Been waiting for this movie to come out.

You know who is starring in it right? My boyfriend Smith Jarred, the Absolut Hunk.

I’m attending the premiere on Tuesday, April 19 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, 7 p.m. I have a pair of tix to offer you from Rock-it Promo.

If you are interested leave a comment & I’ll pick one of you to attend the premiere & see it before all your friends.


Looking at my own house from the tarmac at Porter. It took me <15min to walk there, in heels. Who WALKS to the airport? You bet your ass I felt damn cool strollin’ rollin’ in that door.

Right before I boarded the plane something awesome happened, I got my first ever FULL PATDOWN in PUBLIC! It was done by a hot babe and we were giggling. I told her I was gonna blog about it. I had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. They really pat you down all over if ya know what I mean 😉

Toronto Island is quite pretty, will look even nicer once the trees get all greened up. I really notice a differnece between my old camera (Cannon Elph) and the new camera (Olympus XZ-1) when taking shots from the air. New is MUCH clearer.

Started reading the poetry book sent to me by Vanessa Grillone, My Pen My Voice. I’m thinking I really should re-issue my poetry book. I wrote some pretty aweosme stuff when I was young. Thanks for the book Vanessa.

Everytime I travel I still can’t believe they let me use this passport photo. Red lipstick & a big bow, in my hair. Who the hell am I? haha. I’m Casie Stewart, that’s who.

One of the great(est) things about flying Porter are the snacks & free drinks. They have these great sandwiches on really nice bread w/ brie and of course Steamwhistle.

* tights were sent to me from SECRET.

What up Beantown! Here I come.

Love this massive Nella-Bella bag for travel. It fits all my gadgets & important things – two Olympus cameras, ipad, netbook, toiletries, makeup, a cardigan & all my tech accessories. Man, security had a FIELD DAY with all my gadgets (not). Bag comes in a bunch of colours too.

Here we go, landing time. I’m off to Cape Cod tomorrow for some R&R in Provincetown. Stoked to check out all the little shops, nightlife & the beach.

When I arrived Bob & I went to Tavern on the Water for a bevy & a beer. Was so warm out! After that we went to The Bell (Bob’s fav) and saw Meri & a bunch of the other babes.

This is what I woke up to today. NATURE!

In other news, Charlie Sheen was at Muzik in Toronto last night and from what I hear, Russell Peters was the only one winning. Spiro from It’s All Style to Me got the inside scoop.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Friday! I’m in sunny Boston & the weather is beautiful.

To win Diddy today, find a pic of me on the internet & link to it in the comments. Props if you do the same pose & link to them both.

Coming back from Beantown JUST to go to the Diddy concert on Sunday night. I have been informed he’s gonna be playin’ some oldies. Hopefully we are all in the same area & can enjoy it together.

Can’t nobody break my stride!


She is so incrediby inspiring to me. SO many things she says resonate with my to my very core. Watching this really makes me believe I can do anything I set my mind to (not that I had any doubt!). Watch & enjoy.

Ok, I really need to get going. Have to be airpost in an hour + shower + pack! Dang you internet, soooooo distracting/awesome! Yeeehaw!



Rememeber Foursquare Day last year? Yes you do.

It was 4/16, I worked at MuchMTV. I printed a big 4sq badge on a tshirt and scooted over to the Loose Moose for the party.

I’d been there a few times so when I checked in, I TOOK THE MAYORSHIP. Everyone cheered as I walked to the table then Molson gave me a bucket of beers. It was an epic winning of mayorship & nerd pride.

* that gun necklace got me hardcore hassled by border patrol at YYZ last summer!

This year’s #4SQDAY meetup in Toronto is at The Firkin @ 461 King Street. For all the info on the Toronto meetup check the FB page. I chatted Karly (@_topshelf), one of the organizers yesterday and there are HEAPS of sponsors, free beer for an hour and BUTTONS like this.

I picked up a few buttons yesterday because I will be attending the 4sq Day meetup in Boston at the Boston Common. Rumours floating the interwebs  Foursquare just may have a special badge for those attending the worldwide festivities.

Really looking forward to relaxing with my friends & escaping the city.  Also stoked to fly with Porter again!


Bye Toronto!



Da Hanover at Nassau airport – free wifi!

Outside Nassau (AH Gay, I so wish I was there with you!)

OMG boarding – SMALL.

Ready to fly. (Love you so much.)

(OMG Gay, it’s so beautiful!)


(OMG HI MUM! Mum, you look great! You too Gay.)

(Reminded of Grandad)

lots of luv from all of us! xoxoxoxox

– Jenie


This is one of my most favbourite books and I totally thought I lent it to someone. So glad I found it, I’ve been mad at myself for months.

MAD, angry. Angry like the wake up after you were so wasted you don’t remember what you did and your BFF is mad at you because you did something stupid. (As if NONE of you have ever had that happen?)

It’s an inspiring book. My copy is very special because it is filled with notes and drawings I did. It’s writted by Paul Arden. He is a creative genius who worked with Saatchi & Saatchi for over 15 years and did some really awesome ad campaigns.

I became obsessed with PHAIDON Publishing after I found this book which lead into an obsession with Saatchi. Safe to say, I was pretty stoked to work with the Toronto Saatchi office for the Toyota car recenetly.


I was so obsessed I wrote a letter to Roger Kennedy the Creative Director of Art and Design, Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK. I will have to dig that up because I bet reading it now & thinking of my former self would be quite charming or potentially inspiring/hilarious. Creativity & smartness are the way to my heart.

I picked up the book second hand at Gertrude & Alice, this darling little book shop on Hall Street in Bondi Beach, Australia. Why anyone would discard it is BEYONE me.

It was my favourite spot, so old & little and right beseide Le Paris-Go my fav French cafe. It was the ultimate hipster hangout before cool kids were called hipsters (was there 2004). I worked up the street at Vibes Boutique.

I’ve lent so many books outand almost al  the time, they don’t come back. If you are one of my friends out there with one of my books,yes I want it back. More importantly, why haven’t you returned it yet?

I have been a lover of books all my life. When I was a kid Mum (a new immagrant to Canada) didn’t have that many friends so she used to take us to the library and hang out there. The librarian at the Preston Library branch, Mrs. Macdonald became a close friend and we were always in the Summer Reading Club.

Reading is cool guys.


Wanna see Diddy Dirty Money at Koolhaus, Sunday April 17? Universal Music Canada & I wanna send you. There will be 12 of us going so quite a wolf pack. I hope he rocks some old jamz.

I dedicate this to all the pretty girls, all the pretty girls, all the pretty girls in the world, and the ugly girls too, cause to me your pretty anyways baby.


1. Txt me @ 416 476 7576 for instructions.
2. Go do what I tell you.
3. Photograph it.
4.Upload photo to internet, link to photo in comments below before 6pm.
5. Tweet “Hey @casiestewart, I got ya money.
6. Random winner chosen from comments by 9pm.

UPDATE: wiener is…