No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

I met Andrew aka Gunnarolla via Twitter when we found out we’d both been chosen to go on the trip to Thailand with Contiki. He is simply amazing and super talented. One of my fav people from the trip for sure. This is us with Sam and Leah on the last night in Thailand making up a song on the spot. It was simply hilarious.

The video below is Andrew’s latest tune. I watched it with joy knowing I was there for a few of the shots. They all move really fast so you might not see me but me and the Internet know I was there!

No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

In other news, Andrew introduced me to a new platform called Subbable where you can support your fav YouTubers. Remember, these peeps are making things to entertain you with their own money, gadgets, and talents (like us bloggers, most the time!). Shout them if you love ’em! I gave some love (aka $$) to Andrew’s profile yesterday and now patiently away the arrival of my Red Box. LOVE YOU MAN!


Here’s to an amazing 2014 and living with NO REGRETS!



Travel | Thailand w/ The ContikiThai Crew!

Check out this great vid by my Vancouver buds the Sunday Fundayz. These dudes were so much fun to hang out with in Thailand. They’re the ones doing backflips and splits in my photos.

We crammed heaps of adventure into our 10 days. Now that’s so dang freezing here I’m really wishing I was back in the hot, hot sun. If you love travel, subscribe to the Sunday Fundayz on YouTube, they’re constantly on adventure! They also have a clothing line of which I just ordered a pile of stuff.

Thailand via Instagram: 46 Photos in 15 Seconds

Made this little video using Statigram, an app that allows you to create a video from your Instagram vids. Super great for summarizing trips, special moments, or looking back at the year past. It’s free but for $1.99 you can add your own watermark as I did below.

Stay warm out there,


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Blog life: Sometimes I don’t feel like it. #10

The last couple weeks have been very busy and it’s been a bit ghostly around here. In the last 4 weeks I returned from the trip a lifetime in Thailand, started a new job, and before I knew it the holidays were here. The number of blog posts this month has been significantly lower than normal. Every once in a while I publish a post with this same title, we’re up to 10 in 8 years so, as a daily blogger I think that’s not too bad.

To be honest, having a blog is one of the best things in my life but it can be quite overwhelming at times.

I’m planning a revamp for the new year so wait for it, it’s coming. I just needed a little break. I’m recharging my mental batteries and come January, I’ll be ready to rock.

With love,



I Love This: what would you do with $25,000?

One of my fav filmmakers and YouTubers for sure. He’s also got a great name! Mayjahhhh props to Casey Neistat!



Holiday GIFs: I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl, Santa Baby

This is my favourite Christmas sweater.

Dance party? Desk dancing? Sure! Put on the tunes…

This heart’s for you. Yes, you reading this, I see you.




‘Across the Universe’ by Chris Hadfield and the Wexford Gleeks

Enjoy this. A friend at CBC Music sent it to me yesterday. This song reminds me of mum, I think she sang it to us as kids. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Chris Hadfield is such an amazing human.




Saw this from Gary Vaynerchuk earlier today and just thought I would INFORM YOU. HUGE pet peeve on Twitter is people who RT everything nice someone says about them. It’s not necessary! It’s bad party form. You wouldn’t do that in real life so, don’t do it on the internet!

* BTW thinking about cutting my hair like this again? 

Casie Stewart - short hair don't care! #thisismylife

To be honest though, I fav all the nice things people say about me, great for uplifting spirits on a bad day or reminding yourself just how awesome you are! Fav is different than ReTweeting though.


Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.18.30 AM





These Vids Will Warm Up Your Monday!


Oh helloooooo! Really had to pull myself out of bed this morning even though I had heaps of sleep on the weekend. All this cold and snow makes for perfect sitting on the couch reading, working, in jammies weather. Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Mum is in NZ with the family, HI GUYS!

In other news…

Check out these awesome vids made by Seattle’s Travels and Gunnarolla on our Thailand trip. Oh man, today with this cold ass winter I really miss the hot hot sun!

Contiki Thailand (iPhone 5s slo-mo)


Christmas Safari! ♫ (ft. Nanalew & Hey Nadine)

Stay warm out there!




There’s a Christmas Elf in the House



Wrapping presents and making things. I love this tine of year so much! Gonna get heaps done around the house before the we have family over for Christmas. First year we’re doing it at our place. Yahooooo!


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Well hello from my new office at GelaSkins! I’ve been here for a week and I thought it’s time to post a lil’ update.  I’ve joined the team as Social Media Director and over the next few months I’ll be building a team and helping strategize how to make waves for some exciting company news. I’m loving it so far and working with awesome people.

What is GelaSkins?

About GelaSkins via #thisismylife


We have a very cool office.

This is only one little sneak peek! The space is super creative with art everywhere, hardwood floors, gaming, AppleTV, sweet couches, full kitchen, and a gym downstairs. There’s also a roof top patio and beer taps. It’s great the office is a 10 walk from our house too.  I get two songs in from door to door. 🙂


News about my new gig was published last week on Canada’s top Tech website TechVibes and this week in Marketing Magazine ‘On The Move‘ section. Woot! When I joined MuchMTV, Metro did a story about about blogging my way to MTV and last year when I joined Community, Marketing Mag wrote ‘The Perks of Being an Influencer‘ (with that great shot by Steve Carty!).

Quotes from the News & GelaSkins Co-Founder


“This is an exciting time for GelaSkins as a company,” says Drew Downs, CEO of GelaSkins. “We’re growing steadily and in the coming months we’ll be making some giant leaps into what will be the future of our company.”

“Adding someone like Casie is definitely going to help us accomplish our goals as we grow,” he added. “We’ve had our eye on Casie for a while because our products start conversations and there are few people better to help manage those conversations than her.”

“Joining GelaSkins is the next big step in my career. I’m excited to be doing creative things everyday while building some amazing initiatives within an artist community,” says Stewart. “I’m proud of all the great things I’ve done locally over the last few years and I’m looking forward to expanding my craft to an international market with GelaSkins.”

Marketing Magazine: 

Popular blogger, CASIE STEWART, joined GelaSkins as social media director. She was most recently with Community, a small Toronto-based agency that works on campaigns for clients like LiveNation, Heineken and Bacardi.

Today GelaSkins is part of ShopLocket’s Advent Calendar. From December 1-24, you can enter every day to win a different amazing, super spectacular product. Learn about  the company and our Co-Founder/CEO Drew Downs by visiting the ShopLocket website or clicking below. You can win a $100 gift card!

Drew Downs, Co-CEO of @GelaSkins via @casiestewart #thisismylife

In other news, I was just given this beauty MacBook skin from Thomas downstairs. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS!

Happy Holidays and HI FROM MY NEW OFFICE!



Year in Review from Facebook + YouTube

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 1.14.50 PM

This year has been an exciting one! Had a couple small trips to NY, and big trips to California and Thailand. Started a new job and worked with some really great brands like HTC, Canon, and Ted Baker via my blog. Closer to New Years I’ll round up some of my most fav moments but Facebook does a handy job of rounding them for you. See my Year in Review by clicking this link or check out your own by visiting the same link from your profile.

Facebook’s Year in Review Video via TAXI

YouTube’s Year in Review 2013 via The Next Web


Emily’s Ice Cream + Canon’s Blogtography Program

emily ice cream

Last night I had dinner with the other 4 Canadian Canon Blogtography Ambassadors and some great people involved in the program from Edelman Toronto and Canon Canada. We arrived at The Drake Hotel not knowing what they had planned for us. Each of the Canon sessions we’ve attended over the past six month have had a different theme where we learned tips and tricks from professionals to try with our cameras.

Over the last six months I’ve really learned how to take photos. I mean, I’ve been using a camera as long as I can remember but snapping shots is different than knowing how to use a camera outside of auto. I took that photo above.

We were on the trolly in High Park this summer and Emily had just gotten this massive ice cream with sprinkles, it was hot and about to drip everywhere. I cropped it and used one of the filters in my Canon Rebel SL1 then sent it off to Canon as part of my 20 favourite photos. Last night they gave each of us one of our prints, blown up and in a frame.  The image was printed using a Canon printer which, in true Oprah style, we each got one.  (Imagine “You get a printer and you get a printer”, it was kinda like that.) We were all amazed by the high quality, shocked by the generosity, and extremely grateful.

After almost a decade of blogging, the world of social media has blossomed and I’ve been fortunate to be part of many ambassador programs over the past few years. I’ve carefully only chosen to take part in ones that offer products or services that I honestly like and have purchased or would have given I had the money.  This is most certainly the case with Canon (and of course Ted Baker!).  Back in 2004 I shipped off to Australia for school, I got my first digital camera ever, a Canon Powershot. I loved that little thing and took it everywhere. I’ve never owned a fancy camera and my Rebel SL1, the worlds smallest, lightest DSLR is my very first.  I’ve always wanted one and more than bring an ambassador for a great brand through this program,  I got to learn how to shoot.

I’m extremely thankful to have been in unofficial photography school over the past few months. Now that I have a pinter you can expect to see more prints of my photos as I perfect my craft. It’s also what everyone on my list will be getting over the holidaya!

Canon and Edelman, thank you. 

Check out my posts from the last few months and feel free to share your photo tips and tricks below. I’m always up for learning and sharing!

Have an awesome day, soak up some of that sunshine. 🙂