this is the best year ever:2010

Count it down with me…goodbye 2009, HELLO FUTURE!

I had great meal to finish up the year followed buy a house party with a bunch of people I love. There’s no better way to spend New Years Eve than with people you love and admire.

Keri and had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with blog LEGEND Tony Pierce. I’ve got a whole post of great stuff just from brunch. I learned heaps from him about blogging and the internet. [THANKS TONY!] Guys’s got mad stories about when he started his blog amost 10 years ago, getting free trips, almost free girls (haha) and even a CAR!

I’m really really excited for 2010. I feel like it’s the future and i’m ready for it. This time last year I was in a  job I hated with big dream about blogging and where I wanted to be. Now, I am doing social media at MuchMusic MTV and i’m living the life I always dreamed of.

It’s a new year, set your goals higher than before, reach for the moon. You are a star if you believe it and there are no limits to what you can achive. I’m ready to conqued the world internet!

I hope your first day of 2010 was wonderful and everyday there after.

Now we’re going to see Avatar 🙂


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