Sale – On Now Till Sunday!

I’ve been going to Rudsak shows at fashion week for a while but I am yet to own something. I remember one year they had these amazing fur/leather hats and I was like I NEED THAT NOW.  I’m heading to check out the sample sale tonight before it opens tomorrow morning, 9am. I really hope I find the perfect black leather jacket.

RIP this Muuba jacket (above). It was very thin sheepskin and both pockets just about ripped right off and fell on the floor.  I just retired it about  a month ago.  I scored in the Crystal Light X Holt Renfrew shopping spree/fashion show a couple years ago. That was a fun day with these ladies. 🙂

When the email rolled in about the Rudsak sample sale, I knew I was in luck and so are you. The prices are up to 70% off so you could really score something amazing like one of these gems. They have a great selection of trench coats that I am now drooling over. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Rudsak Sample Sale

Rudsak Sample Sale

Location: 60 Atlantic Avenue Liberty Village, Toronto

Rudsak Sample Sale Hours:

Thursday, April 24th 10am – 9pm
Friday, April 25th 10am – 9pm
Saturday, April 26th 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 27th 10am – 5pm

Rudsak Sample Sale


You Light Up My Life, Sunshine


I’ve had this coat for what seems like a million years. I got it at Gap when I worked at the Fairview Park Mall store during highschool. I guess it was almost a million years. Took some photos with my GoPro this morning and didn’t realize there was water droplets on the camera. Got some good news about a project this morning and as I usually do, called up Mum with a big smile on my face. She can always tell that something good happened by sound of my voice.


The funny thing about this tweet is that the stupid basic pants from Zara just got a broken zipper. SO BASIC. haha. Made me laugh.

Tonight Lauren and I are going to a documentary about selfies, we are gonna take so many selfies. I’m pretty sure she’s in it. I remember meeting up one day and her saying ‘I was just in a movie about selfies’. Appropriate.


I just ate this taco Tuesday magic for lunch. It was delicious.

Here comes the sun 🙂



Mellow Yellow Monday

Mellow Yellow Monday :)

It’a super nice out today. I took off my jacket to snap some photos on my way to work and the sun was already beating down. I heard it might get up to 20 today. It’s about time I start using my Canon DSLR now that it’s nice out. Last summer I was just getting to learn how to use it as an ambassador w/ Canon for the Canon Blogtography program. I’m happy these pants still fit, I really need to get my summer bod rockin’. Since the winter was so long and cold I managed to stay inside and hibernate for months which also meant a million movies, snacks, takeout. These jellies were sent to me by Narrative PR & Call It Spring, I feel like a kid when I wear them. Especially with my backpack on. It’s a great feeling really 🙂



Our quick visit to the cottage yesterday was ok, the lake is still frozen and it’s still winter up there. The snowbank was too high to put the car in the driveway.  The water is going to be so cold this year! Luckily I have my garden at our house in the city to work on before getting into full cottage mode. It’s much more fun up there when it’s warm!

Thinking of my friends in Boston and everyone in the marathon today. Last year Sean and I were in Boston that weekend and downtown right were the bombings happened the day before. I knew a couple people running and it was pretty scary. I hope everything today goes fine ad everyone is safe.

Thinking I’ll venture out into the sun over lunch, check out the hood. Try and find a good photo spot, maybe read some of my book. Have a few cool things coming up over the next few weeks. Feeling pretty mellow today tho.