Love this dress. Boots Jenie got second hand then gave to me. LOVE YOU!


This is how you know it it Spring.

Isn’t it so pretty?

Yes. (Turn head/ipad sideways)

Now we are at the Toronto Music Garden. My fav spot.

Listening to this:

Norwegian Wood

It is very pretty here.

I love taking photos.

Am I creative genius? I heard someone say that.

Sabrina’s Mum picked out these tights.

Flowers, blue. ILU.

My religionon Facebook is “when the sun shines through the clouds”.

I feel so at peace when I come here. This reno is new this summer. I took the path less travel by and it made all the difference 🙂


I get asked about these tights often. Adrian Hailwood gave them to me last year at NZ Fashion Week. I love them! This is what they look like up close:

They’re all one piece. I need a serger, maybe I could make them? Maybe I should dedicate one whole day to NOT internetting and actually making stuff. Like remember Zoey? I have heaps and heaps of art projects piled up in my mind. I wish I had a cottage on the island or a boat with all my art things on it. I would sail into the lake and make things. Then, after I created a mass amount of  those things with paint, marker & glitter everywhere I would come back and share it with the world.

Back to the tights, I’m thinking about getting some over here. Would you be interested?

BTW Great photo Isaac 🙂


It was all foggy like this when I woke up. So, I read a magazine.

Slept with the Holt Renfew Spring style guide and Chelsea last night.  Finished her book before I dozed off.  Last story was a really good one, they were all good. I like her.

“Can’t live without a little attention and a lot of colour” p.11

I reckon Holts & I could be such great friends. See past magazine review of Vanity Fair here.

It was so foggy out this AM. Look at this. Could not see the island. I love that.

Very cute issue, “This Spring you can’t live without…“.

Happiness, simplicity. ☑ ☑

Some fav’s from this issue include:

  • Sense of humor & tall heels
  • My work & and a suit that makes it look easy
  • Sex appeal of stilettos in one spray
  • A natural high
  • Old friends & new classics
  • Feel good attitude
  • Good pieces, for luck and for love

Lots of nice things. I love new clothes. I should really be cleaning my room right now, but oh, how I love to blog. Haha. I wish my clothes would put away themselves!

It’s beautiful out there now. Maybe I should go outside…


Look left, straight out, yep that’s the ocean, Cape Cod.

Trafficked some sand home. It’s real crystally, like round stones almost.

Art-Dramatic setting on XZ-1 camera is quite dramatic.

See, wasn’t really THAT dramatic out.

This photo is for Kristen. She told me how she would drive over it every summer on the way to the Cape growing up. Love you.

Flying home is always a pleasure with Porter. Next flight is in the summer if not before. I hope there’s one before. I also hope summer puts a hurry on getting here.

I need to get outside and soak up some sun. Maybe I will venture to the island. Enjoy the day!


Attended a Spring shopping party at Harry Rosen the other night. There was a band, live radio broadcast & free drinks. Julio and I had a good chuckle. I like to have fun at these fashioney things y’know.

Jacket: Covet from Bicyclette, Tights: Adrian Hailwood, NZ, Bag: Nella Bella, Dress: American Apparel, Giggles: Julio

These pix are from Fashion Nights (click to see their coverage of the event). These guys are The Darcy’s and they were playing live. Rumor has it Harry Rosen plans to have more ‘Underground Lounge’ events. I approve of this rumor and fully support.

Aren’t they cute?

Ok my pix now. I was daydreaming about an army of Casie-Bots like this…

I took my very own dream boat and we shopped denim. Option numero uno:

Option deux was a hit with me, the sales guy and the ladies who walked by saying “hot”. Thanks Michael Rozenwald for your help. Sold. Shopping parties are fun. Nice to see everyone & nice clothes.

One of the things I did not like was this scissor wall. Freaked me right out.

One of the things I did like was this D&G ‘Cry Baby’ Johnny Depp tee. As seen on Whiz Kalifa here. (Scissors, scissor hands Johnny, connection there?) Save yourself the ≈$200 price tag & to Bang-On & make one yourself. DIY FTW!



The other day I had the pleasure of attend the Canadian premiere of TEXTUALITY at the Bell Lightbox. Man, they have comfy chairs there. Go see a movie if you have not yet.

Marc & Liam did a great job of creating this movie. I was also pleased to see my friend, the lovely Anna Cyzon as part of the cast. She’s a darling and she ALSO got to make out with the Absolute Hunk, Smith Jarred aka Jason Lewis! Naturally, I asked her about it.

“Filming with J. Lewis was a blast. he was great. I’ve bee a SACT for years so when I was told about the part I was like “wait,you mean you need me to.. ugh yeah im in!”

I’m a big fan of things Canadian that have to do with technology and especially when it’s a RomCom (my fav kind of movie). I found it to be funny, cute and relevant to the way dating & relationships are these days. All the txting, Facebooking, Tweeting, creeping, things just ain’t what they used to be. I can only imagine what it is like to date me. I mean, you never know where or when I’m going to message you or (gasp) pick up the phone and actually call.

Anna you are so cute. I asked her what her fav scene was:

“Food flight scene was fun. First few takes we played it safe then it got real messy! I remember Warren Sonoda yelling, ” more whip cream!” The jacuzzi scene was prob my fave. We shot that at the Soho penthouse, it was freezing but we had bubbly … it got nice and steamy ;)”

Check out the trailer and go see it with your besty or ask a hot babe you’ve been creeping.