What’s going to happen from one day to the next. All you can do is think positive and do your best. Woke up this morning after a great sleep to the sounds of raindrops on the roof top patio. Got ready and jumped in a cab to work.

Got an email that made my day, it was something I’d been thinking about, dreaming of, then voila, it happened. I’ll share with you eventually. Have a bunch of meetings so went out to grab lunch early. There’s something so refreshing about the rain, I feel like I could walk for hours today. Speaking at an event after work. Looking forward to winter weather, hibernating, and organizing the house.

Decided to reflect back on some posts tagged ‘rain’ from over the years. The best things about having a blog is the ability to look back on the past and see how far you’ve come. And how much you’re changed.

Don’t  let the rain get you down, use it as inspiration to build you up. Or just lay around and watch movies like I did ALL DAY yesterday. I didn’t even tweet once for the whole day. A digital detox was just what I needed.

Sending sunshine your way 🙂



Free Outdoor Yoga in the Junction

A couple months ago I moved from downtown’s the Condo Valley to  Toronto’s West End Meat, the Packing District, otherwise known as The Junction. This area is growing as fashion hub, place to get great eats, and a great place to live. Tomorrow morning, I invite you to join me for yoga! Did you ever watch this synchronized group yoga video of me in Costa Rica looking out into the jungle?

Stop, Drop, & Roll Out Your Mats for Free Outdoor Yoga!

 Presented by TAS in partnership with Best HealthBreathe Yoga Studio and Vitamin Water, the hour-long yoga class is part of a series of events introducing DUKE Condos, a new project in the hood. The session will be led by David Good, Lululemon ambassador & yoga instructor. 

  • WHO:         Anyone Who Loves Yoga
  • WHAT:       Free Outdoor Yoga Session
  • WHEN:       September 29th, 2013 at 11am
  • WHERE:    DUKE Condo Build Site (Dundas Street West & Indian Grove)

Visit junctionlife.ca to find out more about @DUKECondos.

I’d love to see you there for sun salute at 11am!




Andy Warhol selfie!


TEDxToronto 2013: The Choices We Make


Yesterday I attended TedXTOronto. This was my third TEDx experience and it was great. One of the things I love so much about these events is the people who attend. It was a chance for me to chat with many of the smart and  inspiring people I’ve met over the last couple years.

The theme this year was ‘the Choices We Make’ and talks revolved around choices people had made in their lives that made a big impact in the world, or were going to one day. One of the choices I made that day was to wear a sweater and hat over a t-shirt. I didn’t realize it was going to be over 20 degrees in the afternoon! It was scorching out! The Royal Conservatory is a beautiful building but the beaming sun turned it into a sauna!

Loved seeing live Sysomos data from tweets and chatting at the event. I’m a sucker for data!




Last year I was offered a subscription to Netflix Canada. This was huge for me! Netflix saw I loved them and offered me a subscription in return for sharing what I watch on Facebook. This was a-ok for me. I watched the ENTIRE House of Cards (13, 1 hours eps) in one weekend. Some of my fav series are Orange is the New Black, United States of Tara, Archer, House of Cards, and all the TED videos. I  watch A LOT of movies. (Don’t judge me for watching Clueless often!)

“If you’re watching a TV show on your iPad is it no longer a TV show?”

Key Takeaways

  • We can take a bite out of piracy
  • The audience wants the control, if they want to binge we should let them
  • We learned the lesson the music industry didn’t learn
  • People are more likley to pay for it rather than steal it (most the time!)
  • What defines a film?
  • Is a TV show on an iPad no longer a TV show?
  • The device and length are irrlevant
  • For kids growing up now there is no difference, it’s all content, it’s just stories
  • The audience has spoken, they want stories!

This conference talk by Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) made me feel SO inspired about the future of internet, film, and television. On demand viewing is the FUTURE of TV. Remember last year when I said “INNOVATE OR DIE?”. Pay attention, you don’t want to be left behind people!



We’ve Been Accepted into Ottawa Film Fest!

Heard this great news this weekend…


Last time I was in Ottawa I was talking in the closing show with some Canadian celebrities for Ottawa Fashion Week. I’m not sure if I will be attending Ottawa Film Festival next week but it is definitely nice to have our film in there! Hopefully we can make it into a film festival somewhere warm and sunny one day. That one, I will have to attend!


New to Twitter? Here’s a Few Tips from @CoralTV

I’ve been on Twitter for five years and over that time the platform has evolved heaps. With Twitter approaching their IPO I thought it might be helpful to share some tips from my show on CoralTV. New to Twitter? This is for you!

Got a social media question?

If you have any questions about social media, Twitter, Facebook, or one of the other guys, let me know in the comments. I’d be more than happy to dedicate an episode to your question!

Subscribe to @CoralTV at http://youtube.com/coal #thisismylife via @CasieStewart


The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines by @CaseyNeistat

Casey Neisat is my fav YouTube film maker. He’s my fav other ‘Casey/Casie” in the world. Check this vid he made about the crazy peeps that were lined up for days in NY  to get the new iPhone.

After watching this I went to the Apple Store online and thought about purchasing the new iPhone.  The iPhone 5s lines were insane, I don’t think I’d wait in line like this for anything! I love my HTC One and still have an iPhone 4S but there’s something about the Apple cult, it’s really hard to leave once you’re in. I might get one this week.

Would you wait in line like this for anything? Do you have the new iPhone?



Caitlin Cronenberg Portrait Studio at NKPR’s #ITLounge

During TIFF I was a busy little bee. one of my stops was The IT Lounge, hosted by Toronto- and New York-based public relations agency NKPR. In an exclusive collaboration with fashion magazine W, Caitlin Cronenberg took the helm of the portrait studio, snapping photographs of some of the most highly anticipated celebs.

The theme was Modern Vintage (which I LOVED) featuring elements of heritage and classic. Décor included antique furniture and trompe d’oeil sets, with the concept for her Portrait Studio based on Casa Susanna.

#ITlounge #TIFF via @casiestewart #thisismylife

There were also a ton of great brands present in the lounge including Avon, Tweezerman and Roots Canada, Cold Stone Creamery and Italian heritage brand Barilla. Natasha & NKPR, thank you SO MUCH for all the goodies. Avon was lovely and sent me a bunch of lipsticks and the Tweezerman set are the best I’ve ever had.

Check out all the portraits from the NKPR portrait studio at  itlounge.nkpr.net and see the work of Caitlin Cronenberg on her website.

 Happy Friday!




During TIFF I was at The Spoke Club for a Nikki Beach fashion show and interview for ‘Behind the Red Carpet’ documentary. I ran into Sam & View The Vibe and they had a quick chat with me on camera. See below for their interview and I’ll get to posting my photos soon. This week has been SO BUSY!

Nikki Beach’s Awesome Digs (And a Fashion Show!) from View the Vibe


A Piece of Powerful Positivity for You Peeps

Love this drawing by Ani Castillo. Us bloggers really are a mix of skills and talent! She is married to one of my colleagues at Community and the talented artist who did our branding on thecommunity.ca. I love her work! See more of it here.

Very busy today so sharing this piece of positivity with you. It’s been a while since I posted this great video. Reminds me of myself every single time I watch it. I really do love life this much. Powerful!

Sending sunshine your way!




A Disposable Waterproof Camera is Always a Great Idea

It’s only been a couple weeks since we got back from our Disney + California trip. Sadly, the seasons are changing and Fall weather is on its way. I’m wearing layers and socks.

We were all heading down to the pool on this day and I decided to pop into the hotel gift shop and see how much a disposable waterproof camera was. It was one of the best $20 I spent on the trip. It’s so rare to have actually printed photos anymore and these are just a few of the selections I’ll keep forever.

We had SO much fun on this trip. I can’t help but start planning my next vacation. This time, I’m looking for a digital detox, somewhere I can go surfing and shut out the world.

Here’s to summer, best friends, and daydreaming of California sunshine. Thanks again to Joyce, Angela and Disney for sending us on a trip we’ll never forget.