Here’s that vid & I shot with Raymi last month at The Motion Room for the Globe & Mail with Rosa Park.

Professional blogger and fitness enthusiast Casie Stewart gets her workout on at the Toronto-based Motion Room.

Globe and Mail Update: Published Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2011 6:00AM

“Most people are clueless when they go to the gym and left on their own,” says James Cappellano, co-owner of The Motion Room.

The Toronto-based fitness club, which opened its doors December 2010, offers results-driven experience where workouts – whether conducted alone, with a trainer or in a group – are scheduled, and performance is measured against goals set by members.



Feeling real sunny today. Thinking there are a few reasons…

Let’s start with a song & I’ll tell you.

Just emailed my new hire some tasks, please welcome Kate Killet to team Casie Stewart. I hope she is ready for my intenseness.This is the true test of my crazy, I am super organized and strict. I have lots of fun but I take this internetting/blog thing very seriously.

Customized life FTW. Best ever. Saw this at the Converse shop on Newbury in Boston. They had a screen press for shoes upstairs fully equipped with ipad stations for designing. I Love THE FUTURE.

One of the reasons I feel so sunny is I’m attending a movie at the Bell Lightbox this evening for the first time. It is the Textuality premiere and… I am bringing a date.  I never bring dates. Well, I took a dashing young Brock Mclaughlin out as arm candy  during TIFF last September and look at him now. It started his socialite career, I kid I kid. Actually, you know it’s true.

I was sitting in this shop while Ellen was picking up some things, aren’t I just the cutest. Look at that smile, I bet someone just tweeted me something silly.

Just kidding, I was making this. I wanna be Casie Stewart when I grow up.

I know you have seen them already but I love these shoes. They are so snug and little like ballet shoes. I found them at Newbury Comics. Comic shops have really cool stuff, I have so been missing out. Duh.

Anyone know someone at Vans? I would really like to see about becoming friends with these shoes. Like in every colour and 20 pairs for my BFF’s. Then we can all wear them and do a dance number. My sister can choreograph it and we can film it with the Olymus PEN. It will be magical, I can see it now. Can’t you?

Then I went to my Apple store to stalk my future boyfriend, 11″ of pure macbook air greatness.

There was a beautiful staircase and a live performance on the 4th floor.

I think of of the other reasons I feel sunny today is that I am getting busier and really loving my work. Each day is new adventure in entrepreneurship, I make things up as I go. I’ve been waking up earlier than ever simple because I can’t wait to start my day.


I was there for NZ Music Week in the start of May. I was about 18.  I heard this song Sophie by Goodshirt and totally fell in love. I feel in love with lots of things that trip. My sister and I were in the homeland all alone and we made heaps of new friends, one of which I visited last year. (HI KMS!) Love how a song can bring back such fond memories.




Time for some daydreaming…

About you…

Stopped into Hubba Hubba, a fun shop around the corner from this pretty window.

Then I went o hang out at MIT. This mural is in the basement near washrooms by the main cafeteria.

“I’m at MIT”

They had BLUE Vitamin Water. Yo, O’Nizzle, we need to try that kind. It’s called “Stur-D”

I did not eat these things but people do. The States has some interesting (fatty) snacks.

Havard mixer anyone?

I hung out at MIT & read the paper.

Yeah, yeah I do. Thanks for the lunch date Zuckerberg.

This is pretty neato. Who calls things ‘neat’? Andy Hall, that’s who.

Let me get right in there for a sec. People were looking at me…is this bad luck?

Classic shot of Boston. CITCO is how you find Fenway.

Stayed at The Lenox on Friday night. Super nice hotel. I tweeted them and they never tweeted me back. I hate that. I was hoping they would be like “Oh Ms. Stewart, lovely to have you” (at least). Here is some champagne.

The hotel was super packed with lean people for the Boston Marathon.

Lenox is right at the finish line.

I was quite (pleasantly) surprised to see ipads in several hotels/shops around Boston. Yay for technology.

Ellen & I. The bell boys were all so very nice. Thanks for the hospitality!

Well hello there pretty lady.

More photos to come from heaps of other things I did over the weekend. Have you been to Boston? What are some of your fav things to do there? I will add to my list for next time!



Been singing/listening to French music this morning. Lovely to get away but so nice to come home. Do you know this song ‘J’arrive a la Ville’. This video is from a couple years ago, RIP those red Wellies. Klout score is feeling slutty again tday, haha.

Pix are from MIT on Friday. Was great being there, really got my brain kickin’ up into high(er) gear. Heaps to share from my wonderful & relaxing getaway to Boston & the Cape this weekend. Meeting newest intern today and excited to go through more applications & grow the Art Stew Media team. Will pick Textality winner this afternoon.

Have a wonderfully awesome day!






Collected some sand before leaving the Cape. Very beautiful out today. Sun is warm, water is totally freezing. Really enjoyed our stay at the Fairbanks Inn. Had a nice chat with the couple who owns the place before we left. They were happy to learn I was a writer. Lots of famous writers have hung out in Provincetown since the 1900s. Looking up the history is sure to be inspiring!

En route back to Boston now, might grab a bite with friends before checking into Boston Logan and catching Porter home. I succesfully did not drink or eat too much all weekend. Got a serious sweat on dancing last night. Closed out the night singing Katy Perry ‘Firework’ top my my lungs, grinding with a sexy gay boy. It has been too long since I did that!

In love with my black & white saddle shoes. The originals were totally run down and the other day I said “I wanna get a new pair”. Twenty mins later we were walking on Newbury Street and Ellen saw these Vans. They were the very last pair, size 6 and I’d only seen them on the internet not IRL. Total jem I picked up this weeknd! Got a few other goodies too. Oh how I love traveling!

Catch you at the airport. Happy Sunday, bon weekend!


P.S. WTF Toronto, snow? Gah!


Back at the Cariage House post breakfast. Provincetown is lovely, we’re at the tip of Cape Cod. Biggest gay community I’ve ever been to! Rainbows EVERYWHERE! Went dancing last night. Heading out to watch for whales now then back to Boston. Heading home tonight. Lots to share. Chat soon!




En route to brekky then #4sqdaymeetup in the Boston Common, then Provincetown. Byeeeeeee! xoxoxoxoxoxo